Maintaining Order

maintaining-order-host-image When Sheree reached out to me to be a guest blogger, I was excited because I love to talk about organization and can talk about it for hours. I hope that the tips I provide for you today resonate with you enough to make real change within your space or home and most importantly to be intentional behind the act.

Recently, I completed an Instagram organizing challenge to motivate individuals to let go of items so that they could organize specific areas for 15 minutes. But Instagram only provides a limited amount of space to share content so I thought this would be the perfect time to expound on those tips plus more. Now you may be thinking, that it’s not possible to get organized within 15 minutes but it is! After you purge items, you feel lighter and motivated to continue organizing and that was the ultimate goal of the 15 minute organizing challenge. The challenge also shed light on the areas that tend to be overlooked when it comes to organizing and items that no longer serve a purpose.

I totally understand that we are busy, busy people who are juggling a lot – work, school, family, personal relationships and most importantly the relationship with ourselves. But through it all we have to maintain order to make it through our daily routines. So, I wanted to share four items and spaces that you can purge and then organize – restoring order to your home or space that will make you feel lighter and serve as motivation to organize more thoroughly.


About two weeks ago, I was helping my client purge through their items which isn’t the most favorite thing to do when it comes to organizing but it’s so necessary. It doesn’t make sense to continue to throw items from one box to the next and call it organizing because it isn’t. Purging and letting go of items an essential step that must be done before organizing. So, as we’re sorting through their personal items, I could notice a shift in their movement because they started to quickly identify items that they no longer needed and deemed suitable to purge. Afterwards, they said, “I feel so much lighter – like I was shedding so many layers” and that right there was music to my ears. I try to teach my clients that they have the power over their belongings and not the other way around. It’s ok to purge items that are no longer purposeful. But then the million dollar statement arises, “but this was a gift!” Well, I’m sure the person who gifted you the item intended for you to find the item purposeful and not have the gift collect dust in a box or a closet. This is why it’s important to purge and purging for 15 minutes is a great way to build up momentum and then prompt you to organize because you feel lighter and motivated afterwards.

Here are items and areas that I suggest purging for 15 minutes:

Car Trunk

Many times we throw items inside the trunk of our car only to say, “I will come back and get that later” and unfortunately, later turns into never. Have you ever opened your trunk only to say, “oh that’s where that was – I’ve been looking for that” or have had to push things out of the way to make room for what really belongs in the trunk? Then a purge is needed. I suggest going through the trunk of your car and identify items that truly belong in the trunk, items that need to be discarded and items that need to be stored in another designated space. Once you purge then I suggest, getting a trunk organizer which can prevent clutter from forming again because there are spaces to store items. I purchased mine from The Container Store and I never have to worry about a junky car trunk. The trunk should have items that you need to access for emergencies like:

-jumper cables

-blanket and water

-first aid kit



Photo Source: The Container Store

Pens & Markers

I recently purged a cup that I was using to store pens and markers. When I was watching television and relaxing, I took a blank piece of paper and dribbled on the paper with each pen and marker. This task literally took me anywhere between 7-10 minutes to determine which ones were still functional and which ones were not – threw away the dried up pens and markers and kept the ones that still worked. Simple! I felt lighter and didn’t miss a beat of relaxing and watching television. A simple purging task like this one, can leave you feeling accomplished. Remember purging doesn’t always have to be viewed as being overwhelming because as you can see, even the smallest of items like a cup holding writing tools can build up. I encourage you to go through those pens and markers and purge! And let’s be honest, how many times have you experiences reaching for a pen or marker only to discover that it has dried up and then you have to search through for one that works? You just wasted a solid 5 minutes right there so purging and then organizing those pens and markers will save you time in the end. Save yourself the hassle.

Make Up /Nail Polish

As a woman, I absolutely love dressing up and going out with my friends for a girls night out. We all know that presentation is everything so besides selecting an outfit adorning your face with makeup is also a part of completing the look. But just like the cup of pens and markers, you can experience make-up clutter as well. Have you ever been dressed up and ready to head out and went to put on your favorite lipstick but only to discover that it’s barely any left? Now, I don’t mean to be dramatic but that’s a disappointing feeling to look forward to using something and it not be there. This could have easily been resolved if the make-up was purged, allowing you to take inventory of what you need to re-stock up on and what needs to be thrown out. So go through your make-up and determine what’s essential to hold onto and what can be discarded. Our make-up can definitely accumulate at a quick pace and get out of control and I also believe it’s overlooked when it comes to organizing. Once you have purged and organized the make-up you intend to keep then consider using acrylic organizers. I have one for my make-up and one for my nail polish. It’s a great way to contain your items in a chic but organized manner and your make-up is easily accessible.


