What’s on your Soundtrack?

1 What’s on The Soundtrack to your life? For as long as I can remember, even as a little child music has literally carried me from one stage of my life to the next. It has helped me to grieve, heal and even triumph. Sometimes I feel like it was even God’s way of speaking to me, when I refused to hear his voice any other way.

When my now nine year old started school we employed a “Theme Song”, of sorts, I read that it would help transition her into her day. And, it did, even on days when she didn’t feel like going to school. It seemed to calm her spirit.  Now, at nine, she has a love for music that parallels my own.

Some mornings when I need a little more than my beloved cup of coffee to start my day, I need a little Earth Wind and Fire to get me in gear.


Or when I need some motivation for the day  I need a little Go Get It by Mary Mary


And, when I need some help to get moving while Exercising… I still love Upgrade Me by Beyonce…


What songs move you like no other??