Tips for getting back on track after Winter Break….

Are you struggling with getting things back on track after the Break?  Here are some quick and easy steps to get your Over The Hump!!

As much as I love Christmas, I for one am elated that Christmas Break is over.  So much so, that I got up this morning and got my little one ready for school.  Got dressed and drove all the way to school, only to realize…  today was a Teacher Work Day and not the kid’s first day back at school.  Thankfully, I caught on before I dropped her off.  So, I laughed it off, but to be honest, when I got back in I sat on the sofa for a good 30 minutes talking myself out of wanting to lay on my back, kick my feet up and have a full blown temper tantrum. Ugh!! As you can see, I am still struggling with things not going as I PLAN.  After deciding that no real purpose would be served by that, I moved on with my day.  *It was like having your Mind and your Mouth set on that last piece of chocolate you have stashed in the refrigerator and when you reach in to get it… you realize that someone got to it first. (Even after you hid it soo expertly.)  This Mommy really was looking forward to some peace and quiet.  I just knew that today was going to be that day.  So, I regrouped, and rescheduled.

Getting Back On Track After Christmas Break -

  1. Start your day out with purpose.  For me that means reading my Devotion and prayer.  For you, that may be meditation and clearing your head.
  2. Regroup and Evaluate. Where were you before your vacation?  Where do you want to pick up?  Are you just jumping back in or have your priorities changed?
  3. Create a Rolling To Do List.  Over the next 30 days, what are your Goals and Objectives?  Separate the Business from the Personal.  I am a list maker.  So you best believe, I have two separate lists going at all times.  I never realized the beauty of a Rolling To Do List, until I had to plan the days of others, as well as my own. Check out this article CBS published on how they keep you organized and productive.   As much as I hate to say it, whatever you don’t get done today, will get done tomorrow (unless your have a deadline in place).
  4. Create a Weekly List.  Prioritize. Decide What is of the Utmost Importance and start crossing off each item as you go.
  5. Lastly, Work Your Plan and Breathe.  What will be… will be.

Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams.  Live the Life you have imagined – Henry Thoreau