Are we taking advantage?

image Are we taking advantage of all of the technology available to us?  Or are we allowing it to be a distraction instead of a stepping stool.  I will be the first to admit that over the years, I have become dependent on technology in pretty much every aspect of my life.  However, its not something that I regret, but more something that has come to be part of my every day routine. From setting my alarm on my cell phone to wake me up in the morning, remind me of doctor’s appointments, or that it is time to refill my daughter’s prescription, and or re-evaluate my progress on this project or that one.

That being said, technology can be your friend.  Here are some of my staple apps!!

Google Calendar – I dare say is almost like religion to me.  I use it to keep track of birthdays, appointments, and special events(my husband comes from a large family, so that’s quite a task).  I use it to remind me of things that I need to keep at the forefront of my mind. I can depend on Google Calendar to keep me on track.

SpringPad – Is a app that really hasn’t caught on the way that I thought it would.  But, I love it.  It is my go to place to make list of all kinds.  From household things to work items.    You create notebooks and then you can add a checklist, a grocery list, notes, audio and even documents.  You can choose to share it with the world, specific individuals or keep it private.  I use it for pretty much everything.  But, my favorite use is for storing my favorite recipes and keeping notes on how I tweak them.  My favorite Thanksgiving dinner has been preserved there for future reference.


I originally thought that Pinterest was just a craze that was taking the “creative world”, by storm.  It’s invite only status — made it that much more desirable.  But, being a visual person, I immediately fell in love with and dubbed it my “digital vision board”.  I use it to collect information on Speech Therapy for my oldest daughter, and to find new and innovative ways to reach her.  I use it to design my holiday decor, plan parties, and even get ideas on how to style my hair.  It’s definitely information over load, but as someone always looking for something new to learn about.  I am right at home there (to my hubby’s dismay), sometimes.

So, tell me what apps make your life that much easier?