Three… Two…. One… A Friday Series No. 10

Three... Two.. One... A Friday Series - Three Blogs Two Faves.. One Freebie

This week’s Blogs offer lots of variety, that you are sure to enjoy.  If you follow the link in Photo Source #2, you will find a quick and easy Halloween Peek-A-Boo Treat Bag tutorial courtesy of Here Comes The Sun Blog.

Three... Two... One... THREE FAVORITE BLOGS & FAVE BLOG POST - A Friday Series

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Three Blogs:

  1. Dear Lillie
  2. Here Comes The Sun
  3. Big Flourish

Two Faves:

Three... Two... One... TWO FAVORITES - A Friday Series

Photo Source: 1 2

  1. The Garlic Chop Garlic Chopper, Lime Green – Ok, so I probably was drawn to it because of the aesthetics, but it seems like a pretty useful product.  I tend to purchase my Garlic already minced and in a jar.  But, if I were trying to be more authentic, I suppose this would work.
  2. Calphalon Classic Self-Sharpening 12-pc. Cutlery Set with SharpIN Technology – Most engaged couples register for a set of knives.  Every wife envisions herself impressing her husband in the kitchen.  And, whether that actually happens or not, most knives have a limited shelf life.  I have a set now that need to be put out of their misery.  That being said had this been around when I was creating my wedding registry it would have been at the tippy top of my list.  Knives that stay sharp are a must have in any working kitchen.

One Freebie:

Halloween Coloring Sheet Mockup medium

Halloween Coloring Sheets

Follow the Link.  Download, Print and Enjoy.

Have an Unparalleled Weekend.

Six Ways to Bring Natural Elements Indoors: Home Decor Trends

Bringing Nature indoors to create a warm and inviting space is a Home Decor Trend that seems to be gaining momentum. This trend is no longer considered Rustic, or Shabby Chic, it has become, dare I say main stream.    See how to get this look by incorporating these easy to find elements.


Paint them.  Throw them in a vase. Add some sparkle.  Turn them into napkin rings. You can throw these things around like confetti!!

Decorating with Natural Elements Acorns

Photo Source: 1 2 3

Pine Cones:

Bleach them.  Paint them.  Add a Secent to them.  Wherever you place them … they are bound to shine.

Decorating with Natural Elements Pine Cones

Photo Source: 1 2 3

Pumpkins & Gourds:

Table Settings, Mantels, or Even the Front Door… There’s no doubt that fall is near, when the Pumpkins and Gourds start to appear.

Decorating with Natural Elements - Pumpkins Gourds

Photo Source: 1 2 3

Fresh Fruits: 

You don’t need a season to incorporate fresh fruits into the mix.  It’s a simple and thrifty way to add both color, and fragrance.

Decorating with Natural Elements Fresh Fruit

Photo Source: 1 2

Wood Elements:

There is something about wood that I feel has calming and spa like properties.    Hence my love for hard wood floors, wood coasters, dough bowls, etc.  Adding wood elements to a space gives it balance.

Decorating with Natural Elements Wood

Photo Source: 1 2 3

Plant Life:

Aside from their ability to improve Indoor Air Quality, these beauties, are just great to look at.  Also, there is something to be said about keeping a plant alive.  It’s a good feeling.

Decorating with Natural Elements Plant Life

Photo Source : 1 2 3

Are you big on having Natural Elements in your Home?  How many of these items are already a part of your home?

Three… Two…. One… A Friday Series No.9

Three... Two.. One... A Friday Series - Three Blogs Two Faves.. One Freebie

We took a week off for the Fall Home Tour.  But, we are back this week with a lot of great stuff!!

Three Blogs:

Three... Two... One... THREE FAVORITE BLOGS & FAVE BLOG POST - A Friday Series

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Here’s My Fun Friday Confession:  This week’s blogs aren’t all blogs.  Some are pretty well known websites, that I frequent and enjoy.

