The Great Escape – The She-Shed

I know I am not alone.  I am sure you have imagined what it would be like to have a space that was strictly your own, where you did not have to consider anyone but yourself.  Some might say that sounds a little selfish, but indulge me a bit.  Can you imagine what it would be like to not have to worry about Scotch Guarded couches or colors that would hide potential spills?  And to have a space where you could hear yourself think.  I can, that space is referred to as a She-Shed.  Some say its origins branch off of the man cave but I think it’s borrowed some from the tiny house craze.  Now, I ll be clear, I have no desire to have my family of 5 cramped into 1200 square feet, however delightful  But, give me 1200 feet that I can call and all mine, and we are best friends for L-I-F-E.

The more I thought about this, the more I got sucked into what such a space would look and feel like for me.  And, I quickly came up with a list of must haves.  This space would have to serve as a sanctuary for me, it would need first and foremost, A LOCK on the door.  I would want it to be a place where I could relax, but also a place where I would feel most creative.  And, so the daydream/planning began. Join me as I think up the Great Escape.

The Great Escape - She-Shed - The Bones

No matter what I am doing, from Christmas decorations to revamping a room in my own home, my starting point is always a Color Scheme.  I am one of those people that takes a lot of stock in how certain colors make me feel.  So the bones of my she shed would need neutral colors.  I find them extremely relaxing, and I also find that they lend to easy changes.

The Great Escape - She-Shed - Accent Colors

Once the bones are in place, I choose my accent colors.  If you have been a reader of this blog for a while, you know I have a certain affinity for blues and greens.  More on that here. They transport me to the ocean, and I find these colors to be soothing to my spirit.  And, with migraines being a constant in my life, anything that lends to those qualities is therapeutic for me.

The Great Escape - She-Shed - Down To Business

Last but not least, I would need to be able to get some work done in this space as well.  With everything else being of lighter hues in this space.  I would opt for darker furniture in the area designated for work.

So there you have it!! If only this were an option for me, right now.  But, for now its just a fantasy.  What would your she-shed look for?  And, what are your must haves for this space.