All That Glitters – Don’t Call It A Comeback

There was a time when Decorating with Gold symbolized wealth and power, especially during the Roaring 20’s and the Old Hollywood era (as pictured below).  But, as time went on people began to shy away from such grandeur and even considered it to be pompous and showy.  But, in recent years, and the reintroduction of “Bling”, Gold has made quite the comeback  in the Interior Design/Home Decor Scene. Homes aren’t draped in Gold as they once were.  But, incorporating this precious metal still demands attention and provides a regal and timeless feel to any given space.

Decorating With Gold - great gatsby movie set design - jay gatsby mansion ballroom

Pictured Here in the Great Gatsby Movie Set Design

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As is the case with adding pops of color, adding Gold Accessories to your room can transform an otherwise calm, or muted space into a rich conversation piece.  I have always been a fan of dark walls,  but add a large ornate gold mirror to this room and it goes from masculine and a little cold, to stately and stylish.

Decorating with Gold On Black

Decorating with a Gold Mirror On Black Walls

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Aside from the fact that curtains provide us with privacy and shield us from the sun, they are also the final piece to any room.   The piece that ties in all the furniture, all the accents, and gives it a completed look.  One of the benefits of choosing curtains with Gold in them is that they can be paired with so many different color palettes, giving you a broad spectrum from which to choose. Color Scheme References Shown Below.

Decorating with Gold - Crate and Barrel Bold Ivory & Gold Aston Curtains

Crate and Barrel Bold Ivory & Gold Aston Curtains

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Decorating with Gold -

Gold Color Schemes

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Accent Pieces are those pieces of furniture that you don’t necessarily need, but you just have to have it.  It adds definition and personality to your room.  It could be a throw pillow, a picture, a vase, a dough bowl, and the list could go on and on…

Decorating with Gold Accessories from Our Etsy Store

Gold Accessories from Our Etsy Store

The items above are all available for purchase in Our Etsy Store.

Many people choose to update their space as the seasons change.  And, with the end of summer almost here and fall quickly approaching, gold is the perfect accent color to add into the mix.   Have you jumped on the gold band wagon yet?

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    Dropping in from the Sunday Blog Hop. Thank you so much for linking up this post!

    I remember growing up and learning from my mom about things being “gaudy.” Mostly things that were gold or ornate. I’ve learned to appreciate a little gold gleam or silver lining. I especially love that gold framed mirror set against the dark wall. Gorgeous!

    I hope to see you again on the blog hop next week 🙂

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