His & Her – Our Take on 2015 Wedding Trends

His & Hers Our Take on 2015 Wedding Trends - stage-presents.com


Since deciding to add Wedding Invitations to Our Etsy Shop, I have found myself immersed in the 2015 Wedding Trends.  Some of them, I could get on board with, and some I could do without.  So just for fun, I enlisted my hubby to get both a male and female perspective on the latest crazes.

Drone or Go Pro Photos –

Hers – You know the Control Freak in Me Would Never Go For That.  You are also talking about the woman who gave her photographer a Definitive List of Must Have Shots.

His – I am a photographer.  NEVER. And besides, drones are too noisy.

Dance Routines –

Her – I would go for it as long as I felt like I had mastered it. I would hate to get out there and fall.  Not to mention how much I was shaking like a leaf that day.

His – No, I don’t dance and think they have been overdone. They novelty has worn off. Time for something new.

Rustic Chic –

Her – No, I think it works for some people.  But, Burlap and Lace at a wedding are a bit too casual for me.  Maybe, I would consider it, if the wedding was outside.

His – Yes, I am all for anything that is different. A rustic wedding allows you to use non-traditional materials that are cost effective and in some instances free.

Restaurant Wedding –

Her – Nope

His – Depends on What Kind of Restaurant We are Talking About.

No Dress (Solange Style)

Her – No, The Dress is Half the Fun.  I can’t imagine not going through that process.

His – The Bride Needs Her Dress.

1-2-3 Dress Changes –

Her – It was all I could do to put on one.  I can’t imagine having to manage a wardrobe change.

His – Just Seems Extra…

Cocktail Reception –

Her – It would cut the cost of the food, but I would worry about people getting too drunk.

His – NO, too expensive and I wouldn’t want to create an Uber tailgating party outside.

Food Trucks –

Her – NOPE.  I am not opposed to them at Carnivals or Fairs but umm… Not at my wedding.

His – YES. Goes hand in hand with a rustic wedding.

Black Tie –

Her – Yes, I would love that.  I love the look of gowns and tuxedos.

His – NO. You want to be the best dressed at your wedding.

Quote on Wedding Planning

 Photo Source: Malindyelene.com on Wedding Planning 101