Setting the Stage for an Event to Remember

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When did you first know that event planning was your passion and what made you want to do this as a business?

When my first daughter was born her birthdays were not normal or typical, they were a show. Everyone looked forward to the next year and it became a holiday of its own. It was a few years after her first birthdays that I finally said to myself that I really enjoy creating events for people and the joy it brought gave me delight.

When was your company started?

Although I had been doing events since childhood and really got into it when my daughter was born in 2002, C&R Promotions officially started in 2007. My then boyfriend, now husband, and I both felt like all the details that I put into my events were evidence that I needed to plan for others.

What has been your favorite event to plan to date and why? 

Choosing a favorite event is hard, but I think it was obvious. I have done so many events for close family and small events for friends and I even did my own wedding, but the event that I chose as my favorite was for my brother-in-law in May 2016. It was an all white affair with a rustic, country feel. There were accents of gold and burlap. I chose this as my favorite because one, I had complete control basically and my visions are sometimes hard to explain. Secondly, is was the most put together event thus far. I finished way before the event start time and did not feel rushed or like something was missing. Moreover, people outside of close friends and family finally could see first hand what C & R Promotions was capable of.

Setting the Stage for an Event to Remember: Guest Blog Roberta Isom

All White Party Event Styled by C& R Promotions

Give your philosophy on party planning.

My philosophy of planning is not like others, I don’t believe. In 2004, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). It took a toll on how I processed information and remembered information. I began to make list of things to remember on a daily basis, I was in school and had to have things in order or the information would be lost, and everyday tasks were documented in order to stay organized. So, when I decided to start event planning, the order of things needed to stay the same. I believe that with well planned buying schedules and organization, anyone can afford the event of their dreams on a minimum budget. I have yet to feel that I cannot handle any budget and make a customer’s dream come true. Everyone has the choice to choose to party!

What are some tips you can give on how to do more with less?

To do more with less takes preparation. If you take time to find deals and set up a realistic plan for you event you can always save money and have everything that you want.

How do you balance your home and work life?

Never really figured out how to successfully balance home and work since I work from home, but having the ability to start and stop work throughout the day makes life a lot easier for me.

Causes you support, hobbies, favorite pass times?

I am a proud supporter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society and have done numerous events to contribute to finding a cure. My most recent cause is autism. I have a small cousin that was diagnosed at three and have seen his progress and hope that one day we both can say we have overcome a disease. I do not have many hobbies. In my spare time I am usually finding ways to promote my business or how to make something great for an event.

Getting A Little Personal..
Being diagnosed in 2004, with MS has changed my life. For most of the beginning years I was in denial, I was depressed, and I just could not deal. However, I took the diagnosis and began to help others manage and found an inner strength that only God knows where it came from. Everything was different and I had to either accept it or stop living. I chose to live. I chose to take my illness and become someone that people could look up to. My family and friends were supportive and their passion to help me made me want to help myself. Having MS is the reason I plan the events in the manner that I do.  MS helped me become a planner, a manager, an entrepreneur. I wish there was a cure, but under the circumstances, I would not be who I am without MS.

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Roberta Isom and Family

Roberta Isom, Owner/Proprietor of C& R Promotions

Roberta, the sixth child of eight, was raised in a single parent home with her three brothers and and four sisters. Throughout her childhood and beyond she managed to stay a star student and earn an associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree in various fields. Although being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2004, she has managed to stay active and has a progressing business as an event planner. She is a mother of two girls, 2 and 14, and a wife and looks forward to reaching new heights in the future.





When I asked Roberta to do this Guest Interview, I truly wasn’t sure what her answer would be.  But, I was very pleased when she said yes.  I knew that not only would I be asking her about her passion for Event Planning, but I would be asking her to share some truly personal parts of her life with my readers.  But, she rolled with it and held nothing back.  If you reside in Birmingham, Metro Atlanta and or Eufaula, Alabama her services are available to you.  Be sure to follow her on her Social Media Channels listed above to keep up with her ever growing Event Planning company. Roberta has a birthday coming up.  Help her celebrate by donating to her cause here.

Friday Favorites – Week 356 – Football Party Ideas

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Planning a Simple & Memorable Summer Soiree

Planning A Simple and Memorable Summer Soiree

The pool is open.  School is out.  The barbecue grill has been uncovered.  It’s time to plan a Summer Party!!

