A New Family Favorite – Smoked Sausage and Peppers

If you are like this Mom, every now and then you get tired of cooking and eating the same things over and over again.  Actually…. that happens pretty often.  But, when I ask the family for suggestions… I get NOTHING, which is probably why I have developed such an unhealthy attachment to Pinterest. (That’s my story and I am sticking to it.)

So yesterday around 2pm, I started searching Pinterest for some dinner ideas… And, at about 3pm, I emailed my hubby and told him I wanted to make Smoked Sausage and Peppers..  and askedwhat did he think.  To which he enthusiastically replied… SURE… (That was sarcasm, in case you didn’t pick it up.)
I second guessed myself all the way from work to the grocery store and then back to the house.  The girls are picky eaters .. what if it didn’t come out right.. what should I serve with it.. blah blah, blah.  Then when I got home I suggested to my dh that maybe we should have something else.  Yes, I was punking out.  Thankfully, he pushed me to go with my original plan.
And, what happened next was pure magic.  lol.   Thirty minutes later we had an amazing meal.  And, everyone approved.  So now we have one more Forever Dinner to put into the arsenal.  Forever Dinners mean meals that everyone will eat without any complaints.
I found this recipe here:
Photo Source: Hillshire Farms (Their Picture
What are your go to aka Forever Meals that your family loves?  Consider sharing a recipe or link with us in the comment section below.

Three.. Two… One… A Friday Series No.6

Three... Two.. One - A Friday Series sharing Our Favorite Blogs, Products and a #fridayfreebie

This Friday Series is becoming one of the highlights of my weeks.  There are so many amazing creatives out there, I truly enjoy sharing.

Three Blogs:

I am 100% all in right now when it comes to looking at all the Fabulous Fall Tours across the web.  You would think that it would inspire me to get a move on.  But, I still am stuck in park.  I hope to get to it this weekend.

The Tale of An Ugly House

With Heart

Iron and Twine

Three... Two.. One - A Friday Series sharing Our Favorite BLOGS, Products and a #fridayfreebie

Photo Source: 1 2 3

Two Faves:

Both Faves this week are From the Pioneer Woman Collection, I have always been a fan of her recipes.  And, now that she has a collection in Walmart, I am equally as smitten.

The Pioneer Woman Timeless Cast Iron 3-Piece Set, 6″, 8″ and 10″ Cast Iron, Pre-Seasoned

The Pioneer Woman Paige 12-Piece Crackle Glaze Dinnerware Set

Three... Two.. One - A Friday Series sharing Our Favorite Blogs, PRODUCTS and a #fridayfreebie

Photo Source: Walmart.com

One Freebie:

Three... Two.. One - A Friday Series sharing Our Favorite Blogs, Products and a #FRIDAYFREEBIE

Autumn Leaves Printable – Click the Link to Download Save and Print.

If you use this printable to decorate your home from fall tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #stagepresents.  So we can see where it landed.Enjoy your Freebie and Have An Awesome Weekend.

Keeping Up with the Changing Tides

Keeping up With the Changing Tides - Returning to the Work Force

As most of my regular readers know, I have been home with my babies for the past three years.  I swear it doesn’t seem that long.  In August, the little one started Kindergarten, and I wasn’t sure what I would do with all my free time.  I decided that I would use this extra time to figure out a way to really monetize my blog and increase my Social Media presence for my Etsy Shop.  And, if you have ever done this or if you are in the process of doing that you know  … it is no easy feat.  I had my plan and I was working my way down my list.  Add more items to the Shop, Increase the Number of Daily Posts for Twitter and Instagram. Clean up My SEO on older posts, Re-write my About Me Page.  Just to give you the general idea.

Fast forward three weeks and I get a call from the School System where I used to work at, asking if I was interested in being a sub for a few days.   I wasn’t sure honestly what to think of it.  I was not sure if I would be able to keep up with the blog and my Social Media postings.  (More on that in another blog to post later this week.) But, I knew that it would be a way to stack away some extra money for Christmas.  Two days turned into one week and then two.  Turns out I forgot more than I thought about the balancing act that comes with being in the office all day and then having to come home to Job #2 (Mommy).  If it sounds like I am complaining honestly, I am not.  I was super grateful for the opportunity.  I just had to readjust thankfully on a learning curve.

