The 2017 Spring Must Have List

2017 Spring Must Haves

When I originally started writing this post, I was rejoicing over the mild winter we had here in Atlanta, and that we were already experiencing Spring Weather.  And then, almost as if Mother Nature was trying to spite me, we had two or three days of arctic weather (below freezing).  Thankfully, it only lasted for a few days and we are now, hopefully back on the right side of things, just in time for the official start of Spring.  So in addition to the great weather that Spring brings.. minus the rain, Spring means time to pull out your Spring wardrobe, and decide what needs to get dumped and what still has life.  And, it’s the perfect excuse for some retail therapy.

Statement Jackets:

As with every season the biggest part of successfully maneuvering the climate changes lies in your transitional clothing.  Those items that can seamlessly go from winter to spring or from spring to summer.  This year even more important than the sweater is the Statement Jacket.  Everywhere I look I see variations of this jacket from Bombers to Faux Blazers and even the Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket.

2017 Spring Must Haves

Photo Source: Macys White House Black Market

Dresses, Dresses Everywhere – Feminine, Romantic, Edgy

This time of year tends to bring out the “springy”, playful side of fashion.  At least for me it does, after spending the winter layering and trying to keep warm.  Spring offers the opportunity to be free, show some skin and indulge in the sights and smells of the outdoors.  A super popular dress trend this year centers around the Feminine and the Romantic side of things.

2017 Spring Must Haves - Dresses

Photo Source: Macys and White House Black Market

Crop Pants:

Many moons ago, I used to love Culottes.  And, yes I know I am dating myself with that reference.  I am surprised to see them making a come back.  Though, I shouldn’t be because Fashion tends to Cyclical.  But, even better than the culotte is the Crop Pant.  It’s a way to feel like you are able to dress down by not wearing pants/slacks,  while still being both stylish and professional.

2017 Spring Must Haves - Crop Pants

Photo Source: Macys

So there you have it!! Happy Hunting!!

Friday Favorites – Week 362 – DIY Succulent Gift Idea

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Hubby’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

hubby-2016-holiday-gift-guide Years ago my hubby and I started creating Christmas lists for each other to shop from.  Even though, we didn’t know exactly what we would get.  We knew that it would be something that we wanted and it cut down largely on having to return or exchange things.  Plus it made for two very happy parents.  Since we started, I have had so many friends to inquire as to what is on my hubby’s list, just so that they can get ideas for their own loves.  Hence, the start of Hubby’s Holiday Gift Guide.  This is year two of his Gift Guide.  So let’s jump right in.

check out hubby’s picks for 2016 (with clickable links)


A. Stance NBA Legend Socks
B. Hex Focus iPhone 7 Case
C. Hum By Verizon
D. The Royale Cuoio by Greats
E. Polaroid Snap
F. Grenade Grips Dumbell/Barbell Grips

Want to see his Holiday Gift Guide from 2015 — click here.  If shopping for your honey can prove to be challenging, rest assured you are not the only one.  Hope that this Gift Guide gives you some assistance.  And, if you manage to purchase something from this list and it’s a win, I would love to hear all about it in the comment section below.  This time of year is particularly busy for hubby at work, so I have to give him a quick shout out for making time to help out our Stage Readers.  He rocks!!

The 2016 Fall Must Haves…

It’s officially the first day of Autumn!!  You know what that means, all you folks that were shaking your heads at my Early Fall Decorations can now take several seats!!  LOL.  OK, I am kidding, well kind of …  There is just something about Fall that sends my Energy and Creativity Levels soaring.  As much as I enjoy a good pool or beach day, me and elevated temperatures are not friends.  Plus, fall means time to update your wardrobe, pull out your Cold Weather Goodies and get rid of those things that you no longer love!!  And, who would not love that?

Sweaters and Tops:

The most important rule of Fall Fashion is layering.  I mean lets face it, its not exactly Parka Weather, but it is often Brisk Enough early in the day to catch the oh so infamous “Autumn Cold”.  And, NO ONE, especially us Moms, have time for that.  I am always excited every year at how diverse the selection of Sweaters and Tops are for the changing season.  You can go from Casual Chic to Sexy Mom with just a few style changes.