  1. Better Homes and Garden
  2. Wedding Chicks
  3. The Nerd’s Wife (follow Photo Credit 3 to check out her Pie in a Jar Recipe*perfect for the holidays)

Two Favorites:

Three... Two... One... TWO FAVORITES - A Friday Series

Photo Credit: 1 2

  1.  Kate Spade Ornaments – Yes, I know that we have not even gotten past Thanksgiving and I am already thinking Christmas.  But…. how cute are these?  I love her ornaments, even if they are a bit pricey.  They are definitely ones that you can pass on to your little ones, if you take care of them.
  2. V-Tech 3-Handset Cordless Phone Answering System with Video Doorbell – I am soo trying to talk hubby into getting this.  We do not have an Open Door Policy.  I hope that doesn’t sound too awful, but, without an invitation or at the very least a call you probably are not going to get us to come to the door.  I love that this Video Doorbell system, gives you the opportunity to see who is at the door without having to risk being seen.  And, that you can communicate with whoever is at the door, from the comfort of your bed.  This one is definitely on my Christmas List.

One Freebie:

Thanksgiving Place Cards

Three... Two... One... A Friday Series - Freebie Friday Thanksgiving Place Cards -

Click Here to Download Your Sheet of Six Thanksgiving Place Cards – Print – Personalize and Place.

Three... Two... One... A Friday Series - Freebie Friday Thanksgiving Placecards -

We Made it to Yet Another Weekend!!  Have A Great One.

Keeping Warm – My Favorite Cool Weather Teas

My Favorite Cool Weather Teas

Even though I definitely consider myself a transplanted Georgia Peach, I am still very much a Jersey Girl at heart.  That being said, I suppose I should embrace the cold. But, the fact of the matter is that, I have now lived in Georgia longer than I lived in New Jersey. Over time, I have grown accustomed to the warmer climate.  So as much as I love this time of the year, I do not like the chill that comes with it, even if it is an excuse to purchase your Fall Must Haves.

I am always looking for something warm to drink during the fall and winter months.  I love coffee, but I know that drinking it all day long will jeopardize my already sketchy sleep pattern.  And, I love wine but some how I think drinking wine all day will mess with my productivity.   So… since I am turning into my Mom anyway.  I decided to start drinking tea, after my AM cup of coffee, of course.  After taste testing a lot more tea than I care to recall, I picked my favorites.

My Favorite Cool Weather Teas

a.  Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Zinger b. Celestial Seasonings Mandarin Orange Spice c.  Caribbean Dreams Peppermint Tea d.  Bigelow Pomegranate Pizzazz

Herbal teas have long been praised for their medicinal benefit.  I didn’t pick my favorites this way.  For me, herbal tea is all about the flavor and the experience.  As you can tell by my choices, I love fruity teas.   The peppermint tea was just something I am familiar with, because we drank it a lot as children, and it definitely has soothing properties.  I want my tea to simply be soothing, tasty, and warm.

What are your favorite non-coffee/non-alcoholic beverages that keep you warm during the colder months?

Our 2015 Fall Home Tour

Welcome to Our 2015 Fall Home Tour -

Come on In, and Welcome to Our 2015 Fall  Home Tour. It’s no big secret that I love fall.  I enjoy decorating my home for the season almost as much.  The Traditional Fall Color Palette truly speaks to my spirit, each and every year.  It has become a more fulfilling experience now that I have enlisted the help of my dear husband.  This year more than any other, he was an active participant in the vision behind Our Fall Home.

2015 Fall Home Tour - Front Foyer -

This little table sits in our Front Foyer.  It changes with the seasons.  I kept it very simple, and added One of Our Fall Printables from Our Etsy Store.

2015 Fall Home Tour - Centerpiece for Formal Living Room -

If this isn’t your first time viewing one of Our Home Tours, then you know that these White Hydrangeas are always somewhere in sight.  I simply added them to a basket with orange blooms, a few pumpkins and some candles to welcome fall.  This served as the centerpiece for the coffee table in Our Formal Living Room.

