Printable Easter Tags

EasterBasketTagsBlog Are you amazed by how fast this year is flying by?  Easter is this weekend.  Looking to dress up your Easter Basket.  Print and Use our Free Printable Easter Tags.  It couldn’t be any easier.

Easter Basket Tags

Just Right Click (on the image above) Save and Print, Cut your Easter Tag, Punch a Hole In It and then String it Up with the Twine or Ribbon of Your Choice and there you have it.

Easter Basket Tag Supplies Enjoy them!!

A New Twist on an Old Favorite – Strawberry Lemonade Ginger-Mint Mojito

Strawberry Lemonade Mojitos Every year the first thing to come back to life in my backyard is my Peppermint Plant.  I am always soo excited to see the little green leaves pushing up because that means that  Spring is here, and so is Mojito season.  That, is always cause for celebration.

Last year,  I shared an amazing Strawberry Lemonade Recipe that I found here after our Trip with the Kids to the Strawberry Patch.  While I was enjoying it,  I remember thinking that it would make an amazing chaser.  Fast forward to 2015 and I thought Nooo… it would make an AMAZING Mojito and so this recipe was born.

Ingredients for the Strawberry Lemonade: (Original Recipe linked above)

4 lemons

1/2 – 3/4 cup of dark brown sugar (adjust based on your own preference and of course how sweet the strawberries are)

6 cups of water

1 1/2 lbs of Strawberries (cut in half)

My Tweaks:  The recipe calls for 2 lemons, but we added 2 more lemons.  The recipe calls for honey or sugar as a sweetener, but I used dark brown sugar.  But, of course you can use whatever sweetener you choose.  The straining is a little time consuming, but it is worth the time.

Added Ingredients that make it a Strawberry Lemonade Ginger-Mint Mojito:

2 tablespoons of fresh ginger minced

10 mint sprigs (8 for the drink and 2 or more for garnish)

2/3 cups of white rum

After you have done all the hard work to make your Strawberry Lemonade, then comes the twist.  In a bowl, muddle the  strawberry lemonade, rum, mint, and ginger with a wooden spoon.  Allow it to sit, in order to blend the flavors, but remember that both Ginger and Peppermint are strong flavors.  So, I wouldn’t recommend letting it sit for more than 20 minutes.  Strain and fill your glass with half of your Strawberry Lemonade Ginger Mint Mojito and half Canada Dry Ginger Ale.  Garnish with Peppermint Leaves and VOILA.  You have a refreshing drink that your friends won’t stop talking about.  Enjoy, and let me know how you liked it and what changes if any you made.

Strawberry Lemonade Ginger Mint Mojito

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I was saving this bit of information until my first post over @ A Night Owl.  But, since I wanted to give you all the opportunity to Enter this Great Giveaway.  I will share it now.  This year, I am one of the Members of the A Night Owl Creative Team.  Basically what that means is that I will be doing some blogging over there, as well as here.  If you haven’t heard of  A Night Owl Blog, be sure to head over and check them out.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Fun Friday – Stop Struggling with the Time Change and Embrace Spring

Fun Friday320

Spring is here, finally, and you couldn’t be happier, but you still haven’t adjusted to the Time Change.  At least, I know that I am still struggling.

I am still craving that hour.  I am not sure if it’s Mind Over Matter.  But, for me moving into the New Season calls for some change to my routine.

Here are some things that get me back on track, and psyched for the new season.

1.  Bring the Smell of Spring inside by throwing open the windows and letting the Fresh Air In.

2.  Fresh Flowers – I would have fresh flowers in every room, if it wasn’t so pricey.  So I try to keep Fresh Flowers in my Kitchen.

3.  Hit Up a Local Farmer’s Market.

4.  Indulge in some Fresh Fruit and Vegetables.

5.  Get Out in The Sun.  Take your kid’s to the park.  Get outside and talk a walk.  Hibernation Season is Over.

6.  Get Your Hands in the Dirt.  Whether you are planning a full fledged Garden or just some Flowers for the Front of the House.  Feel that Earth.

7.  Indulge in a Warm Weather Treat.  Get An Ice Cream Cone or Buy Some Ice Pops.  (That should score you some Mommy Brownie Points.)

8.  Retail Therapy.  It’s almost time for Sandals, Sundresses, Sunhats, Sunnies, Etc.  (And, have you purchased your Easter Outfits yet?)

