Fun Friday – What Made It On My Radar This Week!!

FunFriday We made it to the Weekend!!  That is reason enough to celebrate with all the craziness going around. Every Weekend, I entice myself with plans of pulling the covers up around my neck, sleeping in, drinking coffee in bed and reading a good book.  And, then I am startled awake by two, entirely too awake, wide eyed and bushy tailed little girls.  Every now and then dh  takes pity on me and I wake up to the smells of breakfast wafting through the house and my little monsters happily eating. This is always a treat.  Even though I often miss the days of peace and quiet, I know all too well that these times won’t last forever.

For Today’s Fun Friday Post, I am opening up the blinds and letting you in on what made it on my radar this week.

1.  Monday was a Holiday and Tuesday was a Snow Day, or in Georgia a Potential Threat of Ice Day.  What do you do with your kids on Snow Days?  It’s just enough to drive this Mommy crazy.  Being stuck in the house all day with children who want you to entertain them, can really leave you grasping at straws.  Here are some ideas I found around the web to maintain your sanity, while still scoring major Mommy points. I am putting these on my list for next year(because hopefully we are done with this, and Spring is on it’s way.).   The Indoor Picnic – Game Marathons –  Cookie Baking and Decorating Contest – Beauty Parlor – Hair and Mani-Pedis.  Just to scratch the surface.  I am working on a more detailed post just on that.

2.  The Return of the Mack aka Frank Underwood and my favorite Netflix Series House of Cards.  In case you have been living under a rock for the last two seasons.  Find out more about Francis and Claire here.  It came out this morning, and once this post gets published, I will be in  a self induced House of Cards Coma for the next 13 episodes.

3.  My girls are particularly excited about the Release of the Annie DVD.  I mean over the moon.  There was a lot of hand holding, screaming and straight up joy, when they found out that we could actually pre-order the movie now.  I must admit that I have kind of overdosed on the sound track, because they play it every day.  But, since I don’t intend to have to stomp out an uprising in my own home.  I guess Mommy will tow the line.

4.  Looking for some  Inspiration and Positive Vibes –  Check out my (3) Favorite Instagram Feeds for this week:

A:  TheIconicGirls

B:  ABowlFullofLemons

C:  Proverbs31Ministries

5.  What I am currently looking forward to – The iPhone 6 Plus  or the 6 (Eligible for my Upgrade on 3/1/15) – I haven’t quite decided yet, and yes I know I am way too excited about that…

5.  My favorite quote for the week:


Photo Source: Pinterest

Enjoy The Weekend!!

A Big Day for Stage Presents + The Easiest Giveaway Ever + UPDATE (scroll to bottom)



Photo Source:

If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram, then you probably already know that one of our Travel Posters from Our Etsy Store was purchased to be used in an upcoming episode of NCIS – New Orleans.  We were told that it may or may not be seen once the episode was actually filmed, but, we just got confirmation today that it will in fact be seen in Episode 116 on February 24, 2015 on CBS @ 9/8C.

FullSizeRender (12)

So, let’s have a little fun.  The first person to tell us where in the episode our Travel Poster shown below was featured (in as much detail is possible), in the Comment Section Below, will get two Digital Prints of their choice, from Our Etsy Store.


This will probably be one of the easiest Giveaways you will ever enter.  Just watch the show, and try to beat everyone else back to the comment section.

UPDATE:  February 25, 2015 9:00am

Did You See It? It wen’t by really quickly. It literally was in the first minute and 33 seconds, of the show, if you blinked like we did, you missed it. We had to go back and watch it, too. But, we still want to give you guys an opportunity to win these digital prints, if you can answer the following trivia question.   Answer in the comments below, and or in the comment section of our Facebook Page.
Name (4) individuals who played in the NFL that were originally from Eufaula, Alabama.

