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Free Printable Valentines Day Cards 2016

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Now that my little one is in school too, I find myself with over 30+ Valentine’s Day treats to prepare. That wouldn’t be so bad, if I wasn’t such an over achiever.  Or if I could just stick to taping a lollipop to a store bought card and sending everyone on their way.  Not that I haven’t done that before, but that’s not the plan for this year.  Plus it’s my youngest daughters first year in Kindergarten.  I have to put in a little work.    So, I decided to make some printable Valentine’s Day Cards of my own that I could personalize to accompany the treats.   And, while doing that I thought of you guys.  So I came up with 4 printable cards from which you can pick.

You Color My World Coloring Sheet Kid’s Valentine’s Day Card

You Make My Heart Beat

You’re My BFF

Butterfly Love

Looking for some Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas — Check Out Our Valentine’s Day Pinterest Board.

Three… Two… One… A Friday Series No.4

321 Friday Fun

Three Blogs:

Dimples and Tangles

Sarah’s Heart

Inspired by Charm


Photo Source: 1 2 3

Two Faves:

VTech Kidizoom Smartwartch

Wolfgang Puck Pressure Cooker


Photo Source : 1 2

One Freebie:

This week’s freebie is in Honor of Grandparent’s Day.  Celebrate with these  #betterthanyours Grandparent’s Day Printables and let “The Grands” know just how special they are.  Click the Link below to Download and Print.

Download Your Free #betterthanyours Grandparent's Day Printable

My Grandma

My Grandpa

My Grandparents

Read any Great Blogs or Fell in Love with any Must Have Products?  Share them with us in the comment section below. Have an Amazing Weekend!!

Three…. Two…. One …..

Three Blogs Two Faves One Freebie - A Weekly Post on

Today is the Start of a New Series that we will be featuring every Friday right here.  Three Blogs Two Faves One Freebie.

Three Blogs:

Three Blogs Two Faves One Freebie - A Weekly Post on

Photo Sources (Associated by Numbers)

1.  The Lettered Cottage

2.  Tiffani Thiessen

3.  Knock Off Decor

Two Faves:
Three Blogs Two Faves One Freebie - A Weekly Post on

Photo Sources (Associated by Numbers)

KeySmart 2.0

Mochi Things Large Better Together Sailor Pattern Pouch

One Freebie:

Freebie Friday Frog - #freebiefriday #freedownload

The Little Frog – To Download – Follow the Link – Right Click – Save and Print

Have an Awesome Weekend!!

Fun Friday: What’s In Your Glass?

Whats In Your Glass It’s National Tequila Day and it’s Friday.  Those two things sound like fun to me.  There are so many yummy cocktail recipes with tequila as the staple ingredient.  And, believe it or not tequila is no longer just for drinks. After doing some research I literally found 200+ Tequila Recipes.  These three made the top of my list.

Windy Kitchen’s Slow Cooker Tequila Lime Chili

Martha Stewart’s Tequila-Soaked Watermelon Wedges

All Recipe’s Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Recipes

Photo Source: 1 2 3

This week’s Freebie Friday: A Printable Drink Card

Freebie Friday - Printable Drink Card

What is your favorite Tequila Cocktail or Recipe?

Shop with Stage Presents for Father’s Day!!

Vintage Wooden Toy Car - fathers day blog

Let us help you celebrate Dad this year?  Our Stage Presents Etsy Shop has something for everyone.  Check out some of the items in our shop that have been Father’s Day Approved.

Pillows for Dad

Pillows for Dad

Decorate for Dad with Printables

Decorate for Dad with Printables

Posters for Dad

Posters for Dad

“Any man can be a father, but it take’s a someone very special to be a DAD.”

Update on my Summer Goals

Summer Goals Update As expected keeping up with my blogging while the kids are at home can prove to be challenging.  But, so far I have managed to maintain.  So, I thought I would drop in to let you know how I am doing with my Summer Goals that I wrote about here.

