The Dust Up In the Family Room!!

Can you play two ends of the same coin?  I like to say that I push the envelope when it comes to my Home Decor Choices, but more often than not, my choice ends up being very main stream and even a bit conservative but with a contemporary flair.

Last year we decided it was time to update our Family Room. And, our jumping off point was the sofa.  I never anticipated the mayhem that would ensue.  After numerous trips to the furniture store.  We decided on this sofa.

photo (6)

Or so I thought.  We didn’t really measure the space.  And (maybe), since I’m not sure even after a year, that I am ready to acquiesce that it was too big for the room, it was a bit large.  But, I loved that sofa.  So for peace sake the sofa went back and hubby was tasked with finding a new sofa for the family room.  I was still pouting, so I stayed at home.

So you can imagine my horror and surprise when hubby came home with a red leather sectional.


Little did I know that [1] I would fall in love it.  [2] It was the perfect match for our space.  [3]  It would inspire such creativity on our part(our Mantel Decor- shown above).

It is easy to pick safe choices, but I must admit that” flying a little close to the sun” worked for us, this time.

DIY Scripted Glitter Letters

Looking for an Alternative to Monogrammed Stockings? Last year we bought some Luxe Stockings, which I am still very much in love with.  We wanted to personalize them, but without actually having to alter the stockings.  So we settled on Scripted Glitter Letters instead.

DIY Scripted Glitter Letters

This was very simple to do.  I purchased the Scripted Wooden Letters, from Hobby Lobby (my favorite store according to my 4 year old).


I guess you could sand the letters if you wanted to, but we opted for a more rustic look, so  just went ahead and painted them.  Once the paint dried then we applied the glitter spray.  Both items pictured below:

image (8)

image (9)

And, there you have it the completed project!!

image (7)

According to my dh, my projects always turn into his, so I should add that.. we did throw in some”Hubby Elbow Grease”!!  To see more of how we decorated our home for the Holidays check out Our 2013 and 2014 Christmas Home Tours.