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“Color With Me” Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets

Color With Me Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets - Free Download - www.stage-presents.com

Your grocery shopping is complete.  The house is clean and you are all ready for Thanksgiving.  But, what are you going to do to keep the kids busy while you do the last bit of  preparations and entertain on the day of?  Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets, of course?  Throw some crayons on the table and print out these Coloring Sheets and take advantage of it while you can.

(4) Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets - Free Downloads - www.stage-presents.com

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Download All Four of  Your Coloring Sheets:  Gobble Gobble   Wheat   Harvest   Corn

Four Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets - Free Download - stage-presents.com

Have an Awesome Thanksgiving and Enjoy the Ones You Love!!

Setting Up A Play Date + Personalized Play Date Notes

Setting Up A Play with Personalized Play Date Notes Truth is, I have been a Mommy for a looooong time, I have a 19 year old son.  But, times have certainly changed since he was a little tyke.  Setting up play dates for him was so much easier than facilitating them for my daughters, now 11 and 5 years old.  They are both very social creatures, as opposed to my son who was a more quiet and reserved child.  So, I find myself with two kids who would like to have play dates, and lots of them.  I have never really been the Play Date Mommy.  But, apparently times are a-changing.

Play dates for me bring out all kinds of insecurities, the planning, the execution.  I don’t know these people and they don’t know me.  Do I really want to take on the job of being responsible for someone else’s child?  What kind of child will they be?  Will they listen(mind) me?  Will I regret venturing outside of my comfort zone?  And, if I do it this once, is it going to turn into something else I will have to schedule into our lives?  Will I feel comfortable with allowing some one else to facilitate, in return?

Once I ran through all these questions in my mind, I quickly made a couple of decisions.  I can handle one on one play dates.  The best place for me to do play dates is out of the house, somewhere the kids can be active, stay busy, and are in a controlled space.  The great thing about this choice is that it limits the amount of places that play dates can take place for us.  Bowling, Skating, Trampoline Park, Jumpy Houses, or even the Movie Theater, to name a few.

The next question is how to reach out  and get in touch with the parents.  It is not like back when my son was little and you most likely knew and interacted with your child’s classmates and even their parents on occasion.  Now a days you can’t even pick and choose who to invite to your child’s party.  If the whole class can’t come then you can’t even invite one child. (I won’t even go into what I feel about that subject.)

After asking for permission, I was told that I could send a Play Date Note in and the teacher would get it to the parents.  Now you know, I couldn’t just do any ordinary note like a normal person.  I had to create something of my own.  And, since I know that I am not the only Mommy going through this, I decided to share these adorable Play Date Notes with you.

I captured every variation, so choose the one that applies to your situation.  Boy to Boy   Boy to Girl   Girl to Girl   Girl to Boy

Wanna Play? - Personalized Play Date Notes

Download – Print and Enjoy!!

5 Reasons Mommy and Daddy Need Overnight Trips

5 Reasons Mommy and Daddy Need Overnight Trips

You love your kids and being their parent is one of your greatest joys.  Right?? Of course it is, but it’s probably also the reason, you worry too much, don’t get as much sleep as you used too.  And… are in serious need of some ALONE COUPLE time.  [Enter the Mommy and Daddy Guilt.]  But, honestly there is nothing wrong with wanting or needing that alone time.  In my opinion, it is crucial to the success of a relationship.

  1. Intimacy.  You remember what that is right?  The two of you alone without any little voices screaming for Mommy & Daddy. Watching a movie without having to pause it. Emotional Closeness.
  2. Get Away. You may be thinking that it’s enough just to have the time alone.  But, being away from home, makes all the difference.  When you are at home, you are more likely to look around and see all the things that need to be done.  Getting away even for a night, checking into a hotel and letting other people take care of your needs, while you take care of each other, is priceless.
  3. Decompress.  Clearer and Cooler heads prevail after you have had some rest.  It helps when faced with making big decisions whether it be for you as a couple or for the entire family.  Or maybe you just need to get your mind right as you head into the new work week.
  4. Rejuvenate.  I know that you have been on vacation and when you came back you felt like you needed another vacation.  You know why that is, you probably had to wrangle the kids, lol?  If you can, convince your significant other to participate in a couples massage, or a mani and pedi, or any spa type activity. Even if you do nothing, but take a long nap, wrapped in each other’s arms.  It could go a long way towards you feeling like you got some rest and relaxation.
  5. The Health/Well being of your marriage.  Anything worth having is worth devoting time to.  It is so easy to get so wrapped up in the day to day family life, that you forget that you were individuals before you were parents.  Spending time alone allows you to rediscover each other, continue to have firsts together and keep the marriage fresh, new and healthy.