Anytime the word [plan] gets thrown in front of party, panic tends to ensue.  But, planning a summer party can be low key, easy and still be a blast.  I am sure you are shaking your head at this point and asking how.  So let me break it down for you.

Warm Weather means that this party can officially be OUTSIDE.  You can choral the troops and confine them to the backyard, the deck and if you are lucky maybe even the basement.  This is a major selling point for me.  Off the top, that means less clean up both before and after the party.

The other great thing about it being outdoors is THE GRILL.  Cooking on the Grill probably takes you (wifey), out of the equation where the major cooking is concerned.  If you are fortunate enough the grill is all hubby’s territory.  You may discuss the menu with him but for the most part, your contribution can be all sides.  Most of which, you can make ahead of time and stock the fridge, which means you are actually free to enjoy the festivities.

There’s no reason that all the expense should fall all on you.  Ask Each Guest to Bring Something.  You Can Leave it Up to Them, or Be Specific.

Planning A Simple and Memorable Summer Soiree

Lastly, remember that the heat will definitely leave everyone parched and seeking refreshment.  So make sure to have refreshing cocktails & “Mock-tails”.  Need Ideas Check Out My Pinterest Board Here.   Beer for those beer drinkers, Ice Pops, Summer Fruits and Vegetables.

Throw in some Good Music and Some Cute Party Favors.  And, you’ve just thrown the party of the Season, without breaking a sweat.

Summer Party Blog

Up to 25% off all party favors, gifts & supplies at Beau-coup.

Are you planning any Festive Summer Parties this year?

Stage Presents Event Stylist – Cassandra Scully of Creative Elegance

Stage Presents - Fuest Interview with Event Stylist Cassandra Scully of Creative Elegance


In 2003, I became a certified wedding and event planner, but it was not  until I took a Merchandising course, that I realized my love for all things creative. Making this career move, has really made me think outside of the box. It has caused me to create my famous “Panty Bouquet,” in addition to the single panty roses and panty cupcakes. Most popular for bachelorette parties and bridal showers.  My knack for the creative allows me to create new and innovative ideas that compliment traditional pieces.


Creative Elegance is an event styling company. Event styling consists of beautiful stylings of bouquets, center pieces, décor and more! Some may call me a miracle worker because I can turn your wedding from cheap to chic! We also love to personalize every bit of your wedding from your invitations to personalized printables. Creative Elegance styles events such as children’s parties, Sweet Sixteens’, Bridal Parties and so much more! Creative Elegance is now offering Home Staging Services, as well. You can now benefit from the luxury of having the Creative Elegance touch inside your home whether you’re buying – selling – moving or staying!


I am proud to say that Creative Elegance doesn’t have a set demographic.  Creative Elegance caters to all ages. We do themed children’s parties, girls night out parties, baptisms and christenings, baby showers, weddings, to name a few. Creative Elegance boasts of being able to bring a playful and whimsical side that will ensure that your children’s parties are a hit, and the modern, classic and mature side to fulfill your wedding expectations.


To date, my favorite event has been A “Sweet Six”.   It was a modern twist on the sweet sixteen or the classic sixth birthday. We had slideshows, a mini dance recital, dancing, music and mini-activity stations. Trends show that children’s parties are getting bigger and bigger.  The Sweet Six was the perfect size.  It allowed there to be a This event had a quaint and playful feel.  The guests of honor wore  tutu dresses designed by Creative Elegance.  And featured a candy table/bar that the kids could enjoy. The menu consisted of modern, yet sophisticated kid friendly food.  It gave Creative Elegance freedom for creativity. It is definitely a new signature in the Creative Elegance vault.


My brand is expanding, and we are now offering new products and services, some of which are: custom/bridal TuTu Skirts, printed Bridal Tanks & Tees and gum ball necklaces/bracelets for kids events.  Creative Elegance is now venturing into the staging industry both residential and commercial. In addition to all these amazing services,  look out for future collaborations with two other amazing event planners in Toronto (Heavenz Décor & Ki-Events), together we have formed an organization calledCAKEvents. CAKEvents is an organization that focuses on the youths and brides on a budget, as well giving back to our community.


The advice I would give to an upcoming individual with that creative flair is to be true to themselves, and to live their truth. Let your individuality shine through and do not compromise yourself to “fit in”.   You are creative, you were meant to STAND OUT.