1.  Reading for Fun.  Well, I actually checked out two physical books from the Library.  It has been forever since I read a physical book.  I figured that the real book would keep me from being distracted by all the buzzing, and beeping going on while reading on the iPad.  That hasn’t really gone too well.  I have already had to renew the books once, and I am literally on page 89 of the first book.  Hmmm…. I am honestly struggling with just giving up on that one and moving on to the other book.  Blah!! Once I get through these two I am going o start on this Reading List.  Maybe it will be a little easier.

2.  Handwritten Cards & Letters.  I still have not done this one yet.  But… I did order Personalized Photo Father’s Day Cards for the girls to give to Hubby, does that count?  Interested in doing this too, check out the Card Store.

3.  Connect with Family & Friends.  I did good on this one.  One of my oldest friends and her Mom came into town, and I was able to go and hang out with them for a couple of hours, without the kids.  That is major!!

4.  Romantic and Mushy TV – I watched the Fault in Our Stars which I loved.  Still working my way down the list…  Anyone have any suggestions for me?

5.  Trying new Recipes with the Kids – Check Us Out Making Memories in the Kitchen.

6.  DIY Projects – During the winter I bought an old Lazy Suzan, it was wood adjacent, lol, well I thought it was real wood when I bought it.  Once I started sanding it, I realized that wasn’t the case.  But, after applying several coats of paint, it almost looks usable.  I plan to put it on my kitchen table, to hold napkins, etc. etc. (Pics to Follows)

7.  In preparation for the Fairs we plan to attend in the Fall, we have been stocking our Etsy Store with Printables.  Right now they are digital, but we plan to offer the Physical Prints when selling in person, and hope to add this to the Etsy Store as well.  I am still hunting for a good printer in the Metro Atlanta Area.

Stage Presents Printables

Even though it really feels like it has been a while.  We are really only in the second week of Summer Break.  What are your Summer Goals for this year, consider leaving it in the comment section below?

Fun Friday – All About V-Day!!

Free Valentine's Day Pencil Tag #valentinesday #valentinesdaygift #valentinesdayideas

Wow, did this week fly by for anyone else but me?  Today’s Fun Friday is ALL about Valentine’s Day!!

Do you miss those days when it was just the two of you?  But, that just isn’t the case anymore, now that you have little people running around, who seem to be sapping your romantic flow.  But, you want your guy to know that he is still #1 in your book.  No matter how tired you may be.

Most men are simple.  And, most men don’t really give a hoot about Valentine’s Day.  Even still, you care, so make sure he knows that you do too.  Keep in Mind, that this year Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday (what a treat). So, you have the whole day to make your love feel special.

Here are a few Quick & Hopefully Not Too Dirty Ideas:

Start with Breakfast — In Bed or Out (your choice)

It doesn’t have to be anything GRAND, you know your guy. Add a Sweet Card, a Love Note, or even an IOU (for later fun).  Running low on time in the morning, consider prepping your guys breakfast the night before.

Breakfast in Bed for Valentine's Day

Babysitter or Not –

Can you get a baby sitter to stay with the kids so you can have some alone time? What works better for your family?  Are you going to hit the movies with your honey during the day, or are you going to make it an official date night and don the heels and flirty dress??  Whatever you do, make sure the plan is put in place long before that weekend.  Remember reservations are nearly impossible to get around this time of year.

Of course, if a Baby Sitter is not an option for you, then you have to either plan V-Day around the kiddies, or include them.  When my oldest daughter was much younger, we both dressed up one year and had dinner with my hubby.  It was super sweet and we all enjoyed sitting at the table together for dinner. She enjoyed being included and making a Valentine for her Daddy.

Here are some fun ideas for sharing V-day with your little ones, that I found around the web.

