Setting Up A Play Date + Personalized Play Date Notes

Setting Up A Play with Personalized Play Date Notes Truth is, I have been a Mommy for a looooong time, I have a 19 year old son.  But, times have certainly changed since he was a little tyke.  Setting up play dates for him was so much easier than facilitating them for my daughters, now 11 and 5 years old.  They are both very social creatures, as opposed to my son who was a more quiet and reserved child.  So, I find myself with two kids who would like to have play dates, and lots of them.  I have never really been the Play Date Mommy.  But, apparently times are a-changing.

Play dates for me bring out all kinds of insecurities, the planning, the execution.  I don’t know these people and they don’t know me.  Do I really want to take on the job of being responsible for someone else’s child?  What kind of child will they be?  Will they listen(mind) me?  Will I regret venturing outside of my comfort zone?  And, if I do it this once, is it going to turn into something else I will have to schedule into our lives?  Will I feel comfortable with allowing some one else to facilitate, in return?

Once I ran through all these questions in my mind, I quickly made a couple of decisions.  I can handle one on one play dates.  The best place for me to do play dates is out of the house, somewhere the kids can be active, stay busy, and are in a controlled space.  The great thing about this choice is that it limits the amount of places that play dates can take place for us.  Bowling, Skating, Trampoline Park, Jumpy Houses, or even the Movie Theater, to name a few.

The next question is how to reach out  and get in touch with the parents.  It is not like back when my son was little and you most likely knew and interacted with your child’s classmates and even their parents on occasion.  Now a days you can’t even pick and choose who to invite to your child’s party.  If the whole class can’t come then you can’t even invite one child. (I won’t even go into what I feel about that subject.)

After asking for permission, I was told that I could send a Play Date Note in and the teacher would get it to the parents.  Now you know, I couldn’t just do any ordinary note like a normal person.  I had to create something of my own.  And, since I know that I am not the only Mommy going through this, I decided to share these adorable Play Date Notes with you.

I captured every variation, so choose the one that applies to your situation.  Boy to Boy   Boy to Girl   Girl to Girl   Girl to Boy

Wanna Play? - Personalized Play Date Notes

Download – Print and Enjoy!!