Fun Friday – All About The Faves


 All About Our Fan Favorites

Our Most Purchased and Favorited Digital Print Set – Set of 4 – Butcher Diagrams – Pig, Chicken, Lamb, and Cow – 8X10 – Meat Chart – DIY – Wall Art – Restaurant Art – Meat Cut

il_570xN.696429269_t5fx il_570xN.696305588_pgw6 il_570xN.696305084_o9ds il_570xN.696429145_fk35


Our Most Requested and Favorited Pillow Design – The University of Alabama Custom Pillow – [No Longer Available in Shop]


Our Most Favorited and Purchased iPad/iPhone Monogrammed Wallpaper – Preppy Argyle Monogram iPad/iPhone Wallpaper (Pink and Blue) Set of 2 – Personalized Wallpaper – Custom Wallpaper – Phone Background

il_570xN.688210736_h9uv il_570xN.688327425_8tk7



Stage Presents has literally filled orders from All Over The World.  We have sold our items to customers in Bottrop, Germany, Dusseldorf, Germany, Canberra, Australia, and Nagakute, Japan.

OWNER FAVORITES:  I know we aren’t supposed to show favoritism but Hubby and I each have our favorite items in the store.  We both really have more than one,  but, for arguments sake we narrowed it down.

Hubby’s Favorite: Vintage Train Mail Car Bags (taken in a Vintage Train Mailroom) – 20.5 x 24.5 inch frame – 11 x 14 inch Print – Framed Wall Art


** I am sure he picked this one because it’s an Anwar Thomas Photography Original.  I confess, I love it too.**

My FavoriteGray and White OVERSIZED Contemporary Decorative Throw Pillows – 20×20 – Geometric Pattern – Gray Pillow


I love that they are OVER-SIZED and the design of these pillows, and the best part is, we carry it in another color found here.

Thanks for joining us on our Fun Friday Favorite Journey!!

Ready to Start Blogging – User Friendly Resources to Get You Started

Ow User Friendly Resources for New Bloggers Congratulations!!  You have decided that you are ready to start blogging, and open up your little corner of the world to others.  You want your blog to be a reflection of who you are and what is important to you.  You have picked out your blogging platform, Blogger, WordPress, etc.  And, you have maybe even picked the Theme/Layout for your site and secured your domain and or blog name.  Now what!!

Well, if you decided to blog, I am pretty sure that you want people to both read and receive what you have to say.  In order to do that, you have to make sure that the first visit that they make to your blog is a memorable one.  You want them to return over and over again.  Even, if you are not blogging for profit, you still want to  develop a community, (a following of sorts).  If people are returning to your site, they are interested in the information or the opinions that you are imparting.  So, content is the most important part of blogging.

Style/Design is a very close second and equally important. I am by no means a professional Graphic Designer, but I have taught myself a thing or two or three(wink).  People are visual by nature. So, a relevant well placed photo to accompany your blog post goes a long way.  In addition to that, a well placed font over your photo draws attention to the pictures on your site.  They can even make them Pin Worthy (Pinterest), which in turn will bring traffic back to your blog. Whether you are using pictures that you have taken from your own camera or pictures that you find around the web,  Photo editing software can make all the difference.  Most people swear by PhotoShop and I use this software religiously, but it’s quite an investment right out the gate.  So, I’ve listed a few more economical options.  Lastly, the Fonts you use can be just as important as the picture.  Think about how many times the words and font draws your eye to an advertisement or a picture. See The Quote Below as an example – Note the Use of Different Fonts, as Well as Different Sizes.

Style - Rachel Zoe Quote

Here are a few resources that I think will start you on your way, at least they did for me.

Places to find free images:

Fonts –

Photo Editing –

Layouts/Templates –

There you have it.  Jump in and get started and if you find anything else that you think should be added to this list, let us know.  Each one – teach one. Comment below.

Fun Friday: 10 Things You Don’t Skimp On

10 Things You Don't Skimp On

Since going from a 2 to 1 income household, being  more frugal has become a big part of my life.  I certainly was not excited, nor did I welcome the changes that had to be made to maintain our lifestyle.  But, I knew it had to be done.  There was a lot of restructuring that had to be done and the pieces of the puzzle seem to continually stay in motion.  But, that being said, there are still some things that I just don’t skimp on.

Cleaning Supplies:  Dish Washing Liquid, Laundry Detergent, All Purpose Cleaners & Disinfectant Wipes.  I know not everyone, my Mom included, will agree with me here, but I stand by this one.  The cheaper options just don’t cut it, or you have to use more to achieve the desired results.

