J’adore 5

Here’s a little something you may or may not know about me.  I LOVE STRONG COFFEE.   Of course, I also love Great Creamers.  But, I have grown accustomed to needing the little kick in the morning.  I could really drink more than one cup a day, but I try to limit myself to just one.  Do you know what your coffee says about you?  Well, I didn’t.  I drink Macchiatos and I am also a COFFEE ON THE GO girl, not sure I agreed with their analysis of me.  But, it made for an interesting read.

Since opening our Etsy Store, our house is starting to look more and more like a sweat shop.  We have fabric, scraps, zippers, metal snaps, tools, needles… etc. EVERY where.  So I have been searching for a way to organize all my supplies. The first thing I need to find storage for is the fabric, and since I have a fairly large and deep Foyer Closet, this solution seemed perfect for me. Buttons, Thumb Tacks, Embellishments, all tend to be SMALL.  And, with little ones running around, you can imagine what a disaster that could become.  Here are some Solution Ideas:  Spice Racks and Mason Jars.

My nieces are being christened this weekend.  The dresses that I bought for them to wear to the Christening, are the dresses they will be wearing for Easter. So, I am thankful I got that out the way, before the Easter Mall Rush. Now, I am trying to figure out what fun things we can do together for Easter.  I ran across these PAAS Easter Egg Color Kits in Walgreens the other day.  It took me back to when I was little and my Mom used to buy these for my sister and I. So nostalgia took over and I bought them for the girls.  I am looking forward to making those memories with my little ones.  Since, I am trying to cut down on the sugar, instead of doing all chocolate covered eggs, I decided that I am going to make these for the girls, with my own twist.  And, I am still on the hunt for a local Easter Egg Hunt or Carnival.  What do you do with your kids during the Easter Season?