2016 Autumn Fashion Must Haves Sweaters and Tops


Photo Source 1 2

Boots… Boots and More Boots:

There are so many different boot styles to choose from.  But, this time of year I am particularly fond of Ankle Boots.  Simply because I consider them to be a transitional staple.  They can go from Early Fall to late Winter.  But, I also have a love hate relationship with them.  The oh so anal side of me wants my pants/jeans/slacks to be long enough not to hide their beauty, but not short enough that I look like I am expecting a flood.

2016 Autumn Fashion Must Haves Boots.. Boots.. and More Boots

Photo Source 1 2

Scarves.. Ponchos.. and Wraps…

Surprise, Surprise, my love affair with the Blanket Scarf has made its way into this season.  But, in addition to that these Ponchos and Wraps are just as fun, if not more because of their Cover Up Properties.  You can throw them over a t-shirt, add the right accessories and splash some color on your lips and you are good to go.

2016 Autumn Fashion Must Haves Scarves Ponchos and Wraps

Photo Source 1 2 3

“personal style should be effortless. it’s not about what you wear, but how confident you are when you wear it.” – Monica rose

There’s nothing like a Good Refresh to get you going and take you through the last Quarter of the Year.  What are your favorite Fall Pieces?  Share your finds in the comment section below!!  I can’t wait to read all about it. Are you dressing your house up for fall as well?  If so, be sure to grab this Free Fall Printable here.

The 2016 Spring Must Have List

Much like the beginning of fall, the beginning of Spring started very off kilter.  The day starts off very cool and ended with temperatures upwards of 70 degrees.  We are more than 30 days into Spring and things seem to finally be evening out.  I have been reluctant to switch out my seasonal clothes, especially for the kids.  But, I have had my eyes on several pieces that have made my Must Have List for Spring.

Spring Must Haves

Spring Tops – This covers so many different items.  Something I ALWAYS swoon over during Spring is the Spring Trench Coat. This is essential to this time of year, because it is a transitional piece, which means that you can wear it to bridge the gap.  It will keep you both stylish and warm while the weather adjusts and while they figure out exactly what temperature is comfortable in the office.
Especially during this time of year, there are so many styles as well as color options available.    Also, on my radar this year are the Spring Caftans/Kimono Style blazers that can pull an outfit together and keep things breezy all at the same time, depending on their cut and composition.
Spring Tops
Spring Tops – Clickable Links
Spring Scarves – I love a light weight scarf.  I never want to wear anything to heavy when the seasons are changing.  But, sometimes you have to “protect your neck”.  I don’t always need a jacket, as long as I can keep my neck protected. For me personally, that can prevent me from entering the season with a cold.  Besides its practical purposes, there is something romantic and airy about them.  With floral prints being a big trend this season, there are many choices available. The Boho-Chic look seems to be very popular this season as well.
Spring Scarves
Spring Scarves – Clickable Links

Spring Jewelry – Spring Jewelry Trends always leans towards the beach/coastal look, to coordinate with the other fashion that is out  there.  I find myself drawn to turquoise and corals at this time of the year.

Spring Jewelry

Spring Jewelry – Clickable Links

Carla Earrings in Amazonite

What are your favorite pieces to sport during Spring?

Still Crushing on the Target Pillowfort Collection pt.2

Welcome Back to Week Two of my Love Affair with the New Target Pillowfort ™ Collection.  This week’s (4) Ready to Play Rooms are just as impressive as the ones featured last week.  Once again, I had a hard time choosing my favorites pieces, but I have included the links to each room so that you can decide what your favorites are.  Target designed the Pillowfort™ Collection to be Gender Neutral.  There are several pieces within the collection that can be used in any child’s room, regardless of gender and depending strictly on their personal style preference.  Stay Tuned Next Friday for our Final Post on the last 4 Rooms.