Photo Source: Target

Photo Source: Target


Photo Credit: SoleOrganizer

Kids Play Room

The playroom for the kids is just that a room for the kids to let loose and have fun. But as time goes on, the toys begin to overflow from the safety of the storage bins which is a clear indicator that a purge must take place. So, take time to purge through the toys and determine if there are toys that are broken, toys that the kids don’t play with as much and which toys they still find enjoyable. Now it may be hard to let go because of sentimental value but consider donating to other children who aren’t as fortunate. We have to do away with the mentality of holding onto items that aren’t useful and kids are always on to the next best thing.

These purging tasks are meant to de-clutter your space and restore order. But you will also “shed layers” as my client said which will make you feel lighter. You’re letting go of unnecessary items to make room for things that are purposeful and needed. When you purge and then organize, you are creating a foundation which should be solid and should last which is why 15 minutes of purging then organizing to is a great reminder.

I would love to hear about it how lighter you feel after purging! If you need some guidance, I have created a purging checklist to guide you through the purging process which can be downloaded here. Be sure to head to the website to get access to the “Soleful Resource Library” which contains printables + checklists to help you stay on task and organized. Remember that, “being organized is a lifestyle and not a chore”.

You can also find Sole Organizer Here:







SoleOrganizer offers a functional and creative approach to organizing for individuals who are ready to get organized but most importantly stay organized. Nowadays it has become more frequent. to not be able to enjoy the things we once did or even just have the time to relax because our spaces are consumed by clutter.

SoleOrganizer teaches individuals how to restore order back to their lives by educating individuals on letting go of the non-essential items and implement functional systems that will acquire simplicity.

Getting & Keeping My Creative Juices Flowing

Getting and Keeping My Creative Juices Flowing

I am the first to say that I think everyone’s creative process is different.  But, there are some basic elements that are pretty universal.  Here are my go to’s to get it cranking…


For me, this is  the biggest component.  In fact, I dare say that all of the other things that I will list are going to fall into this category.

  1.  A Clean and Organized Space is A Must for Me.  Why?  Because I am easily, easily distracted.  A Messy Space for me means that I must clean it up.  Oh and organize it, before I can start on whatever task is at hand.  This is why it really is better for me to keep my space clean or nothing is getting done.  It’s a Cluster… You know the rest.
  2.  Coffee, Coffee, Coffee and More Coffee.  I do love coffee and it tends to focus me.  But, I am trying my best to cut down.  So I try to keep it under 2 cups a day and most days I succeed.  Of course with fall coming, I tend to consume much more.
  3.  A Plan.  I know here I go, list, list list.  I love a list, but I may love a plan more.  Having a plan in place the night before means that I have a measurable task list.  I have finally accepted that I don’t have but so much time in every day and week.  So making more manageable daily and weekly goals is paramount to my success. {Enter My Planner Addiction]
  4.  Music.  IS E-V-E-R-Y-THANG?  It makes the most mundane task seems less mundane, by making it a desk dance party.  And, for the more thought provoking work or things that I need to focus my attention I choose more soothing types of music.  If you were to go through my iTunes playlist, I think you would be surprised to find everything from Classical to Heavy Metal.
  5.  Checks and Balances  Almost as important as a plan is having a way to make sure that the plan is working.    For me, with blogging and our Etsy Store, this is strictly a numbers game.   It is about making sure that what we put out in terms of an advertising and marketing budget is worth it and still allows us to garner a profit.  This is also part of the reason that our store is ever changing as the market is ever changing.
  6.  Time for Mindless Browsing.  Now, I don’t think it’s mindless browsing, but if you were to saunter by my desk, you may think so.  But, my favorite way to move pass being blocked and spark some creativity ranges from Pinterest and Instagram, to ZGallerie and Pier 1 Catalogs.  And, I can’t forget my favorite magazines, Real Simple and Domino Magazine.

How do you get your creative juices flowing? I’d love to hear what your tips are for getting productive and staying that way.



Prepping for College and Dorm Life - Washable Linen Must Haves -


And we are back for Part Two of Our Getting Ready for College and Dorm Life Series.  Last time we covered the Small Appliances that would get you through your Dorm Years, for Part Two, we are covering pretty much anything that you can throw in the washing machine that isn’t clothing.

Prepping for College and Dorm Life - Washable Linen Must Haves -

Now, I know that you are probably thinking, duh, this is all Common Sense. Well, yes… and no.  This is where quality comes into play.  I am pretty sure that you are not going to want to spring for most of these things several times over the next four years, even if you end up moving out of the dorms and into your own apartment.  So what that means is that you shouldn’t skimp on the Quality and or the Quantity.

When purchasing linens of any kind of linens, don’t skimp.  Your sheets should be the highest thread count that you can manage and your towels should be the plushest.  Now, if you are like most college students and you like to try new things.  Buy at least one set of towels that you don’t mind if they get ruined by hair dye, or whatever other spills you may encounter through the years.  So, if by chance they don’t return to their original color, no harm no foul.  When purchasing a comforter set for college, you may want to coordinate with your room mate on colors, if you are so inclined.  I say choose the one with as many pieces as you can.  And, if it can be reversible even better, that way you don’t get tired of looking at the same pattern over and over.  The better the quality the less time you will have to spend  ironing and or steaming it. Get Our Take On More  Things You Don’t Skimp On Here.