Invest in Your Marriage Quote

My disclaimer:  I am not an expert by any means, I can only speak to what works for us. We(hubby and I), are just coming off a Couple Weekend celebrating his birthday. It’s been a while since we have been able to have some alone time and just those few days reminded me of how important time together really is. What are some of your favorite ways to get away, even if it is just for one night?

Three… Two…. One… A Friday Series No. 12

Three... Two.. One... A Friday Series - Three Blogs Two Faves.. One Freebie

Three Blogs:

Three... Two... One... THREE FAVORITE BLOGS - A Friday Series

Photosource: 1 2 3

With the end of 2015 in sight, my interest are literally of all over the place. I am feeling the rush to accomplish all the things that I set out to do at the start of 2015.  Tell me I am not the only one who gets caught in that hamster wheel?  Don’t worry, I am not foolish enough to think I will fit it all in the weeks that are left.  But nonetheless, I will give it the good ‘ol college try.  So today’s three blogs are inspiration based, while being relevant to whats going on in my life these days.  Blog #1 is full of Recipes, DIY and Decor Ideas for every Holiday.   Blog #2 is full of ways to Organize your Home, plus much more.   Blog #3 is full of things relevant to a Mom of Teens or Tweens, including an  Awesome SmartPhone Contract.  Follow the links to get a taste of what they each have to offer.  These are definitely worth saving in your Blog Readers.

Echoes of Laughter

Polished Habitat

My Crazy Good Life

Two Faves:

Three... Two... One... TWO FAVORITES - A Friday Series

Photosource 1

Toothbrush OrganizerI love the fact that this offers both storage and ventilation and maybe means when we have company, I don’t have to put up the toothbrushes in the guest bathroom, I can just close it and move it out of the way.

Stick Up Weekly Calendar: Super Easy way to stay Organized Stick it In Your Planner, On Your Family Calendar, even the kids can use it to stay on point.

One Freebie:

One Freebie - Give Thanks Free Download Printable - A Friday Series

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Give Thanks Thanksgiving Printable:  Download Yours Here.

We Made It Ya’ll.  Another Week is Over and I am off to Celebrate with My Hubby for his Birthday.  Enjoy your Weekend with the ones you love!!

Veteran’s Day Coloring Sheet

Veteran’s Day is tomorrow, November 11th, this year.  Over the years, I have tried to explain the importance of those who have served Our Country to my little ones.  It certainly is not an easy conversation, so this year, I searched for some ideas and ran across this amazing article on some ways that you can have this conversation and engage your kids.  Check out this link on “Teaching Kids About Veteran’s Day” found here on FantasticFunandLearning.com.  It’s Full of Ideas and Books that will make it both fun and interesting.

In Honor of Our Veteran’s  – Let’s Celebrate all that they do for our Country with this “Veteran’s Day” Coloring Sheet.

Celebrate Veteran's Day with this Free Coloring Sheet - www.stage-presents.com

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Download Here – Right Click Save and Print.  And, to Our Veterans, we salute you.

Three… Two…. One… A Friday Series No. 11

Three... Two.. One... A Friday Series - Three Blogs Two Faves.. One Freebie

Three Blogs:

Yes, you guessed it. I am already diving head first into Holiday Decor.  This week’s Three Blogs are full of amazing things.  Make sure to head over to their sites to check out what they have to offer from freebies, to DIY ideas, inspiration and even shops of their own.

Three... Two... One... THREE FAVORITE BLOGS & FAVE BLOG POST - A Friday Series

Photo Source: 1 2 3

Live A Little Wilder Blog

Place of My Taste

Liz Marie Blog

Two Faves:

Three... Two... One... TWO FAVORITES - A Friday Series

Photo Source: 1 2

***Christmas Gift Ideas***

Betty Crocker 3-Tier Oven Rack – This is the perfect addition to your kitchen, especially with the holidays around the corner.  Who doesn’t need more space in the oven when cooking over the holidays?

TrackR – This a Mommy Gift, in my humble opinion.  Especially if you suffer from Mommy Brain, as I tend to from time to time.  If you have to keep track of your things and every body elses this is for you.  You put these on your items and then you can track them from an app, even in the house.  How novel is that?  No more running around the house searching for your keys.

One Freebie:

One Freebie - Live Brave Free Download Printable - A Friday Series

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Sometimes the Holidays can be stressful.  Surround yourself with Positive Images.  Save Print and Frame this Live Brave Printable here.

We made it through another week!! Have a Colorful Weekend.