Grand Getaway 1

Grand Getaway Room - Target Pillowfort Collection pt.2

Photo Source : Target Pillowfort ™

Discovery Den

Discovery Den - Target Pillowfort Collection pt.2

Photo Source : Target Pillowfort ™

Floral Field

Floral Field - Target Pillowfort Collection pt.2

Photo Source : Target Pillowfort ™

Stellar Station

Stellar Station Room - Target Pillowfort Collection pt.2

Photo Source : Target Pillowfort ™


Our Favorites from the Target Pillowfort Collection pt.2

Photo Source : Target Pillowfort ™

  1.  Amelia Upholstered Kid’s Bed
  2.  Confetti Cool Comforter
  3.  Corduroy Bean Bag Chair
  4.  Scoops Kids Activity Chair

The best thing about our favorite pieces that we picked this week, is that they can grow with you.  They can take you from Middle School all the way to College Applications.  And dare I say, depending on how well you take care of your things, some of these pieces will go well in a college dorm room.   What do you think of the Pillowfort Collection?  What are your favorite pieces?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Hubby’s Holiday Gift Guide with clickable links

Hubby's Holiday Gift Guide HERO

My husband is hard to shop for, and I guess so am I.  So for the last five years or so we have come up with a Christmas List for each other.  We never buy everything off the list.  But, it gives us some direction and help us pick out gifts the other will love.  You know #happyhusband + #happywife = #happylife.  LOL.  But, really his choices have always been so out of the box, that people started asking me for ideas on what to get their significant others.  This year, I asked him to come up with a list that I could share, and this is the end result.  As I was typing this, I jumped over into another browser and purchased a few of these to go under the tree.  Shhhh…. don’t tell.

Hubby's Holiday Gift Guide

A. DXRACER Gaming/Office Chair
B. Disaronno Roberto Cavalli Limited Edition
C. Timberland Earthkeepers Stormbuck Duck Chukka
D. Stelton’s Pure Black Knives
E. EcoCity Vintage Canvas Backpack
F. Wilson Connected Basketball
G. Wander & Rumble Growler
H. Burberry Heritage Check Cashmere Scarf
I. Warby Parker Old Fashioned Fade

Only you know your hubby, but I hope that this takes some of the Guess Work out of your holiday shopping!!

Three… Two…. One… A Friday Series No. 12

Three... Two.. One... A Friday Series - Three Blogs Two Faves.. One Freebie

Three Blogs:

Three... Two... One... THREE FAVORITE BLOGS - A Friday Series

Photosource: 1 2 3

With the end of 2015 in sight, my interest are literally of all over the place. I am feeling the rush to accomplish all the things that I set out to do at the start of 2015.  Tell me I am not the only one who gets caught in that hamster wheel?  Don’t worry, I am not foolish enough to think I will fit it all in the weeks that are left.  But nonetheless, I will give it the good ‘ol college try.  So today’s three blogs are inspiration based, while being relevant to whats going on in my life these days.  Blog #1 is full of Recipes, DIY and Decor Ideas for every Holiday.   Blog #2 is full of ways to Organize your Home, plus much more.   Blog #3 is full of things relevant to a Mom of Teens or Tweens, including an  Awesome SmartPhone Contract.  Follow the links to get a taste of what they each have to offer.  These are definitely worth saving in your Blog Readers.

Echoes of Laughter

Polished Habitat

My Crazy Good Life

Two Faves:

Three... Two... One... TWO FAVORITES - A Friday Series

Photosource 1

Toothbrush OrganizerI love the fact that this offers both storage and ventilation and maybe means when we have company, I don’t have to put up the toothbrushes in the guest bathroom, I can just close it and move it out of the way.

Stick Up Weekly Calendar: Super Easy way to stay Organized Stick it In Your Planner, On Your Family Calendar, even the kids can use it to stay on point.

One Freebie:

One Freebie - Give Thanks Free Download Printable - A Friday Series

©2015 Stage Presents – For Personal Use Only – Not to be Altered or Redistributed.

Give Thanks Thanksgiving Printable:  Download Yours Here.

We Made It Ya’ll.  Another Week is Over and I am off to Celebrate with My Hubby for his Birthday.  Enjoy your Weekend with the ones you love!!

Three… Two…. One… A Friday Series No. 11

Three... Two.. One... A Friday Series - Three Blogs Two Faves.. One Freebie

Three Blogs:

Yes, you guessed it. I am already diving head first into Holiday Decor.  This week’s Three Blogs are full of amazing things.  Make sure to head over to their sites to check out what they have to offer from freebies, to DIY ideas, inspiration and even shops of their own.

