Things….. at “37”

It is almost amusing to me that when you are 20, 37 seems soo old.  Buy, when you turn 37 it seems so ….well I won’t say young, but I will say current.

I celebrated my 37th bday last month and found myself making a list of things that I never thought would be occurring in my life at this age.

1.  I always hoped to find love and marry early and have all my children before I hit 30.  I never thought I would be chasing behind a toddler at 37.

2.  That I would have gray hairs plural before 50.

3.  Thar after over 20 years of working that I would be a stay at home Mom and Wife, and find peace with it.

4. That at 37 my definition of beauty would still be evolving/changing.

5. That at 37, I would know my body better than I ever had and be comfortable with it.

6. That I would have three amazing kids who would teach me more about life than any other lessons I have learned.

7. That I would find joy in decorating, entertaining, craft projects, gardening and organizing.

8. That I would look in the mirror and see my mother both literally and figuratively.

9. That even though I knew everything at 18, at 37 I feel I still have so much to learn.

10. That having a quiet evening at home would rank right up there with a night on the town.

11. That watching my children sleep, healthy and content would give me such a high.

12.  That stolen moments with my husband would be the foundation of my days.

13.  That good or bad nothing starts my day off like a great cup of coffee and Caramel Macchiato Creamer.

14.  That I wasted way too much time worry about what other people thought about my life instead of worrying about what I thought was important.

15.  Lastly, that my life with all its twists and turns and ups and downs landed me just where I was meant to be.