6 Things That I’m Currently Obsessed With + A Treat for my One Tree Hill Fans.

5 Things I'm Currently Obsessed With It’s Friday!!  We made it ….  The Weekend is here, and yes, I had my doubts….

If you follow us on Facebook, you know that I am always talking about how my favorite emails are the ones that start with Your Order has been Shipped.  This American Flag scarf is my latest purchase.  I live for a great scarf.  I am always thinking ahead when it come to outfits.  So when I saw this scarf over on Jane.com … I had to have it.  I think it will be the perfect pop to a simple white or blue t shirt for the fourth of July festivities.  Even if I am not sure what they are right now.

My next obsession is the Wireless Speaker that hubby bought me for my birthday.  There is nothing I enjoy more than being able to play my music really loud and tune out the world.  I still get texts from him asking if my music is loud enough.  But, I think he gets it that sometimes I just need to escape…

I’m crushing hard on  the awesome coasters that my Aunt sent me from Belize(she retired there).  It feeds both my love of wood and my love of coasters.  Even if I do have to remind myself that they are to protect my furniture and not just for show.  I tend to get annoyed when cleaning up and I realize someone spilled something on them.

I live on my cell phone.  So more likely than not the battery is low, which is why I have such a serious relationship with my iPhone charger.   I always need my car charger to be up and running.  On Saturday, my charger met its untimely death.  Thankfully, it was under warranty so i went to Radio Shack to replace it.  The Radio Shack closest to me is going out of business, so they couldn’t honor my Warranty.  So, I had to travel way out of my way to get to the next closest one.  They didn’t have the charger that I wanted, so they gave me a replacement that was supposedly an upgrade.  When she told me that I immediately gave her the side eye, because I LOVED the charger that I had before.  Sure enough the charger worked for the trip home and that was it.  So, I have to return it, but in the mean time I ran into the Radio Shack closest to me, and not only did they have my charger it was 60% off.  So I bought 2 one for now, and one for when I wear the other one out.  And, just in case you just have to know what Charger I use it’s Made by Digital Energy found here.  (The last ones I had were pink, so they come in pink too.)

Yes, I am still obsessed with the Hoop earrings that Hubby got me for Christmas.  The reason – I can pull my hair back in a ponytail, apply lip gloss, a little bit of eyeliner, throw on my Hoop Earrings and a Scarf and my other wise Mom outfit just got transformed into something cute and stylish.

As I started to type out this list, I suppose almost all of these items are gifts  from the Hubby.  Sue me, I may be a bit spoiled.  But, I adore this Mug because well… it’s Lenox, it’s Kate Spade, it has Black and White Stripes and …. it say’s S on it… What’s not to love.

I have always been that girl who want’s what she wants.  My earliest memory of this was going shopping with my Mom, and I would set my mind on something that I saw within the first few minutes of shopping.  And, she would try to show me this and that.  But, nope, my mind had already been made up.  I hope that my girls won’t be like that, because if they are I am sure I have some rough years ahead of me.

You have just finished reading 6 Things That I am Currently Obsessed With, consider leaving a comment.  What are the little things that you are currently obsessed with?

Hope this song will make you smile.  It’s a Flash Back for all my One Tree Hill Fans, closeted or otherwise.  And, if you are Tangled fan then I am sure you will recognize it as well.