Making the Scariest Day of the Year – Not Scary!!

Making the Scariest Day of the Year - Not Scary!!

I was blessed with the scariest kids ever,(in other words they are afraid if their own shadows).  Especially my oldest daughter, two years ago we took them both Trick or Treating.  She was just 7 at the time.  She absolutely hated the scary costumes and we had to eventually go home.

Last year she wanted nothing it do with Halloween so we skipped it and just handed out Candy.  My youngest was 2 at the time and literally still had no fear.

Fast forward to this year and the arrival of witches as Halloween decor in our local Kroger. There was a precocious little boy who thought it would be funny to hit said witch and send her flying into the air.  My little one was fit to be tied. I couldn’t get her out of that store fast enough and haven’t been able to get her to go back since.

I admit, last year I was glad to not have to deal with it.  But this year feeling particularly festive, I was bummed that the girls weren’t interested.  So I decided to get them excited about dressing up and thought they could at least hand out the Candy!!  I got them excited and all dolled up.  But, when the bell rang for the first time my oldest bolted up the stairs. She observed the rest if the night from her view on the Second Story Landing .  I was able to engage the little one and she helped hand out Candy unless she saw a scary costume.

We ordered pizza for dinner and tried to make the night fun.  But, I think the best part for them was the dressing up and the pictures.  I hope we still made some great memories, and look forward to them getting older and having a better grasp on all that is Halloween!!