Skin Care Products:  Moisturizers, Lotions, Facial Cleansers, Lip Gloss, Makeup.  Eventually, I feel like you know what works for your skin.  I am not a big makeup person, but I swear by MAC Lip Liner and their Tinted LipGlass.  After a lot of trial and error with facial cleaners and moisturizers I am a devoted Garnier fan.  I use their Balancing Daily Exfoliator and their Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel Cream.  I am less discriminating about my lotions, as long as it gives me extra moisture for the winter months, I can get by with Vaseline Intensive Care.

Perfume/Cologne: Whether you are purchasing this for yourself or as a gift.  Don’t cheap out when it comes to this.  You know how you feel when that special someone goes by you and you catch a whiff of his Special Scent.  Right??

Toiletries:  Toilet Tissue, Paper Towels.  For me this is about both comfort and cleanliness, no 1 ply for me.  As for paper towels, I am an all the way BOUNTY girl.  I need my Paper Towels to be Heavy Duty.  I think this is a MOM requirement.  **Not to mention, I have tried some bargain brands that leave something to be desired when it comes to the way they smell when wet.  Has anyone else experienced this? **

Housewares: Linens, Bedding, Towels.  Purchasing Quality Housewares prevent you from having to purchase them over and over again.  I say buy the higher end products, the higher thread counts, the heavier towels and washcloths.  They will last longer and just give you a more pleasurable/luxurious experience.  And, White Sales are pretty common place (especially in January), even if you have to wait to catch these items on sale.  They will be well worth the wait.

Kitchen Appliances:   Blender, Food Processor, Juicer, Toaster and Coffee Maker.  No one wants to begin any kind of project in the Kitchen only to find that your appliance has failed.  I can’t tell you how many blenders I went through before I decided to invest in one that was up to the task.

Nutrition:  Vitamins, Medicine, and Even Healthier Food Options.  It just is not easy to live healthy.  It sucks, but it is the truth.  I try to give my family healthy food choices and options, but I will be the first to admit that I wish I could shop Whole Foods exclusively.  On this, I say do the best you can within the confines of your budget.  They will thank you later.

Shoes:  I am a shoe lover and kind of a shoe snob too.  I probably would have a closet full of shoes, if wasn’t so picky when it comes to my shoes.  Instead I have my staples.  Basic Black Pumps, A Stylish Wedge, Fancy Sandals with or without a heel, that you can dress up or down, Rain Boots, Winter Boots, Sneakers(for Exercise Purposes, and then for Sporty Mom purposes), and as many pairs of Heart Stoppers (the ones that always get you a second look) and Flip Flops, as you can manage.  In this case, quality just last longer, providing you take care of them.

“Underthangs”:  And, let’s face it , even if you are the perfect weight and height, the older we get the better quality we need.  Things just don’t settle where they used to.(side-eye)  They need to pull in, lift up, and separate, etc.  lol.

A Good Bed:  Is EVERYTHING!!  Not sure this even needs an explanation, it makes the difference in both Good Nights and Good Mornings.

“Measure Twice – Cut Once.”  Sometimes it’s worth it to make the informed and maybe more costly choice, right out the gate.  You are putting out more money on the Front End, but I believe it will benefit you in the Long Run.

What are the purchases that you JUST DON’T SKIMP ON?  Share your Comments Below.

What we learned since opening Our Etsy Store 365 days Ago

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Today, February 10th, 2015, marks the One Year Anniversary of Our Etsy Store.  I can hardly believe that it has been that long, but I can.  I remember how nervous I was the day that we officially launched Our Store.  I had no idea what the future would hold for Stage Presents, or how our items would be received.  But, we stepped forward in faith and embarked on this grand journey.  As most of you know, Stage Presents is a joint venture between my husband and I, and if you really want to know, I think its the secret to our success thus far. So….. I enlisted his help in writing this post.

As in any business effort, there is a lot of behind the scenes work that the customers never see. (Lucky for them, because it can get messy.)  Prior to starting this venture and through out, we did a lot of research, trial and error.  Here are some of the things that worked for us.

