The Big List of Must Haves For A Day At The Beach

The Big List of Things You Need For A Day At The Beach - You Are Headed to the Beach.  Chances are, depending on where you live, the beach is no where close to home.  That means you need to be prepared, especially if you are traveling with little ones. It’s been a while since we have been on the beach, so we wanted to be prepared.  And, we managed not to forget ANYTHING.  Is the beach on your agenda for Summer 2015? If it is check out this Big List of Must Haves.


Beach Towels

Beach Bag

Big Floppy Hats


Flip Flops

Cover Ups

Extra Large Spray Bottles (to fill with water to wash off your feet before you get back in the car)



Back Up Batteries


Beach Pail and Shovel

Food and Beverages:


Water Bottles



Beach Friendly Food (anything that will do well on ice)

Snack Food (Dry)

Don’t Forget to Bring some Cash for Beach Vendors/Rentals


Beach Chairs

Beach Blanket

Beach Umbrella


Sun Block Lotion

Aloe Vera Gel


Lip Gloss with SPF

First Aid Kit

Extra Set of Clothing

Prepare for A Day At the Beach with Beach Must Haves- You just finished reading The Big List of Must Haves For A Day At The Beach.  Can you think of anything else to add to our list?  Leave your Must Haves in the Comment Section.