2015 Fall Home Tour - Fall Tablescape -

Our Formal Living Room and Dining Room feed into each other, as you can see here.  You know, the “crowning glory” of my decorated home is always my tablescape.  This year I was stumped, I really didn’t know what to do and I knew I wanted a change.  So I sent my hubby on a Home Goods Excursion.  He came back with a lot of really Good Stuff.  Thank God for his fresh eyes.

2015 Fall Home Tour - Close Up On Fall Tablescape -

My favorite piece of this year’s Tablescape, is the Festive Pumpkin Wheelbarrow.  I was swooning , the minute he pulled it out the bag.

2015 Fall Home Tour - Fall Side Buffet -

I am always searching for inspiration on decorating my side buffet.  I wanted the buffet to be full and for the decor to vary in height and texture.  I am very rarely pleased with my first or second look.  That was true here as well.  I won’t even show you the epic fails.  But, we finally settled on this look, and  This year’s Side Buffet is EVERYTHANG!!  Or at least we think so.  We sat the Moscow Copper Mule Mugs(an early Christmas present), on saved slices of last year’s Christmas tree.  We planned to make them into coasters, but that is still on the DIY List. Luckily for us it lent to the rustic look and feel that we were going for.  The Orange bird cages have been around for a few years, but still fit in perfectly.  The larger than life Acorn and Fabric Pumpkin were Home Good Finds.  Throw in some Fall Garland and an Orange Cake Plate and the look was complete.

2015 Fall Home Tour - Splashes of Fall In The Kitchen -

Lastly, we threw some Fall Pieces into the Kitchen Just to Give it that Autumn Feel.  [Enter the Owls.]

2015 Fall Home Tour - Enter The Owls -

I had hoped to post the Fall Home Tour earlier, but… well… if I must confess, the kitchen is the hardest part of my home to keep “picture perfect”.  I am sure you know that…. these pictures are not indicative of every day.

As always, it was great fun inviting you all into Our Home.  Do you decorate for each season?  What was your favorite part of Our Home Tour?

Three… Two…. One… A Friday Series No.8

Three... Two.. One... A Friday Series - Three Blogs Two Faves.. One Freebie

This Edition of the 3… 2…1…. Friday Series is chock full of Good Stuff!!  In addition to sharing 3 Blogs I loved, I am actually sharing some of my favorite posts.  Check Out Tamera Mowry, our favorite twins take on Where to Spend When Decorating Your Home.  Get A Look at Shades of Blue DIY Wooden Carved Tiered Stand.  And, lastly, feast your eyes on Whimsy Girl’s Amazing Home Tour.

Three Blogs:
Tamera Mowry

Shades of Blue Interiors

Whimsy Girl Designs

Three... Two... One... THREE FAVORITE BLOGS & FAVE BLOG POST - A Friday Series

Photo Source: (L-R)  Left Top  Left Bottom Right

Two Faves:

Asobu Flavour It To Go Tritan Water Bottle

Rocking Cocktail Glasses

Three... Two... One... TWO FAVORITES - A Friday Series

Photo Source: (L-R) Left Right

One Freebie:

Three... Two... One... A Friday Series - Freebie Friday Owl Coloring Sheet -

Owl Coloring Sheet

Mixing Things Up One Pot at a Time – Sausage Pasta Skillet

I have clearly been on a Sausage Kick, since this is the second recipe in less than two weeks that I have posted where the main ingredient was sausage.  But, in my defense, it’s a break from the norm.  The protein portion of our dinner pretty much always consists of Chicken, Beef, or Fish, and that is it.  It doesn’t hurt to mix things up every once in a while.

