Saying Goodbye to Our Christmas Elf

For the last seven years, Dobbie the Christmas Elf, also known as our Elf on The Shelf, has been a part of Our Christmas traditions.  So you can imagine my shock and surprise when my seven year old told me that he scared her a little.  Of all three of my kids, my youngest one is the one that I would describe as “fearless”, so hearing her say this really hit me hard.   After all, Dobbie was meant to add to the Christmas Magic.  Once I got myself together, I decided to talk to her some more and really get an idea of where her head was.  And, that is when she said that she sometimes had nightmares about him.  I knew then, that Dobbie would have to go.

Of course, how could I explain his departure, or just that he was not coming back this year?  So we put our heads together and decided that we would write a letter to Santa, requesting to retire Dobbie and gift him to another family.

I am not sure if anyone else’s little ones are experiencing this.  But, just in case, here’s the letter that we wrote to Santa.  She is generally a very inquisitive child, and this managed to pass the “sniff test”.

Last year, we officially let our oldest daughter in on the fun, and made her the keeper of the Christmas Elf.  It was her job to move him around, before her sister woke up in the morning.  So she is a little sad to see him go.  But, we thought it was best.  So.. Goodbye Dobbie.. you served our family well, until you didn’t,  lol.

In my humble opinion, being a parent is full of lots of wins and fails, not sure I won this one.  But, I’m moving on.  Hopefully, I am not the only one out here flailing from time to time.

Our 2016 Christmas Home Tour

2016 Christmas Home Tour Front Door

2016 Christmas Home Tour Front Door

2016 Christmas Home Tour Front Hallway

2016 Christmas Home Tour Front Hallway1

2016 Christmas Home Tour Mantel

Every room in the house gets decorated with  traditional Christmas Colors, except for the Formal Living and Dining Room.  This year I added some Christmas Plaid and Buffalo Check just to introduce a new element.  You can see it in the printable by the front door and weaved into the Garland over the Mantle. I also added a Vintage Lantern I bought to sell in my Etsy Store, but decided to hold on to.  I loved the feel of it.  I must gush about the new piece I got to go in the foyer.  It is not a Christmas decoration at all.  But, what a find at Hobby Lobby!!  Do you spy it?  “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

2016 Christmas Home Tour Christmas Tree

2016 Christmas Home Tour Coffee Table Centerpiece

2016 Christmas Home Tour Side Buffet

2016 Christmas Home Tour Tablescape

2016 Christmas Home Tour Dining Room and Living Room

Purple and Gold have been part of my color scheme for the last Couple of Christmases with other colors  mixed in there.  This year I just used Purple and Gold.  I loved the way it came out.  The purple poinsettias in the Christmas tree were part of my tablescape some years back.  And, I added them to the tree for an updated and more professionally decorated look, or at least that is what I told myself.

I have an announcement, Christmas is my favorite time of year.  No duh, right.  But, honestly there is soo much ugly in the world.  I relish the opportunity each year to bring some of the magic inside for my family. There will be more than enough years of serious life ahead of them, but during Christmas my main focus is joy – joy – joy.  This year, I tried my hardest not to purchase any NEW Christmas decorations.  And, I did really well.  I literally only purchased a new Tree Skirt for the real tree in the Formal Living Room, and some Festive little plates for the Tablescape.  Everything else I used were things that I already had.  I tried to use them in a new way or change where I put them around the house, but that was about it.

Can you believe 2016 is really pretty much over?  And, I for one am pretty much over it.  So Merry Christmas to All and to All A Fantabulous Holiday Season  from Our Home to Yours.


Our Top 5 Children’s Holiday Books


You may very well get tired of hearing me say that Christmas is my “favorite time of year”.  But, I am pretty sure that I am not alone.  Some of my favorite Christmas memories are centered around the books my parents would read with my sister and I around Christmas time.  It is a tradition that I have tried to pass on to my own Children.  Every year on Christmas Eve they both get a Christmas related book and we read them together.  Needless to say over the years we have grown quite the collection.  I personally believe that a love for reading and a quest for knowledge are one of the most important things that we as parents, can pass on to our little ones.  It is always hard for me to narrow down only a few choices for Christmas Reading, because there is so much to choose from.  But, check out my Top 5 Favorites for this year!!  I have included some classics, as well as a Bonus Book for all those Moms who want to teach their kids the real meaning of Christmas.  All of the links to the books are Clickable.

Olivia Helps with Christmas


The Sweet Smell of Christmas A Scratch and Sniff Story


Grace At Christmas



The Night Before Christmas


The Polar Express


BONUS — the real meaning of christmas

God Gave Us Christmas


Out of all the books listed, my very favorite is God Gave Us Christmas.  We just discovered this one last year, and it is a gem.  Everything about it gave me the warm and fuzzies and the kids enjoyed it to.  So it’s officially Mommy and Kid Approved.

What are your favorite books to read with your little ones?  What are your favorite Christmas Traditions?  I’d love to read all about it in the comment section below.