I am sure that you probably don’t want to think about how many people have slept on that mattress before you.  I get the “Heebie Jeebies” just thinking about it.  So to protect your piece of mind and allow you to sleep at night.  Bring lots of protection. (Not that kind of protection, well that kind of protection too.)  I recommend a mattress protector that zips up.  If you are OCD like me, buy two.  Then a Mattress Pad that can transform your current accommodations to 5 star status, or at least one good enough that you can trick yourself into believing it.

I won’t lie to you this probably won’t be cheap.  But, like I said if you do it right, you shouldn’t have to do it again.  Also, if you can make it through the Fall Semester with a minimal amount of these items.  January is always WHITE SALE time and a good time to stock up.

If you are working your way down your list, I hope that you are feeling more and more prepared for the next chapter.  Can you think of something that I didn’t include?  Share it with us in the comments section below.

Prepping for College and Dorm Life PART 1

Prepping for College and Dorm Life


Graduation Season is coming to an end.  I still can’t believe how quickly the 2015-2016 School Year went?  It’s the closing of one chapter and the beginning  of another.  So it seemed like the perfect time  to start Our Getting Ready for College and Dorm Life Series.

Back to school shopping has always been a big part of prepping for the new year.  Only this year in addition to school supplies and clothing, if you are off to college, your list is gonna be a bit bulkier.  So rather than wait, let’s get started.

Dorm Rooms tend to be a considerably smaller space than you are used to working with.  Even if you had your own room, chances are that you didn’t have to confine everything you owned into one tiny area.  So now, not only are you sharing a room but your square footage has greatly diminished.

If I could offer a teeny bit of advice, if at all possible coordinate and commiserate with your room mate.  It’s no use wasting valuable real estate by having duplicates of the same item.  Unless of course, you are a germ-a-phobe and you already know that sharing just isn’t gong to work for you.  And, if that is the case, I am not sure that the dorm experience is one that you are going to enjoy.

One of the things that I missed the most when I went off to college were the comforts of home, and Mom’s home cooking.  So although you probably won’t be whipping up any gourmet meals in your room, having options makes all the difference.   After all there will be days when you don’t make it to the cafeteria in time or you just want a late night snack.

Here’s our list of Small Kitchen Appliance Must Haves for Your Dorm Room.

Small Appliances for Your Dorm Room

Photo Sources: Bed Bath & Beyond

  1. Keurig® 2.0 K250 Coffee Brewing System
  2.  Hamilton Beach Electric Can Opener
  3. Koolatron BC-46SS 1.7 cu. ft. Kool Compressor Compact Refrigerator
  4. Hamilton Beach® 6-Slice Toaster Oven
  5. Oster® 1.1-Cubic Foot Digital Microwave Oven

Stay Tuned for Next Weeks  “Must Haves”.


Three… Two… One… A Friday Series No.7

Three.. Two... One...Three Blogs We Love, Two Faves We Like And A Freebie - A Friday Series

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you know that this week was a hectic one for me.  So this Friday Series post is actually being posted on Saturday.  Please forgive me.  Migraines and Blogging don’t mix.  I am just coming out on the other side.  This is my favorite time of year, so I know that I have been immersed in all things Fall.  But, trust me, it’s GOOD EYE CANDY.  Our 2015 Fall Tour is going to hit the blog sometime this week, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, enjoy our Three.. Two… One… Friday Series Post.


Three Blogs:

Driven by Decor

Love Grows Wild

Dreamy Wedding Ideas


Three.. Two... One...THREE BLOGS We Love, Two Faves We Like And A Freebie

Photo Sources: 1 2 3

Two Faves:

Blue Lounge Mini Dock

Spoon Pot Clip

Three.. Two... One...Three Blogs We Love, TWO FAVES We Like And A Freebie

Photo Sources: 1 2 

One Freebie:

Three.. Two... One...Freebie Friday - Fall Printable - White and Gold Leaves

Golden Leaves –  Click the Link to Download Save and Print.

If you use this printable to decorate your home from fall tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #stagepresents.  So we can see where it landed.

Enjoy your Freebie and Have An Awesome Weekend.

#freebiefriday Mom We’re Out of … Shopping List

Are you tired of going to the Refrigerator or Pantry and realizing that you are out of ……?   It can’t be all that difficult for your family to tell you when they have finished the last of whatever it is.  But, somehow it still keeps happening.   If this scenario sounds familiar today’s #freebiefriday is for you.  Download your FREE Mom We’re Out Of Shopping List here 5×7 or 8×10.
Mom We're Out - Grocery List

Happy Friday!! Enjoy The Weekend.