A Few Tips for Managing Your Business Social Media Pages

Tips for Managing Your Business Social Media

One of the most valuable pieces of advice that I have ever been given in my life, is that there is NO NEED to recreate the wheel.  After all the wheel has been around for some time now. Now, that is not to say that the way you do things won’t be different or unique or that you won’t put your own classic spin on it.  I’m just saying, there is nothing new under the sun, from motherhood all the way to the position of CEO.  I try to apply this same concept to both my personal and my business/blogging/social media life.  That being said, here are a few simple tips to make managing your Social Media, that much easier.

  1.   Plan ahead.  This is one of the reasons that you find so many bloggers and social media managers utilizing editorial calendars.  You will save yourself hours by simply pre-planning.  Ideally, we would all like to pre-plan our years, or maybe even our quarters.  I have not been able to realistically pull that off yet.  But, I do very well, when I try to at least pre-plan my month.
  2.   Research.  The first step to effectively researching is knowing your market. (key demographic).  For example, if you are a Mommy blogger.  You need to know what other Moms are interested in.   Research can be an intimidating word.  But, for me the time I spend on Instagram, Pinterest, Online Shopping, and looking through magazines all qualifies as research. After all, you live in the age of technology, inspiration is literally at your finger tips.
  3.  You are your greatest resource.  So, not only has it been done before but, there is a chance that you’ve done something like it or parallel to it before.  For example, when my husband and I decided to start our own Etsy Store, we literally stepped out on faith with no real retail experience as a point of reference.  However, our over 20+  years of combined customer service, technical and administrative experience proved to be invaluable.  What started out as an idea to sell pillows morphed into something much more.  We did not allow ourselves to get pigeon holed or stuck on our original concept and we were able to expand in ways that we would not have imagined.  In addition to that I was able to use my love for technology and organization to create templates to work within making our day to day processes painless. Work smarter instead of harder.
  4.   The awesome thing about life and business  in general, is that practice makes better.  I won’t say perfect because we tend to shy away from that word these days.  So, I will say practice fosters progression. Which means that hopefully, you are constantly learning and getting better as you go.  If you started a blog,  chances are at the very beginning you probably were not too concerned with SEO, or just didn’t know too much about it.  Maybe your original plan was just to create engaging and meaningful content.  As time goes on you realize that this is not enough, more is needed in order to make blogging profitable.  So you delve further into your craft and learn how to be more efficient, what plugins to use how to get rid of spam etc.
  5. As much as things change, they stay the same.  Valentine’s Day falls on the same date every year, as does Thanksgiving, Christmas and a host of other holidays.  What’s my point? Creating content is a big part of blogging and Social Media on a whole.  But, so is building on what you have already created. Depending on what your niche is, chances are that you find yourself discussing similar subjects during certain months and seasons.  You can use this chance to build on your older posts and update or just share, as is.  One of my favorite tools that helps me utilize past content is the “On This Day” section on the Facebook website.  Can I just say, best thing ever?  Not only do I get to go down memory lane every morning and see how much my little ones have grown through the years.  I also get access to content that I have shared through the years.  It could be a blog post, or Tips for Spring Break, or even an article I found relevant at that time. In addition to that, I  post an Inspirational post at the beginning of every day.  Guess what?  When I am strapped for time and don’t have time to create new content, I can pull from a post that I made the year before.  I can’t say enough about that one.

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As you can see these tips are well within anyone’s wheelhouse.  So jump right in, and wow your followers with worthwhile content.  Do you have a tip or two?  I would love to hear how you manage your Business Social Media Pages?  What are your “go-to” tools?  Share your finds in the comment section below, I can  not wait to read them.

A Quest for Answers: Motherhood Part 1


“The days are long, but the years are short.” – Gretchen Ruben

Summer Break is over, here at our house, so I am trying to jump in with both feet, and get back into a Blogging Routine.   In a previous post, I Walk The Line, I promised to share with you some of the findings that I came across about Motherhood.

So here goes… I reached out to several Mothers in my Circle.  Surprisingly, I think they were all a little reluctant.  But, I get it, no one really wants their parenting called into question.  So I offered to post each response anonymously.

Mom 1 writes:

Honestly, I am both humbled and honored when someone mentions that I’m doing a great job parenting. I can’t tell you how many times I felt like I was doing a terrible job…cuz it’s a really tough job! Parenting is particularly challenging if you have more than one child, since each child requires customized parenting…that’s just my opinion.

I have three daughters. What works for my youngest daughter, does not work for my older twin daughters, and I’m convinced it has nothing to do with the age difference. It’s sheer personality!

Here’s one rule of thumb. As parents, I believe investing individual quality time with each child makes a world of difference. You’ll learn how to communicate with that individual child, separate from communicating with all your children as a group. You’ll find that this is more effective if your children all feel they are perceived as individuals with unique needs. They will respect and honor your views more. Try that for a change!

My Notes:  I really loved what Mom 1 had to say.  Especially because it’s easy to fall into the habit of trying to get everyone on the same page in a family setting. But, more often than not, EVERYONE really is not going to enjoy the same things.  I remember growing up my Mom made these awesome Chicken Croquettes, (which reminds me, I need to get that recipe), and we(my sister and I), loved them.   At some point, she stopped making it and when we asked her why, she said because Daddy didn’t like them.  I remember thinking …. SOOO…. lol.  I am sure it was just easier for her to make something that everybody wanted to eat than have to cater to our individual preferences.  But, I remember thinking that we outnumbered Dad and certainly should have had the deciding vote.  I said all that to say, we all want to have our individual needs catered to.  As adults and yes, as children.  I will be trying(Key Words:trying) harder on my end to consider the needs of everyone.

Question for Thought:  Just like with anyone else, do we teach our children how to treat us? I recently asked a friend how she taught her children to recognize and accept that Mommy needs both quiet and alone time.  She didn’t have an answer.  And, I haven’t found one either.  But, I have a greater need to make that known now that I am a Stay At Home Mom.  Love you guys, but now that you are little older, we don’t have to be together ALL THE TIME.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this as well.  (Mind you this was written, as my four year old was sitting as close to me as was humanly possible.  I literally had to put my headphones on in order to get in a good writing space.

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