Planning a Simple & Memorable Summer Soiree

Planning A Simple and Memorable Summer Soiree

The pool is open.  School is out.  The barbecue grill has been uncovered.  It’s time to plan a Summer Party!!

Anytime the word [plan] gets thrown in front of party, panic tends to ensue.  But, planning a summer party can be low key, easy and still be a blast.  I am sure you are shaking your head at this point and asking how.  So let me break it down for you.

Warm Weather means that this party can officially be OUTSIDE.  You can choral the troops and confine them to the backyard, the deck and if you are lucky maybe even the basement.  This is a major selling point for me.  Off the top, that means less clean up both before and after the party.

The other great thing about it being outdoors is THE GRILL.  Cooking on the Grill probably takes you (wifey), out of the equation where the major cooking is concerned.  If you are fortunate enough the grill is all hubby’s territory.  You may discuss the menu with him but for the most part, your contribution can be all sides.  Most of which, you can make ahead of time and stock the fridge, which means you are actually free to enjoy the festivities.

There’s no reason that all the expense should fall all on you.  Ask Each Guest to Bring Something.  You Can Leave it Up to Them, or Be Specific.

Planning A Simple and Memorable Summer Soiree

Lastly, remember that the heat will definitely leave everyone parched and seeking refreshment.  So make sure to have refreshing cocktails & “Mock-tails”.  Need Ideas Check Out My Pinterest Board Here.   Beer for those beer drinkers, Ice Pops, Summer Fruits and Vegetables.

Throw in some Good Music and Some Cute Party Favors.  And, you’ve just thrown the party of the Season, without breaking a sweat.

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Are you planning any Festive Summer Parties this year?