J’adore 7/8: Double Edition

Stomach Flu had me out for the count last week, so I tried to make up for it, with a Double Edition this week.  Hope you enjoy!!

I was a little thrown off my game this year, with Easter being so far into April. But, at least it gave me more time to make Easter Memorable.  I am really feeling these non-traditional ideas for Decorating Eggs  – Glitter Eggs and these Chalkboard Eggs.  Haven’t decided which one I like more, or if these Qualify as a Mommy Project or a Mommy and the Girls Project.  After all they have their PAAS Egg Decorating Sets, lol.

The change of Season is inspiring Color Everywhere.  Elle Decor recently shared their Spring 2014 Color Trends, along with their ideas of how to Design and Decorate using these hues.   My favorite colors from their list were PANTONE 16-3823 Violet Tulip and PANTONE 18-3949 Dazzing Blue.  In fact, I am trying to incorporate the Blue into my Easter Tablescape.  I will let you know how that turns out.  It doesn’t seem to be an easy color to find and or match with my existing dinnerware.

With my birthday approaching, I have been bouncing around ideas of getting together with my girlfriends.  Trying to figure out if I wanted to do a full blown dinner party, go out to eat, or do some type of wine/cheese tasting party. That is when I ran across this, and had to chuckle.  Have you ever had these kind of days?

I know I shared the link, but I had to share the pic in this actual post(priceless).



This past year my nine year old had a LOT of Dental Work done.  She had adult teeth that came in behind the baby teeth and it took a lot to get everything where it should be.  Super Painful too, so this year, I am shying away from anything that could put my baby back in that dentist chair, other than a cleaning.  I am looking for NON CANDY Easter Basket Options.  I guess I am not the only one, I found a lot of great ideas here and here.

Lastly, someone mentioned to me this week that a lot of people want to use Pillows to decorate, but are unsure about Pillow Placement.  So here is some “Pillow Porn” for you. Hope that didn’t offend anyone…



Did this help you think of a place you could put a Throw Pillow?  Head on over to our Etsy Store for some options!!

Next week, I will be sharing some Great Easter Crafts… Until then, AS YOU WERE!! 


“Fifty Shades of Grey” — A Color Story!!

Do you have a hard time knowing what colors work together?

Check out these amazing ways to Decorate with Gray. –

Gray is much more than a combination of black and white — it offers a wide array of possibilities.

Check out this Masculine Color Scheme showcased on HGTV.com –

Gray + Brown + Orange + Coral

Check out this Feminine Color Scheme showcased on HGTV.com –

Pale Grey Blue + Charcoal + Pink

Need More Ideas here are some Gray Color Schemes.

Check out some of the Gray Throw Pillows we have in our Etsy Store?

image (42)

image (43)

photo (70)


J’adore 5

Here’s a little something you may or may not know about me.  I LOVE STRONG COFFEE.   Of course, I also love Great Creamers.  But, I have grown accustomed to needing the little kick in the morning.  I could really drink more than one cup a day, but I try to limit myself to just one.  Do you know what your coffee says about you?  Well, I didn’t.  I drink Macchiatos and I am also a COFFEE ON THE GO girl, not sure I agreed with their analysis of me.  But, it made for an interesting read.

Since opening our Etsy Store, our house is starting to look more and more like a sweat shop.  We have fabric, scraps, zippers, metal snaps, tools, needles… etc. EVERY where.  So I have been searching for a way to organize all my supplies. The first thing I need to find storage for is the fabric, and since I have a fairly large and deep Foyer Closet, this solution seemed perfect for me. Buttons, Thumb Tacks, Embellishments, all tend to be SMALL.  And, with little ones running around, you can imagine what a disaster that could become.  Here are some Solution Ideas:  Spice Racks and Mason Jars.

My nieces are being christened this weekend.  The dresses that I bought for them to wear to the Christening, are the dresses they will be wearing for Easter. So, I am thankful I got that out the way, before the Easter Mall Rush. Now, I am trying to figure out what fun things we can do together for Easter.  I ran across these PAAS Easter Egg Color Kits in Walgreens the other day.  It took me back to when I was little and my Mom used to buy these for my sister and I. So nostalgia took over and I bought them for the girls.  I am looking forward to making those memories with my little ones.  Since, I am trying to cut down on the sugar, instead of doing all chocolate covered eggs, I decided that I am going to make these for the girls, with my own twist.  And, I am still on the hunt for a local Easter Egg Hunt or Carnival.  What do you do with your kids during the Easter Season?

The Dust Up In the Family Room!!

Can you play two ends of the same coin?  I like to say that I push the envelope when it comes to my Home Decor Choices, but more often than not, my choice ends up being very main stream and even a bit conservative but with a contemporary flair.

Last year we decided it was time to update our Family Room. And, our jumping off point was the sofa.  I never anticipated the mayhem that would ensue.  After numerous trips to the furniture store.  We decided on this sofa.

photo (6)

Or so I thought.  We didn’t really measure the space.  And (maybe), since I’m not sure even after a year, that I am ready to acquiesce that it was too big for the room, it was a bit large.  But, I loved that sofa.  So for peace sake the sofa went back and hubby was tasked with finding a new sofa for the family room.  I was still pouting, so I stayed at home.

So you can imagine my horror and surprise when hubby came home with a red leather sectional.


Little did I know that [1] I would fall in love it.  [2] It was the perfect match for our space.  [3]  It would inspire such creativity on our part(our Mantel Decor- shown above).

It is easy to pick safe choices, but I must admit that” flying a little close to the sun” worked for us, this time.

J’adore 4

With Winter on Its Way Out and Spring on its way In, I find myself mesmerized by color.

We have pretty much completed the Family Room.  Meaning, it has everything it needs. But, I would like to add a little bit to it here or there.  I have always been a fan of built-ins, but hubby isn’t a fan of big furniture, unless you count the TV.  So, a compromise of sorts for that room, will most likely be bookshelves. I like the idea of being able to style the bookshelves, with pictures, art, as well as books.  Therefore, not having to destroy the walls, should I choose to change it up at some point.  Even more than that, I like the fact that one of the recent trends in book shelf styling encourages adding color to the insides of bookshelves to make the room pop.  This would most likely be something else hubby and I would have to discuss further, but check out these three looks.

1 – This one actually is a “built-in”.

2 – This one is more for a kid’s room or playroom.  The colors are so festive and Spring like.

3 – This one is probably the closest to what I am looking for.  Especially since, the largest piece of furniture in our Family Room is our Red Leather Sofa.

Another Color that keeps drifting into everything these days is Yellow. According to Benjamin Moore, Yellow or “Breath of Fresh Air“, as they are calling it is the Color of 2014.  It’s a little pale for my preferences, but, I find myself gravitating towards this Color Scheme.  The yellow here is a little stronger.

It is used here to Decorate this Outdoor Space for an Event.  Here as a DIY that caught my eye, to glitz up your front door. And, in this Gorgeous Nursery Set Up.  And, my favorite of course the Giraffe and Elephant Pillows available for purchase in our Etsy Store.

Spring is Officially Approaching.  Don’t forget to set your Clocks Forward tonight!!



What’s on your Agenda for the Change of Season?

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