Trend Alert – Over-sized Letters and a Quick DIY!!


For as far back as when my youngest daughter, (now 4) was born, I think I have been obsessed with typography and lettering and the custom/personalized feel  that it brings to Home Decor.  Over the last couple of years, I think that I have become enamored with over-sized letters specifically.  And… so the hunt began.  Of course I would see them EVERYWHERE.  But, the catch is always the same, either they don’t have the letters that I am looking for, I can’t find the size I need, or the price is astronomical. (Or at least as far as this Momma is concerned)

So… I was at my 2nd Favorite Fabric Store….. you guessed it,  Joann’s Fabric on a totally unrelated quest, when I ran smack dab into these HUGE Cardboard Letters, which of course were going to come home with me.


Admittedly, I had no idea what was next, because as much as I was stalking all the Over-sized Letter pins  on Pinterest.  My intention was to buy them and not to turn it into a DIY Project.  Naturally, you would think the next step would have been to look up directions.  But, NOPE.   I decided to go home and see what I already had in my Craft Closet (also known, as the JUNK CLOSET).  SCORE!!

FullSizeRender (5)


I sprayed the letters with Krylon Short Cuts Hobby Craft Paint.  And, to be honest, I loved that look and could have just left it at that.  It had a leathery rustic look.  But, since the A was actually an addition to my dh’s office decor.  It had to tie into the Chalkboard Walls, that are soon to come.


What do you think?? I like it Brown.

I know that there should be a picture of the final step with the Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Chalk Board Paint.  But, I had to download all my pics from my iPhone to make room for the iOS 8 upgrade.

FullSizeRender (6)


Here is the completed project!! As you can see it hasn’t made it to its intended home yet, because Hubby’s Office is still a work in progress.  All in all, the whole project probably cost me no more than $7.00.

Who can be mad at that??  Have you decorated any spaces in your home with Lettering?  What was your favorite project?  I’d love to hear about it!!



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Jumping Head First into Fall – Our Fall Home Tour

Fall Tour 2014 Hero Image

Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons.  After particularly hot summers here in Georgia, when the seasons start to change, I feel the need to bring as much warmth in doors as possible, enter my Fall Décor.

I feel that the Entry to Your Home Sets the Tone for the Entire House.  So, I normally start with my Front Door and Work My way All the Back to the Kitchen.  But, this year, I was literally chomping at the bit, to pull out the Fall Decorations.  So I started indoors, that way the neighbors wouldn’t  know how crazy I am , lol.  I had also promised my hubby, I would wait at least until September 1st, to start decorating for Fall, and that is literally how long I waited.

I started with the hardest part, the Fall Tablescape.  To me, that is the make or break it point.  All other décor  gets married to this room.  I was pretty sure that I could use most of the items that I purchased last year, but still create a different look than last years.

Here is a glimpse of last year’s décor.

2013 Fall Centerpiece


2013 Fall Tablescape

Fast Forward to this Year:

2014 Fall Tablescape found on


2014 Fall Tablesetting found on


Side Buffet - Decorating for Fall -


The Burnt Orange Bird Cages were something that my hubby picked up last year, when we were trying to figure out how to style the Side Buffet and the Mantle.  Luckily, they were already the perfect color, the only thing I added to them, were some fall leaves to line the cage.  I had a rather large ceramic pumpkin, and I simply put inside my glass cake plate, and added a few fall leaves and floral accents.  Then I decorated the table with other ceramic pumpkins and gourds.  Next,  I set the table with Fall Leaf place mats I bought last year from Bed Bath & Beyond,  in brown and gold.    I used Pier 1  pear and pumpkin salt and pepper shakers from last year and large fall leaves I purchased from Joann’s Fabrics, to make the table settings pop.  And, the scripted napkins were also something that I bought last year.  So I recycled pretty much everything while creating a new and I think a better look than last year.

Next Up, was my Foyer.  It gets a facelift on a constant basis.  I change up the Art Work and Décor based on Season Changes, Birthdays, and Holidays..  After all it’s the first thing you see when you come through my front door.

Past Foyer Looks:

Fall 2013 Foyer Decor


Christmas 2013 - Foyer Decor


This Year’s Look:

Fall 2014 - Foyer Decor

My Formal Dining Room flows directly into My Formal Living Room.  I didn’t do much in this room, but change out the centerpiece, just to give the whole space a uniform look.

FullSizeRender (4)

Fall 2014 – Living Room Centerpiece found on

Then, I carried the decorations over into the Kitchen by adding these Chalkboard Candles to the Window Sill in the Kitchen.


Fall 2014 Kitchen Window Display

Last Up, was the Front Door Area.  Here are some pics from the last two years.

2013 Fall Door

2012 Fall Door

And, finally this year!!

2014 Fall Door

Thanks for joining us on Our Fall Home Tour.  As always it’s a joy to decorate my home for my family, and to share it, with you.