  1. You must have clear detailed product photos.  I can’t stress this enough.  I am a part of several Facebook Etsy Groups, and fellow shop owners are ALWAYS asking for critiques.   This is the most frequently given answer, of how to improve your shop.  [Lucky for me, hubby is a photographer, so we had that in the bag.]  Keep in mind that you are an Online Shop.  Your customers DO NOT have the luxury of being able to feel and touch and discern the quality of your items.  So a picture is literally worth a thousand words.
  2. Be Prepared to Put in the Time Necessary to Make This Work For You. IT IS TIME CONSUMING. Not only is it going to take time to create each individual listing, as well as whatever product you are selling.  But, you need to also be prepared to Cross Promote.  Spend Time on Your Social Media Pages.  Network with Other Entrepreneurs.  Give as Good as you Get.
  3. Be Responsive to Purchases, as well as Etsy and Social Media Conversations.  We get a lot of conversations regarding Our Items that do not necessarily result in sales.  It can be frustrating, but, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  So, be as professional as possible, and put this in the Category of Possible Future Business.

    “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

  4. Remember Murphy’s Law murphys law Some things are just out of your control.  This was a hard lesson for me.  Have a backup plan in place in instances where your products may not make it to their location in one piece and or if the product is delivered to the wrong recipient.
  5. Pay Close Attention to Your Stats.  Where is Your Traffic Coming From?  What Keywords are People Searching to Get to Your Store?  What Time of The Day Are Your Items Getting The Most Attention?
  6. Give People Choices – When Possible.  When Making Your Items Consider Making Multiple Versions of the Same Product – Different Fabric, Color Variations, or Even Size.
  7. BE SPECIFIC.  Your customers will not know, if you DO NOT TELL THEM.  Make sure that your Product Terms and Conditions are Straight Forward and DO NOT leave room for Interpretation.
  8. Lastly, Enjoy the Ride.  It will have its ups and downs.  Some weeks and even some months, will be slower than you could ever imagine.  Some things that you create and think are amazing, may or may not take off.  But, it’s a learning process that will continue for as long as your shop stays open.

365 Days  – 99 Sales.

Thank you all for all the support you have given us over the year.  We couldn’t have done it with out you.

Do you have any Tips that we didn’t include that you would love to share with us? Funny Growing Pains Stories?  Please Share yours in the comment section below.


Fun Friday: 10 Fun Facts About Me



  1. I was born in Jamaica.
  2. I grew up in New Jersey, and I am still a Jersey Girl at heart.
  3. I went to college in Huntsville, Alabama.
  4. My oldest child is 18 years old, and my youngest hasn’t even started Kindergarten yet.
  5. My favorite fruit is mango, it’s also one of my favorite flavors and fragrances. (especially mixed into a Cocktail – Mango Mojitos, anyone?)
  6. I married a “Deep South” Country Boy.
  7. I LOVE coffee.  But, only if it has equal parts of coffee, creamer and flavor.  My favorite creamer is Caramel Macchiato.  I am so glad International Delight carries it because Starbucks can be a pricey habit.
  8. I am a list/planner person.  I have 1 planner for my household chores.  I have 1 for my business.  And, I have a Dream and Gratitude Journal.  (Yes, I love to write.)
  9. I can be a little OCD.
  10. Even after 18 years of being a Mommy, it is still one of the scariest jobs that I have ever had. (Both Growing and Molding a human life is HARD WORK.)

I did my part, I shared my 10 Facts.  What about you?  Tell me 10 Fun Facts About You.  Share Below or Feel Free to Share It Under The Post on Our Facebook Page.

Valentine’s Day Fun:  Including your Kids in Your V-Day Celebration – How About A Special Table Setting Just For Them?


I am sure you already have most of these things at home: Place mats – Heart Doilies (bought a set of 12 at the Dollar Store) – Utensils – Napkins – Ribbon – Anything Pink or Red to Make the Table Pop (In my Case, I used Valentine’s Erasers and Heart Picks.)  And, lastly I made a Wine Glass Candle Lamp from the directions I found here. Voila!!

