Things I learned in my 30’s

From Crayons to Perfume - Lessons Learned in my 30's

I can hardly believe that I’m 40 today.  I have battled with this more than a little bit.  I know that it beats all the alternatives ( i.e, not being alive).  But, still I am not sure I’m ready to accept it.   Each year has been a learning experience, teaching and un-teaching lessons.  And, with each day I become more and more comfortable in my own skin and I grow more confident in who I am and the things that I want and need. But, there have been some important things that I learned during my 30’s.

  • Being Called an Adult Doesn’t Make You One.  People will not always live up to your expectations, and you will not always live up to theirs.
  • Haste Makes Waste.  Take your time.  Think things through and be strategic whenever possible.
  • Love Yourself First… Warts and All.  Simply put, you can not expect others to love you if you do not love yourself and accept your own shortcomings.
  • You Probably Don’t Know More Than Your Parents.  Age affords you both experience and perspective.  I can admit today that I still don’t know as much as my mother does.  And her advice, unsolicited or not is usually sound.
  • Trust Your Gut.  I honestly believe for all intents and purposes you know a Lemon when you see one.
  • Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Achieving Your Goals.  I’ve done a lot of this.  It is something that I am still working on, but I feel like I have gotten better over time.
  • Struggle Builds Character.  NO ONE wants to struggle.  NO ONE wants to live in uncertainty.  But, who you come out being on the other side of that struggle.   Well, it can be amazing.
  • It’s Not Over Until It’s Over.  Whether you are 40 like I am today, or 70, if you have life and health and strength.  It Ain’t Over!!

Just for fun, I thought I would share some of my favorite/relevant/age approriate quotes with you.

Quotes on Life

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Quotes on Women

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Things….. at “37”

It is almost amusing to me that when you are 20, 37 seems soo old.  Buy, when you turn 37 it seems so ….well I won’t say young, but I will say current.

I celebrated my 37th bday last month and found myself making a list of things that I never thought would be occurring in my life at this age.

1.  I always hoped to find love and marry early and have all my children before I hit 30.  I never thought I would be chasing behind a toddler at 37.

2.  That I would have gray hairs plural before 50.

3.  Thar after over 20 years of working that I would be a stay at home Mom and Wife, and find peace with it.

4. That at 37 my definition of beauty would still be evolving/changing.

5. That at 37, I would know my body better than I ever had and be comfortable with it.

6. That I would have three amazing kids who would teach me more about life than any other lessons I have learned.

7. That I would find joy in decorating, entertaining, craft projects, gardening and organizing.

8. That I would look in the mirror and see my mother both literally and figuratively.

9. That even though I knew everything at 18, at 37 I feel I still have so much to learn.

10. That having a quiet evening at home would rank right up there with a night on the town.

11. That watching my children sleep, healthy and content would give me such a high.

12.  That stolen moments with my husband would be the foundation of my days.

13.  That good or bad nothing starts my day off like a great cup of coffee and Caramel Macchiato Creamer.

14.  That I wasted way too much time worry about what other people thought about my life instead of worrying about what I thought was important.

15.  Lastly, that my life with all its twists and turns and ups and downs landed me just where I was meant to be.