Conquering Day One – First Day of School 2015-2016

Conquering Day One - First Day of School - How to Talk to Your Kids About School -

You would think that as a VETERAN PARENT, (meaning I have a 19 year old son), that the First Day of School wouldn’t be so daunting for me.  But, every year I get anxiety and don’t get much sleep for the days leading up to it.  This year was probably a little worst than the past years, because it was my baby’s First Day of Kindergarten.   I kept watching her all morning to see signs of fear, but it wasn’t until we were already in the classroom that she showed her hand.  I could see the tears right on the brink, and as I put my hand on her little chest in an attempt to calm her, I could feel her heart beating soo fast.   For a moment, I wanted to grab her hand and run down the length of the hallway, throw her in the car and take her home with me, where I knew she would be safe.  But, I steadied myself and diverted my eyes, so as not to burst into tears myself.  Lucky for me, hubby took the day off to go with, and he was his usual Cool as a Cucumber self.  After I dropped her off,  I walked my oldest daughter to her fifth grade class with her supplies.  Shes an old pro, so she was fine.  Then, I immediately doubled back to check on baby girl, and even though she was a bit withdrawn and quiet, she was ok.  The hours seemed to creep by today.  I kept looking at my phone and my watch, even though I am not sure why.  She made it through the day, and rode the bus home with her sister, as if she had been doing this all her life.   So, I suppose all is well that ends well.  There’s something about your last baby.  It makes the firsts also the lasts, and, I suppose that can be a little somber.  Now, that we have gotten past that part, I pray that the girls both have an amazing year, and wish the same for you and your little people.  Let’s Get It!!

Looking for some tips on How to Talk to Your Kids About School check out this great blog on  First Days are always filled with lots of emotion, consider sharing your first day stories with us in the comments below.

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