It’s that time again…

The end of the year always brings out the “Susie Homemaker” in me.  With the crisp weather, out comes the Fall Wreaths, Cinnamon Brooms, and Pumpkins, and this year the owls. It’s as if the change in the temperature deepens my desire to make my house warm and inviting for my family.

I am always looking for new seasonal craft projects to do with the kids, and to do alone(even though my hubby swears that all my alone projects, somehow include him). And, as my own special requirement, I am always try to look for things that I don’t see everyone else doing.

So here’s my bucket list, over the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing the final results.  I should warn you that I almost always put my own spin on the original ideas.

Fall Craft Bucket

Craft ideas found here and here.

Do you have any special projects that you are working feel free to link to your blog in the comments section below?  Anything that you would like to see us try?