Three... Two... One... THREE FAVORITE BLOGS & FAVE BLOG POST - A Friday Series

Photo Source: 1 2 3

Live A Little Wilder Blog

Place of My Taste

Liz Marie Blog

Two Faves:

Three... Two... One... TWO FAVORITES - A Friday Series

Photo Source: 1 2

***Christmas Gift Ideas***

Betty Crocker 3-Tier Oven Rack – This is the perfect addition to your kitchen, especially with the holidays around the corner.  Who doesn’t need more space in the oven when cooking over the holidays?

TrackR – This a Mommy Gift, in my humble opinion.  Especially if you suffer from Mommy Brain, as I tend to from time to time.  If you have to keep track of your things and every body elses this is for you.  You put these on your items and then you can track them from an app, even in the house.  How novel is that?  No more running around the house searching for your keys.

One Freebie:

One Freebie - Live Brave Free Download Printable - A Friday Series

©2015 Stage Presents – For Personal Use Only – Not to be Altered or Redistributed.

Sometimes the Holidays can be stressful.  Surround yourself with Positive Images.  Save Print and Frame this Live Brave Printable here.

We made it through another week!! Have a Colorful Weekend.

Our 2015 Fall Home Tour

Welcome to Our 2015 Fall Home Tour -

Come on In, and Welcome to Our 2015 Fall  Home Tour. It’s no big secret that I love fall.  I enjoy decorating my home for the season almost as much.  The Traditional Fall Color Palette truly speaks to my spirit, each and every year.  It has become a more fulfilling experience now that I have enlisted the help of my dear husband.  This year more than any other, he was an active participant in the vision behind Our Fall Home.

2015 Fall Home Tour - Front Foyer -

This little table sits in our Front Foyer.  It changes with the seasons.  I kept it very simple, and added One of Our Fall Printables from Our Etsy Store.

2015 Fall Home Tour - Centerpiece for Formal Living Room -

If this isn’t your first time viewing one of Our Home Tours, then you know that these White Hydrangeas are always somewhere in sight.  I simply added them to a basket with orange blooms, a few pumpkins and some candles to welcome fall.  This served as the centerpiece for the coffee table in Our Formal Living Room.

2015 Fall Home Tour - Fall Tablescape -

Our Formal Living Room and Dining Room feed into each other, as you can see here.  You know, the “crowning glory” of my decorated home is always my tablescape.  This year I was stumped, I really didn’t know what to do and I knew I wanted a change.  So I sent my hubby on a Home Goods Excursion.  He came back with a lot of really Good Stuff.  Thank God for his fresh eyes.

2015 Fall Home Tour - Close Up On Fall Tablescape -

My favorite piece of this year’s Tablescape, is the Festive Pumpkin Wheelbarrow.  I was swooning , the minute he pulled it out the bag.

2015 Fall Home Tour - Fall Side Buffet -

I am always searching for inspiration on decorating my side buffet.  I wanted the buffet to be full and for the decor to vary in height and texture.  I am very rarely pleased with my first or second look.  That was true here as well.  I won’t even show you the epic fails.  But, we finally settled on this look, and  This year’s Side Buffet is EVERYTHANG!!  Or at least we think so.  We sat the Moscow Copper Mule Mugs(an early Christmas present), on saved slices of last year’s Christmas tree.  We planned to make them into coasters, but that is still on the DIY List. Luckily for us it lent to the rustic look and feel that we were going for.  The Orange bird cages have been around for a few years, but still fit in perfectly.  The larger than life Acorn and Fabric Pumpkin were Home Good Finds.  Throw in some Fall Garland and an Orange Cake Plate and the look was complete.

2015 Fall Home Tour - Splashes of Fall In The Kitchen -

Lastly, we threw some Fall Pieces into the Kitchen Just to Give it that Autumn Feel.  [Enter the Owls.]

2015 Fall Home Tour - Enter The Owls -

I had hoped to post the Fall Home Tour earlier, but… well… if I must confess, the kitchen is the hardest part of my home to keep “picture perfect”.  I am sure you know that…. these pictures are not indicative of every day.

As always, it was great fun inviting you all into Our Home.  Do you decorate for each season?  What was your favorite part of Our Home Tour?