Create Your Own – One Little Word


Want to start your New Year with Intention? Join the movement and pick the one little word that you want to be the foundation on which your year is built.  I really had a difficult time picking one word.  But, I finally decided on the word conquer.  If I am totally honest with you there were a lot of things and opportunities that I bypassed last year, because I didn’t know what the outcome would be.  That being said this year there are many things I want to conquer, starting with the voice in my own head. There are so many areas of my life where this can apply.  I listed just a few that quickly came to mind.  Over the course of the year, I plan to add more to my list, and share it here.  Progress, Success and Failures Alike. Want to pick your own word and share it?  Download your own blank, editable copy right here.

You Can Conquer Anything

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Renewals… and New Beginnings!!

I find that almost every year it takes me a while to jump right in with both feet.  I believe the reason for that is two fold.  One, I am normally still recovering from a very busy Holiday Season, and two I always feel the need to purge at the beginning of the year.

This year has been no different except that there seemed to be so many more areas of my life that needed purging.   This year, I didn’t really do any New Year’s Resolutions.  Instead, I tried to fine tune goals that I set out to accomplish last year (that are still a work in progress).

I finally completed an entire year of working out.  I can’t say that it was all strenuous working out, but I kept my body moving for the entire year, and I was able to keep off the 15 lbs I lost for the entire year.  Drinking water, became a part of my every day life.  I spent time with Lord and focused on my spiritual health.  I worked on being frugal through coupons and searching for deals on everything from hotels and airline tickets to socks!!  I stepped out the box and spent some time with hubby at the gun range, and liked it.  I even ventured into the pool in a bathing suit this past summer with the kids.

I moved closer to having the Three Dimensional Life that I put on my Vision Board for 2012.  And, even though 2012 took me through a lot of changes, it was a good year.

In 2013, I vow to not limit myself.  I will work on not forgetting that there really is nothing that is not within my reach with hard work and determination.  I hope that you all will join me on my journey, as all the pieces fall into place!!