Being Accountable for Both Your Success and Your Failure as an Etsy Shop Owner

Advice On Being Accountable for Your Successes and Failures as an Etsy Shop Owner

As many Etsy Business Owners do, in the beginning I joined many Etsy Facebook Groups in the hopes of being able to advertise and meet like minded individuals. That did not really go as planned.  What I did find, that I didn’t anticipate was a lot of complaining, and dare I say whining. There was a serious lack of accountability. Owning your own business is no easy feat. And, as with anything challenging, I think that it is pretty common to find folks blaming others for their failures and or short comings. So I suppose I should not have been surprised. Complaining is extremely contagious, it is really easy to jump on the murmuring bandwagon when things aren’t going your way.  However, in the midst of all of that, I managed to find some Etsy Sellers who were really focused on building their brand, catering to their customers and advancing. For those few, I think there was a common core to their success. The whole experience prompted me to write this blog on Being Accountable for Both Your Success and Your Failure as an Etsy Shop Owner.

“You can’t accept praise for your success, but not bear blame for your failure.” — Sheree Thomas

a.  It is up to  you to make sure that your listings read as they should.  Just as you can’t read your customers minds, they can not read yours.  Leaving things open to interpretation, leaves them open to be INTERPRETED.  S-P-E-L-L it out.  If your digital item prints best at 11’x14′, say that.  If you are willing to make changes to custom invitations, be sure to indicate how. For example, I am only willing to change the background color and the font size.  I am willing to make 3 revisions.    My pillows only come in these sizes.  And, so on and so forth.

b.  If you make a mistake CLAIM IT.  (Read about my Shipping Fumble Here).  If you did everything you could to ensure proper delivery and some how something broke.  You may want to consider giving the customer a refund (partial or full).  It could be the difference between a return customer and a bad review.  Things happen unfortunately (Murphy’s law).  Sometimes you may just have to EAT IT.  I know that is no easy thing to do, especially when you are counting on the money.

c.  There are a lot of Etsy Shop Owners who are willing to help NEWBIES.  But, if you ask for a critique then be prepared to hear it.  Don’t lose your sh….. ahem Marbles when you hear something you don’t like.  And, if people give you advice, and you do not take it and continue to complain about your lack of sales.  Then….. sigh…   And just to save you the trouble, most constructive critiques will go something like this:

 1. Better Pictures and Lighting Are Needed

2.  Your Products Need Better Descriptions (Detail, Detail, Detail)

3.  You May Be Under Selling Your Product or Over Selling (Check Your Price Point)

4.  Tags (Pick the Best Tags for Your Products) –Check Out These Etsy Tips Found here on

5.  Learn All You Can About Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Check Out this Free Beginner’s Guide to SEO found here on

Etsy Tools - The Ins and Outs

“What comes easy, won’t LAST and what lasts won’t come EASY.”

Free Father’s Day Printable


For Personal Use Only.  Do not Alter or Redistribute on Any Other Sites.

Can you believe it?  Father’s Day is less than a month away.

There is no one quite like Dad, except maybe Mom, lol.   But, He’s been your “Go To Guy”, for as long as you can remember.  Nothing feels better or safer than Daddy’s Hugs.  And, nothing sets you right again, like Daddy’s Advice.  Let’s face it, He’s a classic.  Show him just how much he means to you with this Free Father’s Day 2015 Printable.

Download and Print Here.

Setting Summer Goals while the kids are home

Setting Summer Goals

The Last Day of School for my crew was last Thursday.  As much as it is a well deserved break for all, Summer Break for me comes with lots of anxiety.  Setting Goals while the kids are home takes on a life of its own for several reasons. Whether you like to admit it or not, your priorities are going to be built around theirs (your kids) for approximately the next 2.5 months.  This year I am on a mission to build some structure into our days, while still allowing for lots of fun and memory making.

First on my priority list for this summer is dividing my day up into manageable parts.  Meals, Trips, Summer Learning, Clean Up Time, just to name a few.  Although, it is summer time, there will be a fair amount of learning going on at my house, in order to retain what we have learned during the school year and to  get my little one ready for Kindergarten.  Our plan is for her to be well on her way to reading before she steps foot into school come August. I am also hoping that setting the schedule up this way will give me some much needed time to work on business matters like blogging, advertising and creating.

Secondly, I want to make sure that the kids have just enough activities to make the summer memorable, without driving me absolutely batty and making me feel like a glorified taxi cab driver.  To get us started, we compiled a list on the way to Grandmas house on Saturday.  The good thing about the list is that they are still in that very [short stage], where their requests are still both simple and inexpensive.

Lastly, this summer I plan to make myself a priority as well.  A lot gets pushed to the side during the school year, just because it has to be.    And, for that reason I decided to make a list of some of the things that I wanted to fit into my schedule.