5 Steps to Combat Winter Dryness by Nandi of Nandi’s Naturals

Guest Blog: 5 Steps to Combat Winter Dryness - Written by Nandi of Nandi's Naturals


Photo Source:

Colder months bring with them a new set of skin-care challenges. Unless we live in subtropical climates, the air is usually more frigid and drying, and less humid. With winter well underway, I’m going to share 5 tips for helping your skin survive this year’s cold front.


  1. Stay hydrated. Just because the weather has gotten colder and you may be perspiring less, doesn’t mean your body requires less hydration. Drink up. As a matter of fact, don’t drink any less than you would during hotter months. Your skin requires the moisture that comes from being properly hydrated as much now as it did in warmer months. Colder weather has a tendency to be drier, meaning less available moisture for your skin.
  2. Use thicker, slower-absorbing moisturizers. A few of my favorite products during colder months are Nandi’s Skin Relief Butter and any of their body butter bars or lotion bars. Why? Because these are heavier in consistency and slower to absorb than normal body butters and lotions, therefore being longer lasting on the skin. They’re wonderful for locking in moisture right after a shower or bath. At the same time that these create a protective barrier against moisture loss, they also condition the skin.
  3. More baths, less showers. You’ve probably heard this before, but it bears repeating. Even during summer months, showers can cause buildup on the skin, resulting in scaly and severely dry skin. Bathing opens the pores, provides more absorbent topical moisturizing and helps shed dead skin, especially on legs and feet. Not only that, it’s the perfect way to unwind and release stress. Be sure your baths or showers aren’t too hot, because too much heat can be drying to the skin.
  4. Moisturize heels. Don socks. Sleep. All summer you’ve walked around showing off your toes. Winter is the time to revitalize and pamper them. My nighttime ritual year ’round, but most especially during winter months, is to moisturize my feet, paying special attention to my heels, and slip into a pair of socks at bedtime. Performing this ritual leads to a lot of repairing and conditioning while you snooze. Come summer, you don’t have to get your feet ready, because they’re already ready.
  5. Open your curtains and blinds and let the sun shine in. Okay, okay, this one isn’t exactly a skin-care tip, but in a way it is. Our absorption of vitamin D is decreased during winter months. This could possibly contribute to more illnesses, including depression. Sunlight can help lift your spirits during winter months, which may motivate you to do more to care for your whole body. Your skin being one of your largest organs can’t help but benefit!


About Nandi – 

Here’s an excerpt that I swiped from her website about her Vision. – Born and bred in small-town Louisiana, most of what Nandi’s Naturals founder Yolanda “Nandi” Jacobs consumed came straight from the earth, no additives, no preservatives, no fillers. While life choices might have taken this kreyól girl away from her small-town upbringing, one thing always remained: a desire to recreate her childhood, where figs and pears were picked fresh off the trees in her grandmother’s backyard, where chickens clucked, roosters crowed, cows mooed and birds chirped. Of course, she didn’t want to place all those ingredients in her products, but you get the drift—good products don’t require tons of unpronounceable ingredients, when simple, safe ingredients will do. So, it’s with the vision of summer days eating blackberries until her mouth turned blue and fingertips black, that Nandi set out to create body care products that didn’t require a chemist to translate the ingredient list or cause panic attacks after seeing the price tag. In other words, she wanted her cluck to be a cluck and her moo to be a moo.


You Can Find Nandi from Nandi’s Naturals on:

Connect with Nandi's Naturals All Across Social Media



Google +:



The Nandi’s Natural Company Website:

Happy Birthday Elmo!!


Photo Source:


I don’t know about you but Elmo has been a BIG part of all three of my children’s lives, from my 18 year old all the way down to the 4 year old.  So, I was a little excited to hear that it was his birthday. Go figure!!  Can you believe that Elmo has been around since the 80’s?

When I told my little ones they seemed to share in my excitement.  So just for fun here are some fun Elmo Craft Projects that I found.

Elmo’s Cut & Paste Activity – found here at the FunwithMamaBlog.


Elmo Coloring Page – found here at Coloring-Book.Info.


Sesame Street Clay Pots ** – found here at ButtonsBobbinsandOtherBits. (This one is my favorite.)



I picked the Cut and Paste Activity to do with my four year old.  She is at that age where she loves any excuse to use scissors.  These others are definitely going on my Toddler Craft To Do List.