Our Christmas Home Tour

Our Christmas Home Tour 1 of 3

Our Christmas Home Tour 2 of 3

Our Christmas Home Tour 3 of 3

Come On In, and Welcome to this year’s Christmas Home Tour.  This year we stuck to the traditional Christmas Colors and just added some Buffalo Check and Gold, to our color scheme.

Things I purchased to make this year’s Christmas Look Complete:

  • A Christmas Wreath
  • New Christmas Stockings
  • 2 Yards of Buffalo Check Fabric
  • Buffalo Check Wrapping Paper

Simple DIY’s:  

  • I used the Buffalo Check Fabric to Cover Existing Ornaments that we already had to add a more rustic, yet defined, look to our  Real Tree.
  • I also used the same Buffalo Check Fabric to Complete my Table Setting, by just adding a Pop of Color that I used to marry both rooms (Living Room flows into the Dining Room)
  • Kitchen Centerpiece (1) was made from Mini Apple Vase Fillers that I already had at home and Green Moss balls to add a little More Red and Green to the space.
  • Kitchen Centerpiece (2) was made from Lemons and Little Mini Red Ornaments, for yet another Festive Look.
  • Outdoors/Front Porch.  I stained the (2) crates that we used in our Fall Display to sit our Outdoor Lighted Christmas Trees, and added Fire Wood to add some warmth.

Thanks for stopping by, and now I am off to enjoy the rest of my Holiday Season with my family.   Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night.

Christmas Greeting

Our 2017 Fall Home Tour

Fall Home Tour 2017

It was my intention to have this year’s Fall Home Tour posted by the first day of Autumn, but life happened, and I had to settle on getting it done before the Time Change.  That being said, my home is finally all decorated for fall and Visitor Ready.  So come on in and look around.

Fall Home Tour 2017: Front Porch

Not to toot my own horn, but I think that I am finally getting the hang of re-using things we already have in a new way.  Believe it or not that makes decorating that much easier.  This year the list of things that I purchased were minimal.  For the front porch, I bought a new wreath on sale for 60% off at Joann’s and (2) unfinished wooden crates.

Fall Home Tour 2017 : Foyer

In the foyer, I simply changed out the Fall Printable, with one from Our Etsy Store, and added some leaf votive candle holders, fall flowers and a ceramic pumpkin.

Fall Home Tour 2017 : Formal Living Room

In the Formal Living Room, I purchased a few mini Pumpkin and Gourd Vase Fillers and threw them in with Pine Cones and Fall Leaves from previous year’s decor, and surrounded the basket with Salt and Pepper Acorn Shakers.

Fall Home Tour 2017 : Fall Tablescape

The only thing new in this year’s Tablescape were the Velvet Fabric Pumpkins I found at Joann’s for 40% off.

Fall Home Tour 2017 : Centerpiece on the Side Buffet

A fun centerpiece for the Side Buffet using a Fall Bouquet and some mini apple vase fillers.

Fall Home Tour 2017: Mantel Decor

Fall Home Tour 2017 : The Family Room

Our Family Room is where we spend most of our time together, I did the least in this room.  Just a few simple touches here and there, the Football Fall Wood Accent over the fireplace, the pumpkins in the Dough Bowl and the super plush Football Throw that I picked up at Hobby Lobby.

I hope you enjoyed this year’s Fall Home Tour.  How do you decorate for the season?  I’d love to hear all about it.  Feel free to share in the comment section below.

Our 2017 Spring Home Tour

2017 Spring Home Tour - www.stage-presents.com Welcome to Our 2017 Spring Home Tour.  I am always excited to invite you guys in to see the little changes that we have made through out the year.  I think that maybe I should admit that I just love seasonal decorating.  Even though I claim that Fall is my favorite season, and it is.  I had just as much fun decorating for Spring this year. We had a particularly mild winter,  but there is just something exhilarating about seeing all the fresh blooms popping up out the ground and knowing that the summer is on its way.

I don’t  go nearly as hard with my Spring decor.  I just try to add some color where ever I can.  In the front foyer, I simply changed out the flowers in my vase, and put a new Spring Printable in a frame.  Then, I added some fresh blooms to my Vintage Picnic Basket, and some Easter Eggs to the Wood Truck, for good measure.

2017 Spring Home Tour - Foyer - www.stage-presents.com

The Family Room had been long overdue for a refresh.  So last year, we purchased a new sofa and love seat.  Then, we decided that the mantel could use a change too.  I am not sure that I would say this was definitely Spring Decor.  But, the blues and greens tie in with the changes sprinkled all around the house.