Quick and Easy One Pot Meal - Sausage Pasta Skillet

In keeping with my rules for trying a new recipe, this one was once again, Quick and Easy with minimal ingredients that were not already in the pantry.  This actually came about because I bought more sausage for the Sausage and Peppers, than I needed.  So I needed to figure out something to do with what was left, and I found this recipe for the Sausage Pasta Skillet here on  As important as reading through the recipe, for me, is reading the reviews.  And, this one had great reviews that included a lot of awesome tips to make this recipe that much better. (follow the link to read the reviews)

Spicy Sausage Pasta Skillet 
via Plain Chicken

  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 14 oz smoked sausage, sliced into 1/4″ rounds
  • 1 cup onion, diced
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 cups low-sodium chicken broth
  • 1 (10 oz) can rotel (I prefer mild, but if you want more spice use the original)
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • 8 oz whole grain penne (or whatever noodle you prefer, I’ve also used bowtie)
  • Pepper, to taste
  • 1 1/4 cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese
  • thinly sliced scallions, for garnish

 Heat oil over medium-high heat in an oven safe skillet until hot.  Add the sausage and onion and cook until lightly browned, 4-5 minutes.  Add in the garlic and cook until fragrant, 30 seconds.

Add the broth, rotel, heavy cream, uncooked pasta, and pepper.  Stir well.  Bring to a boil, then cover and reduce heat to medium-low.  Simmer until the pasta is tender, 15 minutes.  Stir once or twice while cooking.  Preheat the broiler while pasta is cooking.

Remove the skillet from the heat, stir in 1 cup of the cheese. Taste, and add salt as needed. Top with the scallions and remaining cheese.  Broil until the cheese is melted and lightly browned – about 3 minutes.

Tastes great as leftovers the next day, too.. if you have any.  😉

Here are my Notes on this Recipe:  Make sure that you use the recommended amount of Chicken Broth. It may seem like it is a lot but, in order to get your pasta to the desired consistency this is a must.  I used the original Rotel.  I thought it was fine but the kids thought it was too spicy.  They ate it, but with a lot of… drama.  (“We need water, lol”.)  Heavy Cream is the same as Heavy Whipping Cream who knew.  I used the recommended 1/2 a cup of heavy cream, but I could have used some more just to make it creamier.  I used one package of Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage and I would recommend using 2 packages. I used a whole box of penne pasta, and there were a lot of left overs, after my family of four was done.  Over all it was a very tasty dish, maybe more suited for an adult meal, but I feel like with the small changes I listed above the kids would enjoy it as well.   I plan to try this again, and will share the results from the second time around.

What are your favorite go to recipes this time of year?  If you add this one into the rotation, please share your thoughts.


This month’s Creative Interview has been one of my favorites thus far.  The reason behind that is that Kori is a personal friend of mine, that I have NEVER physically met.  Back in 2003, when we were both pregnant with our now 10 year olds, we joined an Online Parenting Group for Expectant Moms due in November.  I think we were both looking for people who were experiencing the same things that we were at that time, like the indigestion, weight gain, and over all pregnancy woes.  The group went through major transitions over the years.  And, literally there are only a few of us still standing.  But, what developed out of that setting were some very meaningful and unexpected friendships.  She was the first military wife that I had ever known.  Long before my obsession with the Lifetime Show. I was always fascinated by the way she  played her position taking on whatever was thrown at her while still maintaining order, stability and security for her family.  The sacrifices that not only those serving our country, but also the families left behind is humbling.   Check out what Kori has to say about life as a military wife and mom and transitioning to civilian life.

Grace Under Fire From Military Wife to Civilian Life

When did you become a military wife?

We were married June 19 2001.  That’s when my journey as a military wife began.

How long was your dh in the military?
He was in the United States Marine Corps for 20 years.

Was he in the military before you got married and did that weigh into the decision to marry him?
While we did date in high school we were not together when he joined.  When we got back together he was already a Marine.    Him being in the military really didn’t have any bearing on my decision to marry him.  Partially because my father was in the military when I was a kid so I had an idea of what my life was going to be like.   And partially because it didn’t matter to me.