It’s Spring — Embrace It!!

Pressing the Reset Button – Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning - Pressing The Reset Button - For me, the first days of Spring are not only defined by tulips pushing up out the ground, and longer days.  Spring to me means a fresh start.  Time to revamp and reset.  Time for Spring Cleaning!!

Have I mentioned that I love Spring Cleaning.  There is just something about being able to throw the windows open and let the Fresh Breeze waft through the house.  That coupled with all the scents and smells gives me a natural high.

The Purge: I start off with some Major Purging.  I go through all the closets in the house, and get rid of all the clothing, that is too small, too damaged, or just plain old.  I make a Goodwill Pile, a Friends and Family Pile and a Garbage Pile.  Then, I start on the toys.  I can never purge too much in this area.  No matter how many toys we dump or give away there always seems to be too many.  Next, I tackle the paper clutter, and try to get rid of and shred anything that is just taking up space.  The last thing I tackle is always my Catch All Closet, as the year goes by the Decorations from every season get stashed here, along with anything that just needs to be out of sight.  I can’t tell you how many things I find in there every Spring that I had forgotten about.  It’s like a treasure hunt.

Linens and Towels:   I do a major refresh of all the sheets, comforters and towels.  Using this method found here on  The only thing that I do different is that I tend to wash them before, and after I do the refresh.  Just because I like the way that my detergent and fabric softener, leave everything smelling fresh and clean.

The Nitty Gritty:  So, I have been regaling you with the joys of Spring Cleaning and how much I enjoy it.  Well, this is the part that I hate.  The GRUNT work, but unfortunately it still has to be done.  So this is when I put on my Dust Mask, and my Long Rubber Gloves and get down to Brass Tacks.   Cleaning the base boards, dusting for Cobwebs up High, Cleaning the Ceiling Fans, and Brightening Up the Grout in the Kitchens and Bathrooms.  This can be as labor intensive as you desire it to be.  I prefer to get it done with ASAP.  So here are a few tricks that I have found that work wonders.  For the Baseboards, I first go over them with Dryer Sheets to get all the Dust off and then Follow with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  Whatever you don’t get with the Dryer Sheet should come off with a little Elbow Grease and some help from Mr. Clean.  My ceilings are really high in the front foyer.  I can’t even reach them with a traditional ladder, so I have to borrow an industrial ladder, and equipt with a broom, and a old t-shirt, I get up high and knock Charlotte out of her web.  Next, on my list, the celing fans which accumulate more dust than I even like to think about.  To get this job done quickly, I employ the use of an old pillow case, to capture all the loose dirt and then I wipe it down with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and a Disinfectant Wipe. Last on my knees, is brightening the grout, luckily for me, I only have to deal with this in the kitchen and the bathroom. I use the same method in both rooms. The best part of this cleaner is you more than likely have all the items you need already in your arsenal.  You will need:  1/2 cup White Vinegar, 1 cup of Warm Water, 2 cups of Baking Soda,  A Generous Squeeze or 2 of Dawn Dish Soap, a Cleaning Rag, a Spray Bottle and a Cleaning Brush or Old Toothbrush.  Combine all parts in Spray Bottle and Shake Vigorously.  I spray down all the areas where I have this problem, and then cover them with Paper Towels and then Spray the Paper Towels until they are soaked.  Then I leave it on there, for as long as I can, before scrubbing to get it back to its desired color.  I have had this recipe for a while, so I am not sure about the actual source.  But, I will say this you can adjust to meet your needs.  I have even added in some bleach in the bathroom.  But, be careful combining all these chemicals.  If all of that seems too time consuming, try Polyblend Grout Renew found at Home Depot.

Outside of the House:  Lastly, its time to hit up outside, the Garage, the Front Yard and the Back Yard.   I will admit that this is not my area of expertise.  I assist with cleaning out and organizing the garage sometimes.  But, the rest of this falls under hubby’s Honey Do List.  This is normally, when he will go over all the shrubbery and trees, spray for weeds, and put out new mulch.  We also have hornets  who love to make our home, their own as soon as the weather gets warm.  So, he also goes out and finds the nests, and sprays for all manner of critters that like to find their way in. This is normally when I decide what I will grow this season.   I have had some ambitious years and some not soo ambitious years with gardening.  This year, I am pretty sure that I am just going to stick to tomatoes, peppermint, basil, and peppers.  Are you still trying to figure out what you are going to grow this year?  Check out this Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet found here, for some ideas.

