Making Memories In the Kitchen

Making Memories In The Kitchen Photo Source:

The goal of any Stay at Home or Work from Home Mom is to make it through the summer with her sanity in check, while still making memories with her little ones.  That is just the reality of it, or at least it is for this Mom.  My girls are both at the age where they are showing an interest in the kitchen and cooking.  So, I came up with the bright idea to let them learn how to do a few more things around the kitchen.

So, I started looking around for recipes that met the following criteria: a) Easy b) Fast c) Required Very Few Ingredients d) Consisted of a Food they already Love.

While browsing Pinterest,  I found the link to the recipe for Mini Personal Size Pizzas on here.

This was definitely, my kind of recipe.  Four Ingredients, Two Steps,  Ten Minutes Prep Time, 25 Minutes, Total Cook Time, and Eight Servings (which means there would be enough for me and Daddy too.)

Family Pizza Day

Even though Our Pizzas were not as Aesthetically Pleasing as the Photo Shown on the Pillsbury Site.  They tasted incredible and we had a lot of fun making them, even if the girl’s faces are all business here.  They took their jobs seriously.

My Notes:  I really let them do their thing.  I gave them the instructions and then let them go at it.  I think maybe, we could have used a little more Pizza Sauce and Cheese.  We used Turkey Pepperoni instead of what the recipe called for, and we added some veggies to the mix.  This was only our first go round.  I trust that we will get better in time.  I will let you know how our next attempt turns out.

What activities do you have planned for your little ones this summer?