With him being deployed, was he able to be their for the births of all of your babies?
I was really lucky and he was home for all of my pregnancies and births.  There are many women who don’t have that.

What was the hardest time that you spent alone?
In March 2011 he was deployed on ship in the Asia Pacific Region.  (Japan, Thailand, Malaysia etc).  I awoke one morning to many texts , Facebook posts and Facebook messages asking if Mike was ok.  I had no idea what they were talking about.  I turned on the news and found out there was an earthquake and tsunami in that area.  I quickly turned on the computer and had a message from him that read, ” I’m fine.”   During the next communication I found out that they were on their way back to Japan to see if they would be needed in the clean up efforts.  For the next couple of months the stability of the of the Fukushima Dauichi nuclear power plant went from bad to worse, getting up to level 7 emergency. Nuclear chemicals were leaking out and evacuations took place. The ship remained “docked” in Japan.  So there was a very real fear of what chemicals he may have been exposed to.

How was the transition when going from being a Military Wife to being a civilian?
The transition from military wife to civilian wife was difficult for me.  I spent all of my adult life living one way and then it was just done.  We moved to a non military town and I felt out of my element, sometimes I still do and it’s been a year.   As a military wife I was always able to find people like me.  As a civilian I felt alone and like I didn’t fit anywhere.

When did he retire and after how long?  Do you think he regrets it or was he happy to move on?
He retired from the Marine Corps March 31, 2014. After 20 years he was ready to move on.

What were some of the major changes after he retired?

Major changes were the move back home.  Finding a home, a job, new schools for the kids.   Healthcare was huge because we never had to deal with health insurance before.  The stability we had was gone.

 How did it change the family dynamic?
The family dynamic hasn’t really changed too much.  Mike is home more now so I’d say that actual co parenting is new.  Before I really just decided what was what and now it’s discussed more.

What advice would you give a new military wife?
It’s all what you make of it.  If you decide things stink…they are going to stink.  You have to be able to find some silver lining.   Find friends, they will help you through.

What advice would give to a wife who is transitioning to civilian life?
Just go with the flow.  There will be ups and downs but you will get through them.  It might be hard for a while but you’ve been a military wife already, you’ve got this.

Is there anything that you would have done differently at any juncture in this whole process?
I don’t think I would’ve done anything differently.  The military gave me a great life, now it’s time to see what civilian life has in store.

“It’s all what you make of it.  If you decide things stink…they are going to stink.  You have to be able to find some silver lining.   Find friends, they will help you through.” –Kori Gaff

Three… Two… One… A Friday Series No.7

Three.. Two... One...Three Blogs We Love, Two Faves We Like And A Freebie - A Friday Series

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you know that this week was a hectic one for me.  So this Friday Series post is actually being posted on Saturday.  Please forgive me.  Migraines and Blogging don’t mix.  I am just coming out on the other side.  This is my favorite time of year, so I know that I have been immersed in all things Fall.  But, trust me, it’s GOOD EYE CANDY.  Our 2015 Fall Tour is going to hit the blog sometime this week, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, enjoy our Three.. Two… One… Friday Series Post.


Three Blogs:

Driven by Decor

Love Grows Wild

Dreamy Wedding Ideas


Three.. Two... One...THREE BLOGS We Love, Two Faves We Like And A Freebie

Photo Sources: 1 2 3

Two Faves:

Blue Lounge Mini Dock

Spoon Pot Clip

Three.. Two... One...Three Blogs We Love, TWO FAVES We Like And A Freebie

Photo Sources: 1 2 

One Freebie:

Three.. Two... One...Freebie Friday - Fall Printable - White and Gold Leaves

Golden Leaves –  Click the Link to Download Save and Print.

If you use this printable to decorate your home from fall tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #stagepresents.  So we can see where it landed.

Enjoy your Freebie and Have An Awesome Weekend.