Summer Goals 2015

1.  Read just for fun. (Which Means NO Self Help, Marketing or Advertising Books or Blogs).  Just frivolous reading just for the joy of reading.

2.  Send out some Hand Written Cards and Letters. (NOT texting, or Face Book  Messaging, Instagram,etc.)  Just regular old snail mail to let some folks that I love, know that I think of them often even if they are far away.

3.  Make some time to reconnect with both friends and family.

4.  Watch some Feel Good/Romantic Television, that dh may not necessarily want to watch with me.

5.  Try out some new recipes alone and with the kids, and be out of the kitchen by 7pm, as often as possible.

6.  Tackle and Document, as many of the DIY Projects that I have on my Rolling To Do List.

7.  Prepare Inventory  for some Local Fairs we plan on Selling at in the Fall.

There you have it.  My Short List and how I plan to make my summer both enjoyable and manageable.  I will update you on my progress as the weeks go by.  Now, I am off to have a Glass of Wine to kick off my Summer.  (Don’t worry, it was almost 7:00pm, when I wrote this post.)

What’s on your Agenda for this Summer?

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Stage Presents Event Stylist – Cassandra Scully of Creative Elegance

Stage Presents - Fuest Interview with Event Stylist Cassandra Scully of Creative Elegance


In 2003, I became a certified wedding and event planner, but it was not  until I took a Merchandising course, that I realized my love for all things creative. Making this career move, has really made me think outside of the box. It has caused me to create my famous “Panty Bouquet,” in addition to the single panty roses and panty cupcakes. Most popular for bachelorette parties and bridal showers.  My knack for the creative allows me to create new and innovative ideas that compliment traditional pieces.


Creative Elegance is an event styling company. Event styling consists of beautiful stylings of bouquets, center pieces, décor and more! Some may call me a miracle worker because I can turn your wedding from cheap to chic! We also love to personalize every bit of your wedding from your invitations to personalized printables. Creative Elegance styles events such as children’s parties, Sweet Sixteens’, Bridal Parties and so much more! Creative Elegance is now offering Home Staging Services, as well. You can now benefit from the luxury of having the Creative Elegance touch inside your home whether you’re buying – selling – moving or staying!


I am proud to say that Creative Elegance doesn’t have a set demographic.  Creative Elegance caters to all ages. We do themed children’s parties, girls night out parties, baptisms and christenings, baby showers, weddings, to name a few. Creative Elegance boasts of being able to bring a playful and whimsical side that will ensure that your children’s parties are a hit, and the modern, classic and mature side to fulfill your wedding expectations.


To date, my favorite event has been A “Sweet Six”.   It was a modern twist on the sweet sixteen or the classic sixth birthday. We had slideshows, a mini dance recital, dancing, music and mini-activity stations. Trends show that children’s parties are getting bigger and bigger.  The Sweet Six was the perfect size.  It allowed there to be a This event had a quaint and playful feel.  The guests of honor wore  tutu dresses designed by Creative Elegance.  And featured a candy table/bar that the kids could enjoy. The menu consisted of modern, yet sophisticated kid friendly food.  It gave Creative Elegance freedom for creativity. It is definitely a new signature in the Creative Elegance vault.


My brand is expanding, and we are now offering new products and services, some of which are: custom/bridal TuTu Skirts, printed Bridal Tanks & Tees and gum ball necklaces/bracelets for kids events.  Creative Elegance is now venturing into the staging industry both residential and commercial. In addition to all these amazing services,  look out for future collaborations with two other amazing event planners in Toronto (Heavenz Décor & Ki-Events), together we have formed an organization calledCAKEvents. CAKEvents is an organization that focuses on the youths and brides on a budget, as well giving back to our community.


The advice I would give to an upcoming individual with that creative flair is to be true to themselves, and to live their truth. Let your individuality shine through and do not compromise yourself to “fit in”.   You are creative, you were meant to STAND OUT.

Creations by Creative Elegance Events - Styled by Cassandra Scully


They can and will exceed your expectations, regardless of your age, event or specifications.  Creative Elegance has over 10 years of experience and knowledge in the event planning industry.  We are based in Toronto, Canada  and welcomes the opportunity to work with you to make your event a memorable and satisfying experience.

** I truly enjoyed interviewing Cassandra and being able to pick her mind and find out what makes her such a force in the Toronto Event Planning Industry.  She has a fresh perspective on Event Styling and a Definite Passion for what she does.  If you are in the Toronto Area, seek her out.  She gets the Stage Presents Stamp of Approval!!

You can find Cassandra and Creative Elegance all over the web at:

Via Email

Via Her Website

Via Facebook

Follow her on Twitter

Get Ready for Selfie Season with the New Warby Parker Summer Collection

Warby Parker Summer Collection HERO IMAGE

Photo Source: Warby Parker

As Summer approaches the number of Selfies to Flood Social Media increase in droves.  Let’s face it when it comes to Feeling Good, there is nothing quiet like the rays of the hot sun on your body, a cool drink and the perfect shades.

