First Day of School Instagram Printables

Capture the Memories with this Free Instagram Back to School Printable

In our house, the first day of school is a big deal.  So each year I try to come up with fun ways to commemorate the end of summer and kick off the school year.  As the kids get older, it gets harder to come up with new and innovative things we can do together and enjoy.   But lucky for me, my girls share in my love of Scrap booking and Creating Photo Books.   My kids enjoy scrolling through my Instagram Feed, but they are too young to have a page of their own.  So, I came up with this fun Instagram Printable that I knew they would love.  It was something that they could “make their own”  by adding their own words and choosing a picture and then we could add it to our Yearly Family Photo Book.  You can read more about this here.

Since we enjoyed it so much, I thought I would share Our Free Editable Instagram First Day of School Printable with all you Scrap booking and Shutterbug Moms, or anyone who just wants a keepsake to remember this Special Day.  And, the best part is that you don’t need any fancy Photo Editing Software, you can edit it in Microsoft Word.  But, feel free to edit it in ANY Software you choose.

First Day of School Instagram with Personalization Instructions

Here’s What You Will Need:

Some of Your Own Creativity

Your Computer



Scrap Booking Background Pages (Optional)

Embellishments (Optional)

It’s Super Easy!!  Download Your Template Here.  Open Your Document.  Personalize your text. Add a 4×6  Picture.  Fit Picture to the Available Space and Save.  Print and Voila you have a Keepsake to Remember.

Scrapbooking Back to School Instagram Page

There are always a host of emotions that come with the first day of school, some good, some not so good. I think I probably think about it a lot more than the kids do.  They are just excited to wear their new clothes and see their friends.  Here’s to a GREAT 2015-2016 School Year.

“You’re Off To Great Places.  Today is Your Day. Your Mountain is Waiting, So Get On Your Way.” – Dr. Seuss


How to Capture Memories with a Yearly Family Photo Book?

Capturing Memories with Yearly Photo Books

Four years ago, I decided to start putting together a Yearly Family Photo Book.  The years were going by way too fast, and I wanted to document it . The thing about digital photography in my opinion, is that the memories get stuck either on your SD Card, Your Phone or Your Camera.  And, then the ones that get uploaded only seem to make it as far as Facebook.(Well at least in my case.)

The first two years, I struggled through a year’s worth of pictures, trying to decide which ones were worthy of a spot in our Photo Book.  The process was tedious, and frankly more than annoying. So last year, I decided to try to stream line my process.  Hopefully, it will save you some aggravation should you decide to do this for your family.

1.  Cataloging – At the end of every month, I download all the pictures that are on my various devices.  Then, I take my time and go through them and weed out the duds. Then I save them on my Desktop to a specific folder named for that month.  As I save them, I try to give them names that would inspire captions for the book.

2.  Uploading – After I have completed that, I upload them to Shutterfly and then make sure they go into the My Projects Folder, so that I can come back to it the following month.

3.  The Finished Project – At the end of the year, or realistically at the beginning of the following year.  I give my Saved Project the once over.  For the most part, you should not have much to do at this time.  But, most likely you will want to add some pics of the Holiday Season to complete your project.

Capture Life

Photo Credit: Colorado Senior Life

Note:  I use Shutterfly for pretty much everything photo related, but there are several options out there.  I love Shutterfly specifically, because several times during the year they offer a coupon for a free photo book, and in that case you will most likely only have to pay for shipping.  Unless you are like me and you have so many pics that you go over the allotted page requirement.  But, even still its worth it!!

Do you have pictures that you lost or wished that you had printed?

Shutterfly Evergreen 300x600 - Capture Memories with a Shutterfly Photo Book