Daddy Bakes — Irish Creme Topped Brownie Dessert

Irish Cream Topped Brownie Dessert

Today, we are launching a new segment of Our Blog – called “Daddy Bakes”.  I am super excited and not just because it means yummy desserts for me.  But, because it was no easy task to get my Hubby to agree to it.  He often tries his hand at different recipes and they are always a SCORE.  So I am elated to be able to share this with you.

Narrated by Mr.Stage Presents:
Last weekend, my wife and I enjoyed the pleasant sounds of a kid free weekend. Thank God for grandparents. After dinner,  my wife suggested that we make a dessert instead of purchasing or eating something pre-made. We both hopped on the internet and after a few moments of searching and spinning our wheels, I suggested that we make some type of brownie and ice cream concoction that most restaurants serve. I came across a recipe for an Irish cream-topped brownie dessert on I chose the recipe based on the extremely short prep time, although we did not have any of the ingredients at home. Thankfully Kroger is only 2 minutes away. Afer a quick trip to Kroger, I returned home, baked the brownies, prepared the topping, and refrigerated the Irish cream topped brownies. The recipe called for refrigerating the brownies for 2 hours but ours ended up being refrigerated overnight. I failed to mention that our little brownie project began around 11 pm, so the taste test had to wait until morning. Well, the brownies were well worth the wait. Most brownies taste the same but the topping is what sets this brownie apart…light and candy filled.

Daddy Bakes Collage

What more needs to be said. I give this recipe 5 out of 5 stars and I have listed a few things that I would do differently based on my personal preferences.

I would:

Follow the brownie directions on the box/package.
Use a brownie mix that creates a fudge center.
Use a Heath bar for the toffee candy topping.
Increase the Irish cream content in the topping as well as the brownie.
Mix the toffee candy into the topping.
Drizzle caramel over the topping.

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