12 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Kids

4 Sweet Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Kids

To Dine –

If you are lucky, maybe you are one the of the couples who manage to get time alone, reserve your table far enough in advance, and are dressed to impressed for a Night On the Town.  Leave everything else on the back shelf for the night.  You have pulled off a major coup!!  Make tonight only about YOUR LOVE.  No talk of work, daycare, or diapers.  Relax and Enjoy Each Other.

Every Day is Special with the One You Love, but Valentine’s day should be even SWEETER.

V-Day Stories –

Sad Valentine's Day Story

Funny Valentine's Day Story And, if you got all the way through this post, Good For You!!

So as promised, here is your Free Valentine’s Day Pencil Tag (PDF File) with instructions.  Click to Download and Enjoy!!

Valentine's Day Pencil Tags

A Facelift & lots of New Additions to The Blog



I am still riding the Start of a New Year Wave over here.  The good thing about that is that it serves as a kind of adrenaline, ideas have just been pouring out of my brain, and on to the pages of my planner.  I have been working hard at giving the page a cleaner, streamlined look.  And, I am happy with the outcome, though I am sure you know me, I don’t stay satisfied for long so I am sure that the changes will keep coming.  At the end of last year we announced that we were adding the option to Subscribe to the Stage Presents Blog for exclusive material. This year we plan to add many and varied items to that section, starting with Free Printables, that you can use to decorate your home, create photo gallery walls, and even use on your devices and or desktop.  I am sure that the list will expand as the year goes on and as it does, we will let you know.

In addition to that, I plan to add a lot of great content to the blog this year, as well as sharing information about Our Etsy Store, our design process, and our little corner of the world.

To give you just a glimpse of the kind of items that you can expect to get access to after Subscribing to the Blog.  Enjoy this free download!! Right Click and Save.


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Halloween Round Up 2014

Ready for some Ghoulish Awesomeness!! 18 Days Until Halloween!!


There are so many amazing Free Printables and Party Favors this time of year. Here are some of the ones that I have found (that are actually free).  I hate those not really FREE LINKS.  These Links will take you directly to the source.

Countdown Calendar with Candy Corn Pieces courtesy of Yellow Bliss Road Halloween Countdown free printable title

Halloween Lollipop Holders/Gift Tags and Gift Wrap courtesy of Living Locurto


3-D Halloween Bat Banner courtesy of the celebration shoppe



Trick or Treat Party Boxes courtesy of Bird’s Party Blog

hal boxes blog hop 026


I saved the best for LAST!! I admit that this is the first year that I have heard of the Boo’d Phenomenon.  But, I thought it was truly adorable.  Here’s how it works.  You and your kids pack up a bucket, or bag with lots of Great Halloween Treats, and Leave it on your Neighbor’s Door Step, unbeknownst to them. Now, originally I think you were supposed to ring the door bell and run, but that’s not such a popular thing to do these days.  So, I say, use your discretion, lol.  Along with the treats, you provide them with some quick directions and an explanation and it’s up to them to keep the FUN going!!

Boo’d Banner and Boo’d Game courtesy of Classy Clutter



My oldest (18), was a really big fan of Halloween, probably a lot longer than he should have been, lol.  The little ones, not soo much, they still find it scary, but I thought this is something cute, I could do with them.  At least, it would make Halloween a little less grueling.  But, I am not sure how hubby is going to feel about that.  The bottom line is that all these Holidays are just about making fun memories and spending time with your family.  So get out there and enjoy them, while they still let you!! (smile)

And …. We’re Live!! – Restricted Members Only Content


Many of you have noticed that there were some Cosmetic Changes happening on the Site, yesterday.  That is because we were going through the process of creating a Members Only Section.  If you sign up to become a member of our Blog, you will have access to Exclusive Content.  I believe that everything is working as it should.  However,  please excuse the changes, as we work out all kinks.

We Appreciate your Understanding and Your Patience.

In the meantime and in between time,  Register for your FREE Membership and take Advantage of our Exclusive Fall Printables!!