2014 Handmade with Love Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Stage Presents is currently compiling a 2014 “Handmade with Love” Holiday Gift Guide for Seasonal Shoppers.  If you would like to have your product featured on our list please email me at shereethomas@stage-presents.com, with the subject Holiday Gift Guide Submissions.  Each submission should contain your company name, product, product value, and who the product is most suitable for (see Gift Guide Groupings- listed below), as well as any photos that you would like to feature with your submission.  Photo Quality is very important, since we aren’t able to view your physical product.  We need to be able to discern the quality from the pictures.

The 2014 gift guide has a minimum product value of $20.00 for inclusion.  The gift guide will be published in early November and be promoted regularly until Christmas Day.  An actual start date will be provided to you once, we have accepted your submissions.  Items that are selected for The Gift Guide will be promoted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!!  You will be required to post the link on your pages as well, as to insure that everyone included gets their products Cross Promoted.  As you know, most Holiday Gift Guides, require you to submit your actual product and or pay to enter.  Well, THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT!!  The purpose of this Holiday Gift Guide is to help fellow businesses promote their quality products during the Holiday Season!!  

Gift Guide Groupings:

  • For Her
  • For Him
  • For Couples
  • For Infants and Toddlers
  • For Teens
  • For The Home
  • For Pets
  • For Foodies
  • For the Fitness Buffs

There will be four selections from each Grouping.  When submitting a product for Children please Indicate the Age Group that your item is geared towards.

** Please note that this is a Family Friendly Gift Guide, so keep that in mind when submitting your products.

Feel Free to Contact me with any questions that you may have.

Best of Luck, and I look forward to working with you!!


Only 9 Days Left Until Halloween…



Are you Ready?  It’s true, there are really only 9 days left!!

Let’s Run Through Our Quick Check List.

  • If your kids are going Trick or Treating, I hope that you already have their costumes, in hand.  You couldn’t pay me, to be in Party City(or any other costume store), this time of year. Honestly, it’s like Black Friday for the Goblins.  EEK!!  Have you thought the whole Costume through?  I can’t tell you how many years, Halloween morning came and I realized I still needed coordinating shoes, stockings, undershirts, blah blah, blah.  I mean, let’s face it, no princess was ever fierce in NIKE’s.  Also, make sure to factor in the cold, the rain, and potential runny noses(cold/flu season). NO matter how warm the day starts out, it always seem to be brisk on Halloween night, even in Georgia.
  • You’ve Completed your Outdoor Fall Decor and Decided whether or not you want it to be Inviting or Scare the Little Ones Away.
  • You’ve got Candy, or if you are “that Mom”, raisins and fruit cups. With Food Allergies becoming more and more rampant, consider that when purchasing your treats.  Trust me, No Mommy wants to end their Halloween on the other end of an Epi-Pen.
  • Which brings me to my next point, it may seem EXTRA, but check your child’s candy. Unfortunately, we live in times, where we have no choice but to be VIGILANT!!
  • Finally, plan ahead.  Go over Safety Rules and Have Fun!!  Take lots of pictures, make lots of memories and Enjoy your Little Ones, believe it a lot these moments can be fleeting.

If you are still considering planning a Halloween Party of Fall Festival Check Out our Custom Invitations over on our Etsy Page!


Halloween Round Up 2014

Ready for some Ghoulish Awesomeness!! 18 Days Until Halloween!!


There are so many amazing Free Printables and Party Favors this time of year. Here are some of the ones that I have found (that are actually free).  I hate those not really FREE LINKS.  These Links will take you directly to the source.

Countdown Calendar with Candy Corn Pieces courtesy of Yellow Bliss Road Halloween Countdown free printable title

Halloween Lollipop Holders/Gift Tags and Gift Wrap courtesy of Living Locurto


3-D Halloween Bat Banner courtesy of the celebration shoppe



Trick or Treat Party Boxes courtesy of Bird’s Party Blog

hal boxes blog hop 026


I saved the best for LAST!! I admit that this is the first year that I have heard of the Boo’d Phenomenon.  But, I thought it was truly adorable.  Here’s how it works.  You and your kids pack up a bucket, or bag with lots of Great Halloween Treats, and Leave it on your Neighbor’s Door Step, unbeknownst to them. Now, originally I think you were supposed to ring the door bell and run, but that’s not such a popular thing to do these days.  So, I say, use your discretion, lol.  Along with the treats, you provide them with some quick directions and an explanation and it’s up to them to keep the FUN going!!

Boo’d Banner and Boo’d Game courtesy of Classy Clutter



My oldest (18), was a really big fan of Halloween, probably a lot longer than he should have been, lol.  The little ones, not soo much, they still find it scary, but I thought this is something cute, I could do with them.  At least, it would make Halloween a little less grueling.  But, I am not sure how hubby is going to feel about that.  The bottom line is that all these Holidays are just about making fun memories and spending time with your family.  So get out there and enjoy them, while they still let you!! (smile)

Some Like it Hot!!

I love HOT BREAKFAST!!  But, I don’t necessarily LOVE to make it.  I am absolutely not a morning person, and in the AM, I am most comfortable GRUMBLING until after I have had my STRONG COFFEE.

Breakfast Ideas that Start the Night Before - Give Your Family a Hot Meal without having to Cook in the AM

That being said, I don’t have the luxury of doing that anymore now that I have little ones to get up and get dressed.  The other day a girlfriend of mine told me that she got guilt-ed into making breakfast for her kids when a coworker told her that she makes her kid’s hot breakfast EVERY DAY!!  She went on to ask if my kids eat Oatmeal.  Which they don’t and to tell me that she was preparing Oatmeal in her Crock Pot(that night), so that they could eat in the morning.

This got me to thinking about all the different meals that I could prepare for breakfast the night before.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not about to change into June Cleaver over night.  But, I wouldn’t mind finding something I could throw in the Slow Cooker on a Friday or Saturday night, since I normally try to make Hot Breakfast for the Whole Family on the Weekend!!

We are pretty traditional when it comes to our Breakfast Foods.  The usual, Turkey Bacon, Sausage, Eggs, Toast or Biscuits.  I sometimes get a little fancy, when afforded the luxury of sleeping in with omelettes and quiche, but not often, since I tend to be the only one eating it.

Soo… after doing some Pinterest Hunting, these are some recipes that I am putting in my arsenal.  I am adding them to my Fall Bucket List, and will updpate you all on how Easy they are, but more importantly how they go over with the Fam!!

Do you cook breakfast in the Crockpot?  What’s your go to Breakfast?

Crock Pot French Toast

Copy Cat Cracker Barrel Hash Brown Casserole

Breakfast Casserole –** I have already tried this one several times, but not in a while.  I should tell you that it always RETURNS BIG REVIEWS.  I have even taken it to work before for Department Breakfasts and everyone  loved it!!

October Madness – Free Downloadable October Wallpaper for your iPhone and iPad.

October is here!! Which officially means that even though we haven’t gotten past Halloween yet.  We are fast Approaching the Holiday Season.  Which normally makes me very generous.  In that spirit, we thought we would share with you a Free Downloadable Wallpaper for your iPhone and your iPad, designed by Stage Presents.

Follow the Link Below – Right Click – Save – Enjoy!!

October Calendar Mockups


Click here to download the Stage Presents iPhone wallpaper for October

Click here to download the Stage Presents iPad wallpaper for October