So there you have it, my Not so Quick and Not so Easy Spring Reset Cleaning List.  Does my list even resemble yours?  What are the major areas that you tackle when the Season Changes?  Do you have any time and money saving tips to for me?

The Best of Spring Printable

SpringBlog The weather has been absolutely beautiful this week.  And with Spring just days away, I decided it was time to pull out the Easter/Spring Decorations, and do away with Winter.  And in the wake of all that, I decided to create a New Free Printable to usher in the New Season.

So, with some help from my little ones, I created a fun little Printable featuring the best of Spring.

It will print  best up to 8×10 or any size smaller.

To download your free print simply click below:

The Best of Spring


Free for personal use only. Not to be sold, redistributed, or hosted on another site. ©

Easter Coloring Sheets

I know that I am not the only Mom who loves to get down on the floor and Color with their little ones.  Even at my age, ahem… I still find coloring to be both soothing and therapeutic.  So, with Easter right around the corner, here are two super cute Easter Coloring Sheets.  RIGHT CLICK SAVE AND PRINT, and Enjoy!!

Easter Coloring Sheet 1

He is Risen Easter Coloring Sheet

Fun Friday Post – If I Have to Say It One More Time…

Fun Friday 3-12-15

Do you find yourself having the same conversation over and over again, so much so that  you wished you had a voice recorder hanging around your neck.  Join the Club of which I am not only a Member, but I very well may be THE PRESIDENT.

1.  Wake up  – Hurry Up!!

2.  Who used the last of the toilet tissue?

3.  Please turn down the volume.

4.  I don’t know what’s for dinner or when it will be ready? (All while I am actively cooking dinner.)

5.   No, you can’t have a 4th cup of juice, a 3rd donut, or more ice cream.

6.  No Maam, I don’t want to give you my phone number so that you can text me about upcoming sales.

7.  No, I do not want to do the survey at the end of the call after waiting for 30 mins for your Customer Service Representative to pick up.

8.  No Sir, I don’t want to repeat my order for the fifth time only to get the wrong order when I get to the Second Window.

9.  No, I am not interested in opening a No Name Bank Account in the Super Market, especially when your flyer has Customer Spelled incorrectly.

10.  No, I don’t want to donate to the XYZ  Football Team.  Why, because your shirt says the ABC football team?

Wedding Season is On It’s Way + Free “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” Card

Will You Be My Bridesmaid 2016 Update

Updated Post: NEW “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” Printable Card (plus access to the 2015 Edition)

According to The Knot, the most popular months for weddings are June, August, September, and October.  But, I find right after Valentine’s Day everyone goes into Bliss Mode.  So, it is s no wonder that my Instagram and Pinterest News Feeds are going crazy with Wedding Trends, Engagements, Proposals and all Manner of Marital Bliss Odds and Ends.  Even though those days are gone for me,  and technically I am no longer a newlywed (even though sometimes I feel like it), I can’t help but to get caught up in the fervor and the fever.  After all a wedding is just the ultimate celebration and many of the ideas can be tweaked for party planning, all across the board.

One of the trends that I absolutely love are the “Will You Be My Bridesmaid Ideas”.  As far as questions go, after you accept his proposal, the next and most important question is who will stand by you on that day.  For me, the answer was easy, it was the person who had always stood by me, my sister.  I wish that I would have thought of this idea back then.

The market is flooded with “Will you be my Bridesmaid” Kits, Boxes, Wine Bottles and Cards.  So, if you know me and my love for all things Printable, Stationery, and Personalized,  then I am sure it’s no surprise that I am considering adding a “Will You Be my Bridesmaid” card to Our Etsy Store.  The Design process is always full of Do Overs and Corrections, Subtractions and Additions, so that is a work in progress.  But, coming soon.   I am always my hardest critic, but I really dig the way that this one came out.  So I thought I would offer it up as a FREE Printable for all those embarking on the Amazing Bride Journey.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Printable Card ©2016 Stage Presents

To Download Right Click On The Picture

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Printable Card ©2015 Stage Presents

To Download Right Click On The Picture

Looking for more Wedding Items – Check out what  we have in Our Etsy Store.

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