Nothings says summer like Warby Parker‘s New Summer Collection!! The shapes and shades in this collection will have you both camera and adventure ready for whatever the long, hot summer days may bring. Glasses and sunglasses feature frame hues that are inspired by all the things we love about the  season – the beach, the ocean, lemonade, root beer, the moonlight and more.

Here’s a look at of some of the new optical glasses and sunglasses in Warby Parker‘s new Summer Collection.  The Winston in Ginger Lemonade is my absolute favorite!!

Winston – in Ginger Lemonade.

Jennings – in Striped Beach.

Stockton in Sea Green Crystal


In addition to the wide variety that Warby Parker Affords you, they also give you the option to Try On up to 5 Pairs of Glasses from the Comfort of Home, before deciding on the pair that you want to make your own.  Try On Warby Parker’s New Summer 2015 Collection

Pick out your favorite Summer 2015 shades at!

The Amazing Selection and Jaw Dropping prices not enough for you?  Still need convincing??  For Each Pair of Glasses Purchased Warby Parker gives a monthly donation to Non Profit Partners.  Who in turn, train men and women in developing countries to give basic eye exams and sell glasses to their communities at affordable prices.  These men and women work hard to spread awareness and make eye care available to their communities.

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Daddy Bakes — Irish Creme Topped Brownie Dessert

Irish Cream Topped Brownie Dessert

Today, we are launching a new segment of Our Blog – called “Daddy Bakes”.  I am super excited and not just because it means yummy desserts for me.  But, because it was no easy task to get my Hubby to agree to it.  He often tries his hand at different recipes and they are always a SCORE.  So I am elated to be able to share this with you.

Narrated by Mr.Stage Presents:
Last weekend, my wife and I enjoyed the pleasant sounds of a kid free weekend. Thank God for grandparents. After dinner,  my wife suggested that we make a dessert instead of purchasing or eating something pre-made. We both hopped on the internet and after a few moments of searching and spinning our wheels, I suggested that we make some type of brownie and ice cream concoction that most restaurants serve. I came across a recipe for an Irish cream-topped brownie dessert on I chose the recipe based on the extremely short prep time, although we did not have any of the ingredients at home. Thankfully Kroger is only 2 minutes away. Afer a quick trip to Kroger, I returned home, baked the brownies, prepared the topping, and refrigerated the Irish cream topped brownies. The recipe called for refrigerating the brownies for 2 hours but ours ended up being refrigerated overnight. I failed to mention that our little brownie project began around 11 pm, so the taste test had to wait until morning. Well, the brownies were well worth the wait. Most brownies taste the same but the topping is what sets this brownie apart…light and candy filled.

Daddy Bakes Collage

What more needs to be said. I give this recipe 5 out of 5 stars and I have listed a few things that I would do differently based on my personal preferences.

I would:

Follow the brownie directions on the box/package.
Use a brownie mix that creates a fudge center.
Use a Heath bar for the toffee candy topping.
Increase the Irish cream content in the topping as well as the brownie.
Mix the toffee candy into the topping.
Drizzle caramel over the topping.

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Fun Friday – The Top Ten Shuffle


They say you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to.  I am not sure how true that is.  But, for Fun Friday this week, I decided to give you a Glimpse into the Avenues of my Soul(giggle).  So I put my iPhone on Shuffle and recorded the first 10 songs that popped up.

1.  Baby’s In Love (featuring Kid Ink) – Jamie Foxx

2.  Backup Plan – Angie Stone

3.  Best Friend Remix – Olivia & 50 Cent

4.  Best of Me – Anthony Hamilton

5.  Black Roses (featuring Claire Bowen) – Nashville Cast

6.  Brave – Sara Bareilles

7.  A Change is Gonna Come – Sam Cooke

8.  Cost is Too High (Not to Love) – Adaline

9.  Dreaming with a Broken Heart – John Mayer

10.  She’s Got A Way – Billy Joel

That took some Bravery on my part.  Enjoy the Official Video for Brave by Sara Bareilles

That was fun!!  Ok, now that I spilled the beans.  Time for you to Share the first 10 Songs that show up in Your iPhone Shuffle.  I’d love to get to know you.  Consider sharing using #toptenshuffle.

Balloon Trends: The Life of the Party!!


Decorating with Balloons

Although seemingly simple as far as Party Decor goes, Balloons are still the ultimate “pièce de résistance“, for even the most extravagant party themes.  More and more often, I am seeing Party Planners  incorporating balloons into their designs to take their events to the Next Level.  Here are 3 of my favorite ways to decorate with balloons.