2017 Spring Home Tour - Family Room Mantel Update - www.stage-presents.com

Our Spring Tablescape was very simple this year. I opted to use a lot of natural elements from the Wood Chargers to the Green Moss bunnies and the Egg Shell vases.  Even though it was probably the easiest tablescape I have done thus far.  I really love the way that it turned out.

2017 Spring Home Tour - Formal Living Room Tablescape - www.stage-presents.com 2017 Spring Home Tour - Formal Living Room Tablescape - www.stage-presents.com

In the kitchen, I didn’t do much.  Pulled out the Spring Kitchen Towels and I used two different cake plates and a Egg Wreath to create a Cloche Effect and a Centerpiece for the Island.


So there you have it. I truly love decorating our home.  And, lately I have found a lot of pleasure in using things we already have in our home to create new and interesting looks.   Hope you enjoyed your visit.  What are your favorite ways to decorate for Spring?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Our 2016 Christmas Home Tour

2016 Christmas Home Tour Front Door

2016 Christmas Home Tour Front Door

2016 Christmas Home Tour Front Hallway

2016 Christmas Home Tour Front Hallway1

2016 Christmas Home Tour Mantel

Every room in the house gets decorated with  traditional Christmas Colors, except for the Formal Living and Dining Room.  This year I added some Christmas Plaid and Buffalo Check just to introduce a new element.  You can see it in the printable by the front door and weaved into the Garland over the Mantle. I also added a Vintage Lantern I bought to sell in my Etsy Store, but decided to hold on to.  I loved the feel of it.  I must gush about the new piece I got to go in the foyer.  It is not a Christmas decoration at all.  But, what a find at Hobby Lobby!!  Do you spy it?  “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

2016 Christmas Home Tour Christmas Tree

2016 Christmas Home Tour Coffee Table Centerpiece

2016 Christmas Home Tour Side Buffet

2016 Christmas Home Tour Tablescape

2016 Christmas Home Tour Dining Room and Living Room

Purple and Gold have been part of my color scheme for the last Couple of Christmases with other colors  mixed in there.  This year I just used Purple and Gold.  I loved the way it came out.  The purple poinsettias in the Christmas tree were part of my tablescape some years back.  And, I added them to the tree for an updated and more professionally decorated look, or at least that is what I told myself.

I have an announcement, Christmas is my favorite time of year.  No duh, right.  But, honestly there is soo much ugly in the world.  I relish the opportunity each year to bring some of the magic inside for my family. There will be more than enough years of serious life ahead of them, but during Christmas my main focus is joy – joy – joy.  This year, I tried my hardest not to purchase any NEW Christmas decorations.  And, I did really well.  I literally only purchased a new Tree Skirt for the real tree in the Formal Living Room, and some Festive little plates for the Tablescape.  Everything else I used were things that I already had.  I tried to use them in a new way or change where I put them around the house, but that was about it.

Can you believe 2016 is really pretty much over?  And, I for one am pretty much over it.  So Merry Christmas to All and to All A Fantabulous Holiday Season  from Our Home to Yours.


Our 2016 Fall Home Tour

Stage Presents 2016 Fall Home Tour Hero Image - stage-presents.com

Welcome to the Our 2016 Fall Home Tour. This year virtually flew by for me.  I can’t believe it’s already time for another Fall Home Tour.  This year I happened to be working while trying to get everything together for the Season, which had its own set of challenges. And, I charged myself with trying to reuse as much of the past seasons décor but in different ways and or in different areas of the house.  For the most part, I was able to do that with just a few additions here and there.

Stage Presents 2016 Fall Home Tour Foyer - stage-presents.com

Stage Presents 2016 Fall Home Tour - Formal Living Room - stage-presents.com

Stage Presents 2016 Fall Home Tour Tablescape - Formal Dining Room - stage-presents.com Stage Presents 2016 Fall Home Tour Tablescape - Formal Dining Room - stage-presents.com

The Exterior of the House

Decorating the outside of the house/front porch area was a lot of fun for me this year.  Mostly, because I was able to use all  the decorations from last year. The only new purchases were our Pumpkin Door Mat and (2) bales of hay from Walmart.

The Formal Living Room – 

The formal living room is the least used room in our entire house, but since it extends into the Formal Dining Room, I can’t get away with decorating one room and not the other.  I was able to reuse a wreath from last year and a lamp that we bought last year.  We added some seasonal pillows with pops of orange to the couch and I think it tied the whole look together.

