10 Lessons I learned in my 30’s

Lessons I Learned in my 30's


I am pretty sure that at 16, I thought I knew all there was to know about life.  At 21, I was sure that I knew so much more than I did at 16.  And, at 30 well…. I felt like I was already old and set in my ways.  This being the last year of my 30’s….. tears…sighs… and sniffles, I must acknowledge that I am still constantly learning more than I knew the day before, and that some of these lessons that I learned in my 30’s I probably should have learned in my 20’s.  Oh well, hindsight being 20/20 and all…  Here are the 10 most important lessons I learned in my 30’s.

1.  You Are Enough.  I spent a good portion of my life wanting to be MORE or LESS.  I can’t say that it is not something that I still battle with daily.  But, there will always be someone better and someone worst than you, in all aspects of life.  If you keep trying to keep up or measure up, you fail to see the amazing things about yourself.

2.  Roll with it.  NO matter how much control you think you have, some things are outside of your control.  Even the most intense Control Freak, has to acknowledge that they don’t wield as much power as they think.  Hence, The Serenity Prayer“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.”

3.  Don’t fight your feelings and trust your instincts.  If you feel sad, cry.  If you feel happy, smile.  Embrace what your feeling and don’t try to hide it.  Let it out.  My first impression is almost always the one I should go with.  More often than not, if I don’t trust my instincts. I regret it.

4.  A square block is NOT fitting into a round hole.  Stop FORCING things to be that are not meant to be.

5.  Just cause it feels good or it tastes good, doesn’t make it good.  This one is self explanatory, right??  Calories… and … some pleasure, lol.

6.  All relationships require communication, loyalty, commitment and effort.  All relationships, friendships, parent child, employer employee….

7.  Don’t be afraid to make changes.  “If you don’t like where you are MOVE.  You are not a tree.”

8.  Identify FEAR.  I have let FEAR stop me from doing a lot in my life.  I had excuse after excuse about why I couldn’t or didn’t do XYZ.  I never identified it as FEAR.  But, once I did it helped me to begin to work towards conquering it.  And move on.  FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real.

9.  No one owes you anything.  Except maybe you… you owe yourself THE VERY BEST.

10.  Gratitude and Attitude will get you EVERYWHERE.

What Lessons are you learning in your 30’s?

Things….. at “37”

It is almost amusing to me that when you are 20, 37 seems soo old.  Buy, when you turn 37 it seems so ….well I won’t say young, but I will say current.

I celebrated my 37th bday last month and found myself making a list of things that I never thought would be occurring in my life at this age.

1.  I always hoped to find love and marry early and have all my children before I hit 30.  I never thought I would be chasing behind a toddler at 37.

2.  That I would have gray hairs plural before 50.

3.  Thar after over 20 years of working that I would be a stay at home Mom and Wife, and find peace with it.

4. That at 37 my definition of beauty would still be evolving/changing.

5. That at 37, I would know my body better than I ever had and be comfortable with it.

6. That I would have three amazing kids who would teach me more about life than any other lessons I have learned.

7. That I would find joy in decorating, entertaining, craft projects, gardening and organizing.

8. That I would look in the mirror and see my mother both literally and figuratively.

9. That even though I knew everything at 18, at 37 I feel I still have so much to learn.

10. That having a quiet evening at home would rank right up there with a night on the town.

11. That watching my children sleep, healthy and content would give me such a high.

12.  That stolen moments with my husband would be the foundation of my days.

13.  That good or bad nothing starts my day off like a great cup of coffee and Caramel Macchiato Creamer.

14.  That I wasted way too much time worry about what other people thought about my life instead of worrying about what I thought was important.

15.  Lastly, that my life with all its twists and turns and ups and downs landed me just where I was meant to be.