Lucky for me,  I have a pretty amazing husband, who never misses a beat.  I have to be to work by 7:30,  which means Dad had to be on duty for the drop off and lunch detail.  I tried the first couple of days to make the lunches the night before, but that was short lived.  I get off at 3:45, which means I was leaving the office just as the girls were getting off the school bus.  So by the time I got home they had been there for about a half an hour.   It is a little harder to extract details about their day, but I pulled it out of them.  On their news front, baby girl was the line leader, and our oldest daughter, is loving Math right now.

When I get in the house, I have about 30 minutes to unwind and then its homework time.  I am normally wrapped up in that for a good hour.  Then its time to make dinner.  On a good day I can cook and get out of the kitchen by 7:30.  And, then its TV time.. bed time.. and prep for the next day.

When I was a full time working mom, I couldn’t  imagine how full time stay at home mom’s filled their days and after being at work for a couple of days, I cant imagine how working mom’s balance it all.  its a catch 22.  I guess the point of it is all is that, no matter where you fall on the spectrum the Mom Job is no joke and we adjust as needed to make it work.

Three… Two… One… A Friday Series No.5

321 Friday Fun

Three Blogs:

Coco & Kelly


Delineate Your Dwelling

Three Two One - A Friday Series - Three Blog Favorites - Stage Presents

Photo Source:1 2 3  (Left to Right )

Two Faves:

The Wonder Cube

PowerDock 5

Three Two One - A Friday Series - Two Favorite Products - Stage Presents

Photo Source: 1 2 (Left to Right)

One Freebie:

Rustic Chalkboard Prints - Freebie Friday - Designed by ©2015 Stage Presents




Enjoy Your Freebies and Have A Marvelous Weekend.

The 2015 Fall Must Have List..

Fall Must Haves - My Favorites for Transitioning to Fall - www.stage-presents.com

It is still warm here in Georgia, but the evenings and mornings are starting to get a little cooler.  That means, its time to start pulling out all my fall favorites and creating my Must Have Fall List.  I know.. yes, another list.. lol.

Scarves are a staple for transitioning temperatures.  They can dress up any shirt, blouse or t-shirt.  My favorites for the autumn weather are the Blanket/Oversized Scarf, the Infinity Scarf and the Knit Circle Scarves.

Fall Must Haves - Scarves - A Staple for Transitioning Seasons

Photo Source: 1 2

Not only do these scarves bring diversity to your wardrobe.  But, you can play with it for different looks.  Check out these fun ways to Style your Over-sized Scarf here and your Infinity Scarf here.

Boots and Boot Socks – Am I the only one who thinks they are equally important?  There is nothing more annoying than your trouser socks creeping down inside your boots.  Eeek….  I totally don’t discriminate, I like all kinds of boots, thigh high, ankles, wedges you name it.  And, I try to get as much use out of them as I can.  I am especially obsessed with all the Fall Colored Hues… I have been searching for the perfect cognac colored boots for years.  And, the hunt still continues… These are some of the boots and boot socks on my wish list for 2015.

Fall Must Haves - Boots: A Staple for Transitioning Seasons

Photo Source: Macys.com

Fall Must Haves -Boot Socks - A Staple for Transitioning Seasons

Photo Source: 1 2

Dark Polish –  Even though I know that most people consider the French Manicure to be the Superior Standard.  I prefer a dark nail.  I try to wear some brighter colors in the summer months, just to mix it up, but I would perfectly ok with wearing dark colors on my nails all year long.

Fall Must Haves - Dark Polish - A Staple for Transitioning Seasons

Photo Source: Polish Love Pinterest Board

Trench Coats: It’s not cold enough for a winter coat, maybe still a little too warm for Cable Knits, and Turtlenecks.  But, just cool enough to pull out the Classic or not so Classic Trench Coat.    You can smarten up any outfit, with a well tailored trench coat.  Whether you are wearing it over yoga pants or a dressier pant, it can be the difference between soccer mom and Fly Girl….   Did I just say that?  Dated myself on that one.. but you get the idea, right?

Fall Must Haves - The Classic or Not So Classic Trench Coat - A Staple for Transitioning Seasons

Photo Source: 1 2 

What is your favorite Fall Accessory?  Consider sharing it with us in the comments below.