1.  The Ever Popular Balloon Back Drop:  From Birthday Parties to Weddings these Back Drops are Popping Up Everywhere… (Pun Intended).  I love how much versatility this affords.   You can use a variation of colors, go Ombre or even throw in some textured looks and patterns.


Photo Source:

2.  Word/Letter/Symbol Balloons:  Right Now this is my favorite Balloon Trend.  Because well it’s CUSTOM.  You can personalize it with your name, the type of event, even your theme.  You can twist it and turn it to fit whatever you need.  It’s almost like a Monogram, your Personal Stamp.  And, One can never go wrong with a PERSONAL STAMP, in my humble opinion.

Word Letter Balloons

Photo Source: Pinterest

3.  Balloon Table Centerpieces:  Your Table Centerpiece should always bring THE DRAMA.  You can fashion and shape your balloons however you like, whether you shape them into flowers, use them to create a table wreath, or make them into  Hot Air Balloons. Your centerpiece should serve to transport your guests to somewhere fun and whimsical, and put them in the mood to PARTY. Currently, I am kind of obsessed with the Hot Air Balloons centerpieces.  They are so festive and can work at almost every event. They are more than likely going to be a big part of the next party that I throw.

Balloon Centerpieces

Photo Sources: 1 2 3

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Don’t Forget About Grandma and Auntie – (2)Free Mother’s Day Printables


 Grandma Mother’s Day Printable

Auntie Mockup

Auntie’s Mothers Day Printable

Just days left until Mother’s Day.  Don’t forget about Grandma and Auntie, the next best thing to Mom.  Download, Print and Frame these free Printables for a Special Mother’s Day Surprise.

6 Things That I’m Currently Obsessed With + A Treat for my One Tree Hill Fans.

5 Things I'm Currently Obsessed With It’s Friday!!  We made it ….  The Weekend is here, and yes, I had my doubts….

If you follow us on Facebook, you know that I am always talking about how my favorite emails are the ones that start with Your Order has been Shipped.  This American Flag scarf is my latest purchase.  I live for a great scarf.  I am always thinking ahead when it come to outfits.  So when I saw this scarf over on … I had to have it.  I think it will be the perfect pop to a simple white or blue t shirt for the fourth of July festivities.  Even if I am not sure what they are right now.

My next obsession is the Wireless Speaker that hubby bought me for my birthday.  There is nothing I enjoy more than being able to play my music really loud and tune out the world.  I still get texts from him asking if my music is loud enough.  But, I think he gets it that sometimes I just need to escape…

I’m crushing hard on  the awesome coasters that my Aunt sent me from Belize(she retired there).  It feeds both my love of wood and my love of coasters.  Even if I do have to remind myself that they are to protect my furniture and not just for show.  I tend to get annoyed when cleaning up and I realize someone spilled something on them.

I live on my cell phone.  So more likely than not the battery is low, which is why I have such a serious relationship with my iPhone charger.   I always need my car charger to be up and running.  On Saturday, my charger met its untimely death.  Thankfully, it was under warranty so i went to Radio Shack to replace it.  The Radio Shack closest to me is going out of business, so they couldn’t honor my Warranty.  So, I had to travel way out of my way to get to the next closest one.  They didn’t have the charger that I wanted, so they gave me a replacement that was supposedly an upgrade.  When she told me that I immediately gave her the side eye, because I LOVED the charger that I had before.  Sure enough the charger worked for the trip home and that was it.  So, I have to return it, but in the mean time I ran into the Radio Shack closest to me, and not only did they have my charger it was 60% off.  So I bought 2 one for now, and one for when I wear the other one out.  And, just in case you just have to know what Charger I use it’s Made by Digital Energy found here.  (The last ones I had were pink, so they come in pink too.)

Yes, I am still obsessed with the Hoop earrings that Hubby got me for Christmas.  The reason – I can pull my hair back in a ponytail, apply lip gloss, a little bit of eyeliner, throw on my Hoop Earrings and a Scarf and my other wise Mom outfit just got transformed into something cute and stylish.

As I started to type out this list, I suppose almost all of these items are gifts  from the Hubby.  Sue me, I may be a bit spoiled.  But, I adore this Mug because well… it’s Lenox, it’s Kate Spade, it has Black and White Stripes and …. it say’s S on it… What’s not to love.

I have always been that girl who want’s what she wants.  My earliest memory of this was going shopping with my Mom, and I would set my mind on something that I saw within the first few minutes of shopping.  And, she would try to show me this and that.  But, nope, my mind had already been made up.  I hope that my girls won’t be like that, because if they are I am sure I have some rough years ahead of me.

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Hope this song will make you smile.  It’s a Flash Back for all my One Tree Hill Fans, closeted or otherwise.  And, if you are Tangled fan then I am sure you will recognize it as well.