Creations by Creative Elegance Events - Styled by Cassandra Scully


They can and will exceed your expectations, regardless of your age, event or specifications.  Creative Elegance has over 10 years of experience and knowledge in the event planning industry.  We are based in Toronto, Canada  and welcomes the opportunity to work with you to make your event a memorable and satisfying experience.

** I truly enjoyed interviewing Cassandra and being able to pick her mind and find out what makes her such a force in the Toronto Event Planning Industry.  She has a fresh perspective on Event Styling and a Definite Passion for what she does.  If you are in the Toronto Area, seek her out.  She gets the Stage Presents Stamp of Approval!!

You can find Cassandra and Creative Elegance all over the web at:

Via Email

Via Her Website

Via Facebook

Follow her on Twitter

Balloon Trends: The Life of the Party!!


Decorating with Balloons

Although seemingly simple as far as Party Decor goes, Balloons are still the ultimate “pièce de résistance“, for even the most extravagant party themes.  More and more often, I am seeing Party Planners  incorporating balloons into their designs to take their events to the Next Level.  Here are 3 of my favorite ways to decorate with balloons.

1.  The Ever Popular Balloon Back Drop:  From Birthday Parties to Weddings these Back Drops are Popping Up Everywhere… (Pun Intended).  I love how much versatility this affords.   You can use a variation of colors, go Ombre or even throw in some textured looks and patterns.


Photo Source:

2.  Word/Letter/Symbol Balloons:  Right Now this is my favorite Balloon Trend.  Because well it’s CUSTOM.  You can personalize it with your name, the type of event, even your theme.  You can twist it and turn it to fit whatever you need.  It’s almost like a Monogram, your Personal Stamp.  And, One can never go wrong with a PERSONAL STAMP, in my humble opinion.

Word Letter Balloons

Photo Source: Pinterest

3.  Balloon Table Centerpieces:  Your Table Centerpiece should always bring THE DRAMA.  You can fashion and shape your balloons however you like, whether you shape them into flowers, use them to create a table wreath, or make them into  Hot Air Balloons. Your centerpiece should serve to transport your guests to somewhere fun and whimsical, and put them in the mood to PARTY. Currently, I am kind of obsessed with the Hot Air Balloons centerpieces.  They are so festive and can work at almost every event. They are more than likely going to be a big part of the next party that I throw.

Balloon Centerpieces

Photo Sources: 1 2 3

You have just finished reading: Balloon Trends – The Life of The Party.  How do you use Balloons to “Turn Up” for Your Events?  Consider leaving a comment below.

My Sister’s Baby Shower : A Labor of Love!!

It’s no secret that I love entertaining (a trait, I know I got from my Mommy).  This party was no different, except that it was EXTRA SPECIAL because it was for my “not so little baby sister”.


They say your sister is your very first friend, and in my case my very best friend.  So, I was over the moon knowing that soon we would be able to share the joys of motherhood, and to learn I was gonna be an Auntie to her twin girls.  Making this party and this day extra special was all that I could think about for months.

I eventually decided that I would go with a Noah’s Ark theme because she was having twins.  But, I couldn’t help but include some of my favorite colors and threw in some polka dots and chevron prints too.

Here Is A Glimpse Into My Sister’s Pink and Green Noah’s Ark Twin Baby Shower.

My Sister's Pink and Green Noah's Ark Baby Shower for Twins

My Sister's Pink and Green Noah's Ark Baby Shower for Twins

My Sister's Pink and Green Noah's Ark Baby Shower for Twins

Favorite Features:

  • Pink and Green Chevron Table Runners and Cupcake Stands
  • The Mommy Cake – Small Round Cake with White Icing and Pink Piping by Publix
  • Edible Baby Building Block Cake Toppers and Noah’s Ark Animal Cake Toppers (Fondant) – Like Butter Etsy Shop
  • Pink and Green Polka Dot Napkins shaped to look like Napkin Flower Displays
  • Baby Animals 3D Favor Boxes – Beaucoup
  • Personalized Twins Labels – Big Dot of Happiness
  • Onesie Wish Board – Handmade by Stage Presents
  • Welcome Chalkboard – Handmade by Stage Presents
  • Library Books in place of Greeting Cards for the Twin’s Nursery


– Styling: Sheree Thomas of Stage Presents
– Photography: Anwar Thomas Photography
– Venue: The Hindsman Estate
– Invitations: Anwar Thomas Photography
– Desserts: Publix