Three… Two… One… A Friday Series No.4

321 Friday Fun

Three Blogs:

Dimples and Tangles

Sarah’s Heart

Inspired by Charm


Photo Source: 1 2 3

Two Faves:

VTech Kidizoom Smartwartch

Wolfgang Puck Pressure Cooker


Photo Source : 1 2

One Freebie:

This week’s freebie is in Honor of Grandparent’s Day.  Celebrate with these  #betterthanyours Grandparent’s Day Printables and let “The Grands” know just how special they are.  Click the Link below to Download and Print.

Download Your Free #betterthanyours Grandparent's Day Printable

My Grandma

My Grandpa

My Grandparents

Read any Great Blogs or Fell in Love with any Must Have Products?  Share them with us in the comment section below. Have an Amazing Weekend!!

Sissy’s Mixed Vegetable Quiche…

Super Easy Recipe for Mixed Vegetable Quiche found originally on stage-presents.com My sister and I naturally have a lot in common.  We both love to cook.  But, she is definitely a lot more adventurous than me in the kitchen.  I like to try safe, simple recipes.  She likes to bring out the arsenal.   Now that both girls are in school full time, I find myself with so much more time on my hands.  So this morning I decided to try out one of her easier recipes for Mixed Vegetable Quiche.  Her recipe for Spinach Quiche is a favorite at our house, but this was my first time trying the recipe with Mixed Vegetables.  They are actually interchangeable.

This recipe can be as easy or complicated as you choose to make it.  What I mean by that is that, you can choose to go the Farmers Market (fresh vegetable route), or you can use Frozen Vegetables, and you can pretty much add anything that you want to this recipe.  I didn’t include specific amounts of how much of each Fresh Vegetable to cut up simply because I think that you can eye ball it. As long as you keep in mind that it all has to fit into a pie crust, after its cooked or steamed it will take up less space, AND that the egg and milk will give you limited room.  In my Special Notes, I added some ingredients that I add to mine.  But, just to give you some additional ideas.  You can add different kinds of cheeses, bacon, spices, peppers, etc. To view this Recipe Card in a larger format – Double Click on the Actual Image.

Sissy's Mixed Vegetable Quiche Recipe Card found originally on stage-presents.com

I enjoy trying out new recipes, especially when they come from someone I trust and they are tried and approved.  I tend to have recipes all over the place, in emails, text messages, etc.  If you have the same problem then today’s Free Printable Recipe Cards are just for you.  Click the Link to Download and Enjoy them under the picture.

Love these Printable Recipe Cards Download your Own Free on stage-presents.com  JPEG Format

PDF Format


Three… Two… One… A Friday Series No.3

Three Blogs Two Faves One Freebie - A Friday Series Volume 3

Three Blogs:

Stone Gable Blog

She Wears Many Hats

Hoosier HomeMade

Three Blogs Two Faves One Freebie - A Friday Series Volume 3 - www.stage-presents.com

Photo Source: 1 2 3(Middle & Right) *In Number Order

Two Faves:

Polaroid Snap: A New 10MP Instant Digital Camera

Bialetti 7265 Trends Collection 5 Quart Pasta Pot

Three Blogs Two Faves One Freebie - A Friday Series Volume 3 - www.stage-presents.com Photo Source: 1 2

One Freebie:

This week’s Freebie Friday is geared towards shutterbugs and photographers courtesy of Anwar Thomas Photography (aka my hubby). Here are his notes on Today’s Freebie.  As a photographer, have you ever taken what you believed to be the perfect photo and later realized there were no clouds in the sky? It happens to inexperienced and seasoned photographers alike. So with that in mind, today’s Friday Freebie is a set of 9 cloud overlays. This set of overlays are high resolution (300 dpi) jpeg files that you are free to use to enhance the sky and background of your digital photos. The files are compatible with all photo editing software that supports jpeg files.

FreebieFriday9415 - 9 Free Cloud Overlays found originally on stage-presents.com


Cloud One

Cloud Two

Cloud Three

Cloud Four

Cloud Five

Cloud Six

Cloud Seven

Cloud Eight

Cloud Nine

Have an Awesome Weekend!!

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