Trend Alert – Over-sized Letters and a Quick DIY!!


For as far back as when my youngest daughter, (now 4) was born, I think I have been obsessed with typography and lettering and the custom/personalized feel  that it brings to Home Decor.  Over the last couple of years, I think that I have become enamored with over-sized letters specifically.  And… so the hunt began.  Of course I would see them EVERYWHERE.  But, the catch is always the same, either they don’t have the letters that I am looking for, I can’t find the size I need, or the price is astronomical. (Or at least as far as this Momma is concerned)

So… I was at my 2nd Favorite Fabric Store….. you guessed it,  Joann’s Fabric on a totally unrelated quest, when I ran smack dab into these HUGE Cardboard Letters, which of course were going to come home with me.


Admittedly, I had no idea what was next, because as much as I was stalking all the Over-sized Letter pins  on Pinterest.  My intention was to buy them and not to turn it into a DIY Project.  Naturally, you would think the next step would have been to look up directions.  But, NOPE.   I decided to go home and see what I already had in my Craft Closet (also known, as the JUNK CLOSET).  SCORE!!

FullSizeRender (5)


I sprayed the letters with Krylon Short Cuts Hobby Craft Paint.  And, to be honest, I loved that look and could have just left it at that.  It had a leathery rustic look.  But, since the A was actually an addition to my dh’s office decor.  It had to tie into the Chalkboard Walls, that are soon to come.


What do you think?? I like it Brown.

I know that there should be a picture of the final step with the Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Chalk Board Paint.  But, I had to download all my pics from my iPhone to make room for the iOS 8 upgrade.

FullSizeRender (6)


Here is the completed project!! As you can see it hasn’t made it to its intended home yet, because Hubby’s Office is still a work in progress.  All in all, the whole project probably cost me no more than $7.00.

Who can be mad at that??  Have you decorated any spaces in your home with Lettering?  What was your favorite project?  I’d love to hear about it!!