The Formal Dining Room – 

As always the Formal Dining Room is where we do the most decorating.  The table centerpiece is always the point of most contention.  Whenever the season starts, [in my mind],  I have already narrowed down the look I am going for.  However, that rarely works out the way that I think it will.  This year was no different, I put together what seemed like an easy look and I sent hubby on a mission to find me deer antlers.  He accepted the challenge and brought them back, but somehow we just couldn’t make it look like it did in our heads.  So then I went to Walmart and bought these Better Home and Gardens Acacia Wood Bark Chargers,  (Click the Link for Pictures), and some pumpkins.  At this point, I still wasn’t sure about what I wanted everything to look like, but, I knew that I wanted the table to have different dimensions.  I wish I could show you pics of the mess, when I laid all of this out on the table.  After shaking my head one too many times, I called in the hubby for reinforcements or maybe it was for a rescue mission.  I fiddled with a few things and told him what I was looking for and he waved his magic wand and our Centerpiece was complete.  The Fall Leaf Garland, was something that we already had, we used the Acacia Chargers to give the Pumpkin in Our Centerpiece some height.  I picked up the leaf candle holders and the Acorn Salt and Pepper Shakers from Family Dollar and all together it created this year’s Fall Tablescape.

Every year, I learn more and more about my husband from the strangest things.  This is no different.  I am pretty sure he could care less about the house being decorated for the seasons or Tablescapes, and Centerpieces, but he knows that it makes me happy.  And, even though he probably would never admit it, he subscribes to the concept of Happy Wife, Happy Life.  And, though I consider myself to be a creative person, what we do together far surpasses anything we do apart.  So I dedicate this post and this year’s Fall Home Tour to Mr. Stage without whom things just wouldn’t go the way that they do.  Well, that’s the mushy part of this post.  If you haven’t gagged yet, lol.  Thanks for coming on over!!  We loved having you!!  See you next year.

Stage Presents 2016 Fall Home Tour Tablescape Close Up - stage-presents.com


Our 2015 Christmas Home Tour

Christmas Home Tour 2015 | Stage Presents | DIY Ideas and Christmas Decor

It’s that time again.  Can you believe that this is our Third Christmas Home Tour?  The years are flying by so quickly and the kids are getting bigger and bigger, and by default, I am not getting any younger either.  But, the one thing that remains the same is my Love for this Time of The Year. It’s not Christmas unless you are throwing a little red and green around.  And, as far as the little ones are concerned the Kid’s Tree and everything surrounding it should be flocked in traditional hues.  And, I am ok with that.  Because as much as I literally live for the Real Tree in my formal living room, my heart strings are permanently attached to the Kid’s Tree.  It is literally stock full of memories of Christmas past.  The hallway leading into the Family Room and the Kid’s Tree and the Mantel are always very conventional.

Christmas Home Tour 2015 | Front Foyer | Stage Presents | DIY Ideas and Christmas Decor

Christmas Home Tour 2015 |Front Hallway | Stage Presents | DIY Ideas and Christmas Decor

Christmas Home Tour 2015 | Kid's Tree | Stage Presents | DIY Ideas and Christmas Decor

Christmas Home Tour 2015 | Mantel | Stage Presents | DIY Ideas and Christmas Decor

This year I introduced gold as our new accent color for the Formal  Living and Dining Room, while holding on to most of the color scheme from last year.  Since, I decorated for Fall this year, when Christmas time came my creative brain was pretty fried.  I had no idea in what direction I wanted to go this year.  However, I really loved how these two rooms turned out this year.  We purchased the large Gold bowl on the table from Home Goods and the pears and apples we got from their as well.  The purple napkins we scored last year from Bed Bath and Beyond and used them again this year.  We also scored the table mats from Home Goods and believe it or not the chargers came from the Dollar Store.  As you can see, the Gold literally carries through all the way to this years tree.

Christmas Home Tour 2015 | Centerpiece | Stage Presents | DIY Ideas and Christmas Decor

Christmas Home Tour 2015 | Tablescape | Stage Presents | DIY Ideas and Christmas Decor

Christmas Home Tour 2015 | View of Borth LR and DR | Stage Presents | DIY Ideas and Christmas Decor

Christmas Home Tour 2015 | Decorator's Tree | Stage Presents | DIY Ideas and Christmas Decor

Happy Holidays from Our Family to Yours!!


Our 2015 Fall Home Tour

Welcome to Our 2015 Fall Home Tour - stage-presents.com

Come on In, and Welcome to Our 2015 Fall  Home Tour. It’s no big secret that I love fall.  I enjoy decorating my home for the season almost as much.  The Traditional Fall Color Palette truly speaks to my spirit, each and every year.  It has become a more fulfilling experience now that I have enlisted the help of my dear husband.  This year more than any other, he was an active participant in the vision behind Our Fall Home.

