Being A Morning Mom….


Being A Morning Mom - When You Are Not A Morning Person? Tips for Surviving the Morning Rush -

I can recall more AM breakdowns and temper tantrums than I care to admit.  And, it’s not necessarily that my children aren’t morning people, it’s that I am not.  I don’t have a problem waking up in the morning,  I just really have no desire to interact with humans until after 10am.  Unfortunately, when you take on the title of Mommy that really isn’t a choice you get to make anymore.  So, what’s the solution.  It’s easy, FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT, right?  That sounds good, but the thing about pretending, is that the real emotions tend to bubble to the surface in a scary, scary way.

The real secret lies in knowing yourself, having a routine and planning for chaos.  Here’s what works for me. ( … on most days.)

  1.  Do as much as you can do the night before.  Pick Out Their Clothes from Head to Toe. (leave nothing to chance).  If you have a super picky child, you might want to include them in this process, to avoid the early morning melt downs.
  2. Get up a Little Earlier than they do.   Since, I don’t really want to be up anyway.  A little time alone tends to help settle my spirit.  This is a great time to read your devotion, get in a chapter or two of a book you are reading. Grab your first cup of coffee and prepare for what comes next.
  3. Waking Them Up/Getting Them Dressed.  If your little ones are like mine, this process doesn’t happen all at once.  You may have to wake them up a second and a third time, before they actually get out the bed.    Give yourself enough time that if this occurs you still are not rushing to get them out of the house on time.  I get up, wake up my 10 year old (this part is a joke).  I go back in my room, go through my morning routine and then go back and wake her up again.  Go downstairs pack the lunches, and sometimes she’s up, this is the last wake up call. (before Moms head starts spinning)  The little one is easier to wake up but she has her days too. Once they are awake this part generally runs smoothly aside from the fact that I sometimes have to redirect them back to the task at hand.  They are little girls, there is always something to giggle about, and they get easily distracted. Ultimately, if there’s enough time allotted here, even if I feel like a song on repeat, it gets done.
  4. [Enter Breakfast Here] My kids eat breakfast at school, so I luck out here.
  5. Do We Have What We Need?  You know the drill.  Binders, Folders, Homework, Projects.  Then the Run Through.  Did you remember to brush your teeth, put on Deodorant, Lip Gloss, Body Spray, Lotion?  Do have your Watch,  Scarf, Gloves, Cell Phone …etc…etc..?
  6. And Then Repeat.  Even Though You Already Asked.  Ask Again.  After all, you don’t want to get the call on your way home that you have to go back to the school to deliver whatever it is they forgot.

And There You Have It,  Now You’re A Morning Mom.  And, everybody is thankful for the change.   Do you struggle with your morning routine as well?  What do you do to make the send off or drop off easier for everyone?

Being A Morning Mom