Getting the Final Say on the Target Pillowfort Collection pt. 3

Welcome Back to Week Three (the final week) of my Love Affair with the New Target Pillowfort ™ Collection.  This week we are featuring the last of the  (4) Ready to Play Rooms.  And, if I can say anything about these rooms is that I love their use of color.  I am particularly a fan of the navy blue and green mixture, teal and orange and… the splashes of yellow.  I believe that I child’s bedroom should not only reflect their style but be upbeat and lively.  If you have clicked through to the Featured Rooms, I am sure that you have recognized by now that a lot of the rooms share some of the same furniture. So even though I picked through a lot of the good stuff already, I was still able to come up with some favorites.  That surprisingly have made their way on to my Shopping List.  Shock of all Shocks, lol.

Creature Cave Room - Target Pillowfort Collection pt.3

Photo Source : Target Pillowfort ™


Creative Cave

Marvelous Manor Room - Target Pillowfort Collection pt.3

Photo Source : Target Pillowfort ™

Marvelous Manor

Orange & Teal Room - Target Pillowfort Collection pt.3

Photo Source : Target Pillowfort ™

Orange and Teal

Tropical TreehousebRoom - Target Pillowfort Collection pt.3

Photo Source : Target Pillowfort ™

Tropical Treehouse


Our Favorites Pillowfort ™ Part 3 -

Photo Source : Target Pillowfort ™

  1.  Wire Floor Bin Round Navy – Pillowfort ™
  2. 2 Pack House Shelves with Pinboard – Pillowfort ™
  3. Cage Pendant Ceiling Fan – Pillowfort ™
  4. Full Moon Framed Art – Pillowfort ™

The Dust Up In the Family Room!!

Can you play two ends of the same coin?  I like to say that I push the envelope when it comes to my Home Decor Choices, but more often than not, my choice ends up being very main stream and even a bit conservative but with a contemporary flair.

Last year we decided it was time to update our Family Room. And, our jumping off point was the sofa.  I never anticipated the mayhem that would ensue.  After numerous trips to the furniture store.  We decided on this sofa.

photo (6)

Or so I thought.  We didn’t really measure the space.  And (maybe), since I’m not sure even after a year, that I am ready to acquiesce that it was too big for the room, it was a bit large.  But, I loved that sofa.  So for peace sake the sofa went back and hubby was tasked with finding a new sofa for the family room.  I was still pouting, so I stayed at home.

So you can imagine my horror and surprise when hubby came home with a red leather sectional.


Little did I know that [1] I would fall in love it.  [2] It was the perfect match for our space.  [3]  It would inspire such creativity on our part(our Mantel Decor- shown above).

It is easy to pick safe choices, but I must admit that” flying a little close to the sun” worked for us, this time.

My Sister’s Baby Shower : A Labor of Love!!

It’s no secret that I love entertaining (a trait, I know I got from my Mommy).  This party was no different, except that it was EXTRA SPECIAL because it was for my “not so little baby sister”.


They say your sister is your very first friend, and in my case my very best friend.  So, I was over the moon knowing that soon we would be able to share the joys of motherhood, and to learn I was gonna be an Auntie to her twin girls.  Making this party and this day extra special was all that I could think about for months.

I eventually decided that I would go with a Noah’s Ark theme because she was having twins.  But, I couldn’t help but include some of my favorite colors and threw in some polka dots and chevron prints too.

Here Is A Glimpse Into My Sister’s Pink and Green Noah’s Ark Twin Baby Shower.

My Sister's Pink and Green Noah's Ark Baby Shower for Twins

My Sister's Pink and Green Noah's Ark Baby Shower for Twins

My Sister's Pink and Green Noah's Ark Baby Shower for Twins

Favorite Features:

  • Pink and Green Chevron Table Runners and Cupcake Stands
  • The Mommy Cake – Small Round Cake with White Icing and Pink Piping by Publix
  • Edible Baby Building Block Cake Toppers and Noah’s Ark Animal Cake Toppers (Fondant) – Like Butter Etsy Shop
  • Pink and Green Polka Dot Napkins shaped to look like Napkin Flower Displays
  • Baby Animals 3D Favor Boxes – Beaucoup
  • Personalized Twins Labels – Big Dot of Happiness
  • Onesie Wish Board – Handmade by Stage Presents
  • Welcome Chalkboard – Handmade by Stage Presents
  • Library Books in place of Greeting Cards for the Twin’s Nursery


– Styling: Sheree Thomas of Stage Presents
– Photography: Anwar Thomas Photography
– Venue: The Hindsman Estate
– Invitations: Anwar Thomas Photography
– Desserts: Publix