2015 Fall Home Tour - Front Foyer - stage-presents.com

This little table sits in our Front Foyer.  It changes with the seasons.  I kept it very simple, and added One of Our Fall Printables from Our Etsy Store.

2015 Fall Home Tour - Centerpiece for Formal Living Room - stage-presents.com

If this isn’t your first time viewing one of Our Home Tours, then you know that these White Hydrangeas are always somewhere in sight.  I simply added them to a basket with orange blooms, a few pumpkins and some candles to welcome fall.  This served as the centerpiece for the coffee table in Our Formal Living Room.

2015 Fall Home Tour - Fall Tablescape - stage-presents.com

Our Formal Living Room and Dining Room feed into each other, as you can see here.  You know, the “crowning glory” of my decorated home is always my tablescape.  This year I was stumped, I really didn’t know what to do and I knew I wanted a change.  So I sent my hubby on a Home Goods Excursion.  He came back with a lot of really Good Stuff.  Thank God for his fresh eyes.

2015 Fall Home Tour - Close Up On Fall Tablescape - stage-presents.com

My favorite piece of this year’s Tablescape, is the Festive Pumpkin Wheelbarrow.  I was swooning , the minute he pulled it out the bag.

2015 Fall Home Tour - Fall Side Buffet - stage-presents.com

I am always searching for inspiration on decorating my side buffet.  I wanted the buffet to be full and for the decor to vary in height and texture.  I am very rarely pleased with my first or second look.  That was true here as well.  I won’t even show you the epic fails.  But, we finally settled on this look, and  This year’s Side Buffet is EVERYTHANG!!  Or at least we think so.  We sat the Moscow Copper Mule Mugs(an early Christmas present), on saved slices of last year’s Christmas tree.  We planned to make them into coasters, but that is still on the DIY List. Luckily for us it lent to the rustic look and feel that we were going for.  The Orange bird cages have been around for a few years, but still fit in perfectly.  The larger than life Acorn and Fabric Pumpkin were Home Good Finds.  Throw in some Fall Garland and an Orange Cake Plate and the look was complete.

2015 Fall Home Tour - Splashes of Fall In The Kitchen - stage-presents.com

Lastly, we threw some Fall Pieces into the Kitchen Just to Give it that Autumn Feel.  [Enter the Owls.]

2015 Fall Home Tour - Enter The Owls - stage-presents.com

I had hoped to post the Fall Home Tour earlier, but… well… if I must confess, the kitchen is the hardest part of my home to keep “picture perfect”.  I am sure you know that…. these pictures are not indicative of every day.

As always, it was great fun inviting you all into Our Home.  Do you decorate for each season?  What was your favorite part of Our Home Tour?

Fun Friday – The Spring 2015 Mini Home Tour

springmini This year I managed to get the house ready for Spring/Easter with a week to spare.  I am always happy when I see a plan come together.   Our Wreath from last year couldn’t be revived for another year, so I went with a simple Forsythia Wreath.  I enjoy seeing Yellow on the front door for this time of year.

image1 (22)

I switched out the Framed Printable in the Foyer for this great ‘Nest” free printable found over on On Sutton Place. image1 (24)

image2 (16)

The Idea for the Centerpiece was found on Pinterest.  Luckily, I had all the components needed here at home.  The flowers were from my wedding almost 6 years ago.  I have NEVER gotten so much use of of one item, EVER.  They have been all over my house.  Money well Spent.  The lantern was part of my Christmas Centerpiece, and the Yellow flowers, were taken from Last Year’s Spring Wreath.

image4 (8)

The Formal Living Room is where the rest of Last Year’s Wreath came to live, I took the whole thing apart and used it to bring a little life to this room, since the Color Palette in here was very muted.

image2 (15) This little bistro table is set up in our Kitchen.  It is most often just used as the Mail Table.  But, when we entertain, it is the Dessert Table.  I used another Great Framed Free Printable here that I found on Tater Tots and Jello.

image3 (11)

The last thing we changed was the Guest/Kid’s Bathroom.  I should mention that the weekend after all this change, we had Family stay with us for the weekend.  So, this was just an excuse to upgrade this space with this Great Shower Curtain, and a Plush New Mat(not pictured here.)

In case you are wondering why I called this the Mini Spring House Tour, it is because I didn’t hit every room in the house.  But, I was very pleased with the outcome and we are ready and waiting for the Pool to Open in the subdivision and for the Warm Weather to Come Pouring In.  Next Week is Spring Break here, so I will be off enjoying my little ones.  Hope you guys have a great one!!

