The 2017 Spring Must Have List

2017 Spring Must Haves

When I originally started writing this post, I was rejoicing over the mild winter we had here in Atlanta, and that we were already experiencing Spring Weather.  And then, almost as if Mother Nature was trying to spite me, we had two or three days of arctic weather (below freezing).  Thankfully, it only lasted for a few days and we are now, hopefully back on the right side of things, just in time for the official start of Spring.  So in addition to the great weather that Spring brings.. minus the rain, Spring means time to pull out your Spring wardrobe, and decide what needs to get dumped and what still has life.  And, it’s the perfect excuse for some retail therapy.

Statement Jackets:

As with every season the biggest part of successfully maneuvering the climate changes lies in your transitional clothing.  Those items that can seamlessly go from winter to spring or from spring to summer.  This year even more important than the sweater is the Statement Jacket.  Everywhere I look I see variations of this jacket from Bombers to Faux Blazers and even the Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket.

2017 Spring Must Haves

Photo Source: Macys White House Black Market

Dresses, Dresses Everywhere – Feminine, Romantic, Edgy

This time of year tends to bring out the “springy”, playful side of fashion.  At least for me it does, after spending the winter layering and trying to keep warm.  Spring offers the opportunity to be free, show some skin and indulge in the sights and smells of the outdoors.  A super popular dress trend this year centers around the Feminine and the Romantic side of things.

2017 Spring Must Haves - Dresses

Photo Source: Macys and White House Black Market

Crop Pants:

Many moons ago, I used to love Culottes.  And, yes I know I am dating myself with that reference.  I am surprised to see them making a come back.  Though, I shouldn’t be because Fashion tends to Cyclical.  But, even better than the culotte is the Crop Pant.  It’s a way to feel like you are able to dress down by not wearing pants/slacks,  while still being both stylish and professional.

2017 Spring Must Haves - Crop Pants

Photo Source: Macys

So there you have it!! Happy Hunting!!

The 2016 Spring Must Have List

Much like the beginning of fall, the beginning of Spring started very off kilter.  The day starts off very cool and ended with temperatures upwards of 70 degrees.  We are more than 30 days into Spring and things seem to finally be evening out.  I have been reluctant to switch out my seasonal clothes, especially for the kids.  But, I have had my eyes on several pieces that have made my Must Have List for Spring.

Spring Must Haves

Spring Tops – This covers so many different items.  Something I ALWAYS swoon over during Spring is the Spring Trench Coat. This is essential to this time of year, because it is a transitional piece, which means that you can wear it to bridge the gap.  It will keep you both stylish and warm while the weather adjusts and while they figure out exactly what temperature is comfortable in the office.
Especially during this time of year, there are so many styles as well as color options available.    Also, on my radar this year are the Spring Caftans/Kimono Style blazers that can pull an outfit together and keep things breezy all at the same time, depending on their cut and composition.
Spring Tops
Spring Tops – Clickable Links
Spring Scarves – I love a light weight scarf.  I never want to wear anything to heavy when the seasons are changing.  But, sometimes you have to “protect your neck”.  I don’t always need a jacket, as long as I can keep my neck protected. For me personally, that can prevent me from entering the season with a cold.  Besides its practical purposes, there is something romantic and airy about them.  With floral prints being a big trend this season, there are many choices available. The Boho-Chic look seems to be very popular this season as well.
Spring Scarves
Spring Scarves – Clickable Links

Spring Jewelry – Spring Jewelry Trends always leans towards the beach/coastal look, to coordinate with the other fashion that is out  there.  I find myself drawn to turquoise and corals at this time of the year.

Spring Jewelry

Spring Jewelry – Clickable Links

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What are your favorite pieces to sport during Spring?