Our Delayed 2014 Christmas Home Tour — Welcome In…

This Year’s Christmas Tour was delayed, obviously.  But, things got so busy leading up to Christmas that there honestly wasn’t enough time to post.  This years Tour will be more pictures than words.  Welcome to our Little Piece of Heaven — Enjoy!!

Our 2014 Christmas Home Tour

2014 Christmas Home Tour - Front Foyer

Kid's Tree - Decorated with Kid's Handmade Ornaments

2014 Christmas Home Tour - Holiday Mantel

2014 Christmas Home Tour - Joy In The Kitchen Window

2014 Christmas Tour - Formal Living Room - Decorator Tree & Front Door Area

2014 Christmas Home Tour - Decorator Tree + Stage Presents Exclusive Holiday Deer Pillow

Coffee In Front of The Tree - 2014 Christmas Home Tour

2014 Christmas Home Tour - Putting Gifts Out Under The Tree

Decorating brings me much joy, but decorating for the holidays brings me enjoyment on another level.  This time of year is still wrapped in magic for me, even now.  Watching the excitement on my children’s faces as the whole house comes together, and knowing that we are creating life long memories leaves me totally blissful!!  I believe that my love for decorating and this time of year, was passed on to me by my amazing mother and I only hope that it is something my kids will do with joy, for their own families years from now.  Our whole family, hubby included gets wrapped up in the excitement, of the Christmas Elf, Santa, and the real reason for the season.  I hope that you all had an amazing Holiday and wish you Only the Best for the Year to Come.

— Sheree

image1 (13)

Jumping Head First into Fall – Our Fall Home Tour

Fall Tour 2014 Hero Image

Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons.  After particularly hot summers here in Georgia, when the seasons start to change, I feel the need to bring as much warmth in doors as possible, enter my Fall Décor.

I feel that the Entry to Your Home Sets the Tone for the Entire House.  So, I normally start with my Front Door and Work My way All the Back to the Kitchen.  But, this year, I was literally chomping at the bit, to pull out the Fall Decorations.  So I started indoors, that way the neighbors wouldn’t  know how crazy I am , lol.  I had also promised my hubby, I would wait at least until September 1st, to start decorating for Fall, and that is literally how long I waited.

I started with the hardest part, the Fall Tablescape.  To me, that is the make or break it point.  All other décor  gets married to this room.  I was pretty sure that I could use most of the items that I purchased last year, but still create a different look than last years.

Here is a glimpse of last year’s décor.

2013 Fall Centerpiece


2013 Fall Tablescape

Fast Forward to this Year:

2014 Fall Tablescape found on www.stage-presents.com


2014 Fall Tablesetting found on www.stage-presents.com


Side Buffet - Decorating for Fall - www.stage-presents.com


The Burnt Orange Bird Cages were something that my hubby picked up last year, when we were trying to figure out how to style the Side Buffet and the Mantle.  Luckily, they were already the perfect color, the only thing I added to them, were some fall leaves to line the cage.  I had a rather large ceramic pumpkin, and I simply put inside my glass cake plate, and added a few fall leaves and floral accents.  Then I decorated the table with other ceramic pumpkins and gourds.  Next,  I set the table with Fall Leaf place mats I bought last year from Bed Bath & Beyond,  in brown and gold.    I used Pier 1  pear and pumpkin salt and pepper shakers from last year and large fall leaves I purchased from Joann’s Fabrics, to make the table settings pop.  And, the scripted napkins were also something that I bought last year.  So I recycled pretty much everything while creating a new and I think a better look than last year.

Next Up, was my Foyer.  It gets a facelift on a constant basis.  I change up the Art Work and Décor based on Season Changes, Birthdays, and Holidays..  After all it’s the first thing you see when you come through my front door.

Past Foyer Looks:

Fall 2013 Foyer Decor


Christmas 2013 - Foyer Decor


This Year’s Look:

Fall 2014 - Foyer Decor

My Formal Dining Room flows directly into My Formal Living Room.  I didn’t do much in this room, but change out the centerpiece, just to give the whole space a uniform look.

FullSizeRender (4)

Fall 2014 – Living Room Centerpiece found on www.stage-presents.com

Then, I carried the decorations over into the Kitchen by adding these Chalkboard Candles to the Window Sill in the Kitchen.


Fall 2014 Kitchen Window Display

Last Up, was the Front Door Area.  Here are some pics from the last two years.

2013 Fall Door

2012 Fall Door

And, finally this year!!

2014 Fall Door

Thanks for joining us on Our Fall Home Tour.  As always it’s a joy to decorate my home for my family, and to share it, with you.